Crown Princess Mary on Economic Mission to Texas: March 10-13, 2019

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In case I remember it correctly for one year as a girl, yes.

Here are some more photos of day 2 today, March 12:

** gettyimages gallery **

Danish and Australian flags for Mary.
What lovely pictures. Thanks.

Mary lights up near people and children (and dogs and horses). ?
Wherever they are, you can be sure to find Mary there.
She is really good at taking the time to greet as many people as possible. At any event. Even if the official program is delayed a bit.
Not everyone in the DRF is good to remembering that.
And that means a lot to people when you have been waiting... that the royals actually takes their time to greet.

IIRC, Mary has said something similar to: "The least we can do is to take the time to greet people who have met up. They may have waited a long time and in bad weather." Can't remember more, but something in that style.

I'm glad to see that Christian and Isabella, growing older, follow that track.
It will be exciting to follow them.
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Yes. She lived in Clear Lake City, Houston from 1974 to 1975. John Donaldson was working in Houston at the time. Mary started her schooling in Texas.

Interesting - you learn something new everyday. This visit will probably a nice trip down memory lane for Mary!
How is the climate and lifestyle in Houston compared to say Sydney?

Different or pretty similar?
Some similarities. Houston resembles more Brisbane - humid and subtropical in summer and dry in the winter. Sydney definitely has tropical climate, but not like Brisbane.

That is sweet. We still regard CP Mary as an Aussie, who happens to be the Danish Crown Princess and future Queen Consort ? :flowers::flowers:

Those in the crowd must be Australian ex-pats living in Houston. My sister-in-law and family live in Texas too....a popular place for Aussie ex-pats!
gallery from the gala last night
HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark Visits Austin & Houston, Texas 56 of 80 - Zimbio

Day 3
The Crown Princess takes part in the launch of a healthcare collaboration between Denmark and Texas at Texas Medical Center, which is the world’s largest hospital complex with more than 100,000 employees and several world-leading treatment programs

From the Texas Medical Center
"Honored to host Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark in Houston to explore opportunities for a collaboration between #Texas and #Denmark on major drivers and barriers that will help spark the development of both the Texan and Danish life science ecosystems."
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Her last event of the trip
"Opening of the exhibition “Statecraft: Selections from the Jewelry Collection of the Danish Arts Foundation” at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. “Statecraft” represents a specially curated sampling of the Danish Arts Foundation’s jewelry collection and is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation. The exhibition is the first of several collaborations between the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft and Denmark. The exhibition displays the development of Danish jewelry art from the middle of the 20th century until now. ";&text=Crown Princess Mary March 13, 2019
I still love the blue Jesper Hovring gown that has been worn before. The cut-outs in the gown give it a European flavour/style.

Here are some more photos of the final day today, March 13:

** gettyimages gallery **

And it was her last event during the working visit to Texas.
The visit is over and Mary probably on her way home. If she reached a flight yesterday evening, she will be back home in Denmark this afternoon.

It has been a great visit. A happy and well prepared Mary - as usual.
It has been a pleasure to see Mary representing us in Texas. She is doing a great work for Denmark.

Thanks to you members for have kept the news floating all days.

Save flight home, Mary.

Another gallery with some lovely pictures from final day, Day 3:
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