Crown Princely Couple's 'Dannebrog' Tour of Jutland: August 22-26, 2011

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This is a great series of heart warming photos especially when we have had so many bad news stories of late -that is on TV & radio. So it is really nice to see how the children react to Mum and Dad. Bet Dad was a little emotional too and kept his back to the cameras. In the other set of pics did Christian meet a new friend and take him to the yacht for a show and tell?
Thanks for the pictures iceflower. The picture of Mary holding Vincent with a towel or diaper on her shoulder in case of an accidental spit up, just made me smile. Mary, a future Queen, but ordinary parent.:flowers:
Thanks for posting the links and videos.

The excitement of Christian and Isabella and the look of pure happiness on their faces when they first saw their mum and dad is priceless. The love between parents and children is there for all to see.
The photos of Christian meeting his friend are so sweet, they greet each other like little gentlemen shaking hands, then run back to the ship as the active childen they are.

I wish there were more tours like this each year, I kow it is probably not feasible, but I really enjoy seeing this family.
I love the joy that the young Danish children exhibit whenever a photographer seems to capture an intimate moment...they just bubble with excitement.
In the other set of pics did Christian meet a new friend and take him to the yacht for a show and tell?

The following article only includes the pics we've already seen, nothing new, but it answers
the question who the little boy was, he's Christian's close friend Holger Skeel.

As to BB - translated by google:
"The two boys are almost grown up together, and their parents have repeatedly celebrated New
Year's Eve together at the North Jutland goods, like the two families have repeatedly held joint
summer holiday in Skeel family's large home, located in the outer dunes near Blokhus"

** BB: Kammerater til søs: Christian fik besøg på Dannebrog ** translation **

But here is a so far unseen gallery : Cute close ups of the twins:

** BB: Tvillingerne på sommertogt **
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