Crown Princess Máxima's Hats, Headwear and Hairstyles: October 2003 - November 2008

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do we have some more photos of maximas hairstyles

what is the shortest hairstyle had during her time as a princess
I think she looks great in the red hat
you will find it in post 29
She doesn't maintain her hair enough to keep it long. She allows the roots to grow out, has split ends, and sometimes appears to have dirty, unwashed hair. Short hair is more manageable for her.

Maxima's not stick thin. She has a tendency to put on weight and it shows in her face. But that's not because of the haircut, it's just because she shows her weight in her face.
I like it longer. While the shorter haircut is nice I think it makes her look older than she actually is.
I like the new hairstyle. The old one was getting to thin and stringy. I think that she doesn't have enough body or thickness to maintain the middle-part, stick-straight look. Let's also remember that she was pregnant when she chose a new hairstyle so her face was rounder.
The short hair is much more polished and refined looking. It is more suited to a princess.
paloma said:
The short hair is much more polished and refined looking. It is more suited to a princess.

One shall have to respectfully agree to disagree.:)
I think her hair looks best when she straightens it, otherwise she looks ALOT older than she is.
Princess Maxima said:
Do you prefer Maxima's hair long or short?..I prefer it long,i think it suits her better..the short style make her look a bit fat...
When did they take the second pict? Maxima seems to gain some weight in her pregnancy, then doesn't matter the length of her hair she still looks "fat":) .
About she look older, Sometime the photo' shot make people looks older or younger.
I think that Maxima looks nice with her new haircut. I didn't dislike her hair when it was longer or straighter. The only thing was that I thought that it looked very messy sometimes. There was nothing wrong with her hair, it is just that Maxima didn't maintain it as well as she has this style.

I think that she does look more mature since she has changed her hair in some of her photos. Depending on what she is wearing and how her hair is styled she looks her age.
i think the best look for her is long and straight :) as in the first years as crown princess
Máxima's hats

Máxima`s hat at Pieter-Christiaan and Anita van Eijk -27 August 2005

I love this hat
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Who do you think is Maxima's favorite hat designer?

Does anyone know who has designed the most hats for the Princess?
All the hats she's wor so far seem to be from Belgian designer Fabienne Delvigne. (and she's right , they're gorgeous and she looks great with them!) I wonder if she's ever worn hats from other designers, and if so, from Dutch ones ? I'm sure there are things going on in Holland as well, fashionwise. Do Dutch designers get support from Dutch princesses like it is the case in Belgium ?
Victor and Rolf who Mabel wears are Dutch even if they show their clothes from Paris
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i saw a photo of her when she was in brazil i think she looked great
and had a great hairstyle
Layla1971 said:
Who do you think is Maxima's favorite hat designer?

Does anyone know who has designed the most hats for the Princess?

All of her hats, without exception, are designed by Belgian milliner Fabienne Delvigne.
I love her two hats:
This hat from prinsjesdag 2005, is really gorgeous.. I have seen it in real in a hat shop in Holland.. it's from Fabienne Delvigne...


This hat is from Fabienne Delvigne.. I saw her on television.. and she told that Princess Maxima saw this hat on her website. Maxima thought it would be a nice hat to weare on Alexia's baptism. So she bought an outfit and then Fabienne and Maxima choosed the colours for the material..

With this hat Fabienne was inpired by Princess Maxima she told.. it was specially made for her..
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I'm pretty sure that in some thread on this site (I think that it might be Worst Hat Worn By A Royal...or something along those lines), that the hat Maxima wore to the wedding of Pieter-Christaan and Anita was a shocker and practically everyone didn't like/hated. The big pink and red one. I LOVED IT!!!!! :D :D

If you don't know which hat I'm on about, the picture is above. And I love it! Absolutely love it!!
Image from

**PS. If anyone knows the designer of this hat, could you please PM me???
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