Crown Prince Frederik & Crown Princess Mary's Visit to Australia: October 24-28, 2013

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Some scenes of the enthusiastic crowds greeting CP Mary in Market St on the Friday.

See those hands go up - everyone wants their very own photo that they took.

See how close the security hover around M, should anyone get too keen.

Sun Lion.

P.S. CP Mary is in all of these photos - you may not see her at first in the last couple though.

Some sparking photos from Thursday's jaunt aboard little "Xpress".

Sun Lion.


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Some final photos - lovely Mary in blue against the blueness of a Sydney day.

(Oh yes, and CP Fred was there too.)

Best Wishes Everyone, Sun Lion.


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I've already hit the thank-you botton a couple of times but I think you deserve a post as well.

Thanks a lot for your continuing coverage of M&F's visit to Australia. You have and you continue to be our eyes on the ground and that is so much better and more personal than what we get from reporters. :flowers:
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I'll give you a big thanks a well, Sun Lion. Very nice pictures you got taken during their visit. Thanks for sharing them with us. You came very close, to both Mary and Frederik, but also to Jane, Patricia, Amber, etc. It looks like you came around to many of their events, it must have been a experience! You can feel in the pictures that the mood seems to have been warm and friendly everywhere.

Your pictures shows Australia from its best side - beautiful weather, beautiful landscape. I hope I can see your country someday.

And I must say, what a view you have from your house!!!
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Hi Muhler, Hi Roskilde and Hi polyesco and everyone who posted in the Mexican trip thread - thank you back.

I followed it all with great interest. (And the news from Denmark regarding "Vild Med Dans" and CP Mary's other activities back there.)

I wanted to let the Danish posters know that the "Danish Design at the House" exhibition that was held in the Western Foyer of the Opera House, and that M and F were photographed at, was meant to close on Monday 11th November as I said in an earlier post - but it was still going when I was passing by the Opera House a week ago.

I popped in to have another close up look at the Ole Lynggaard jewellery, but had to battle through masses of people - and on a Thursday afternoon, not the weekend - to see anything.

People were all over the display pods, handling the cutlery etc. - what a melee.

Too much action for me, so after another squiz at the lovely Lynggaard things I got myself out of there.

I think they must have extended it because it is still drawing people. I have my brochure from it and it was definetly due to close earlier.

Best Wishes All, Sun Lion. :ausflag: :daneflag:
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Thanks for that link. It was interesting to hear Frederik speaking English.

As I see it, Mary is an Australian who happens to have become a Danish Princess because of who she married, and that makes her husband and children and in-laws honorary Australians. I happen to adore her mother-in-law and am very happy to claim her. :D

I agree we like Fred for Fred and feel he has married into our Australian family I mean its nice that he is a Prince and he has opened up a world that we would never have known on such an intimate level through his marriage to Mary. But honestly if Mary was a bit celeb and had married Fred an ordinary Dane we still would have loved him the same and he would have enjoyed the same warm welcome he enjoys now for him despite the royal part of him. I think that is why he probably likes Australia I used to see him a bit around Hobart before the wedding and he always looked very relaxed and at home there. We will acknowledge your celebrity but there is a genuine no fuss policy to us we will cheer and wave but we wont bend over backwards and fawn you wont get over the top treatment just genuine warm well wishes.:flowers:
:previous: Beautifully put, Helenbee.

I hope and believe I speak for most Danes when I say that we don't expect more from you Australians towards Frederik (or for that matter towards our Crown Princess ;)).
No need to bow and growl - except in connection with the protocol, but that's when the show is on, so that's another matter.
If you treat M&F in the same friendly relaxed manner as we Danes do should we meet them in the street, who is to complain, eh?
Behaviourly speaking I'd say our countries are pretty close. (There are of course countries and cultures where such a laid back approach would seem awkward, so they may do what they feel is right. No problem, it's the attitude that matters).
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More Oz Photos

A chance to use the computer and post a few more of my M and F photos from the recent Oz trip.

Here CP Mary and CP Frederik are boarding the yacht "Xpress", at the Man O' War Steps along side the Opera House, late morning on the first day, Thursday.

Mary is given a helping hand, but for Frederik it's up and over.

(P.S. LIW Tanja is in all the shots, busy with her bag.)

A series of shots from the lunch at the Bennelong Resturant at the Opera House on the final day, Monday.

CP Mary seems to have attracted a free-loader looking for a hand-out.

(No- I don't mean me. I mean the little guy checking things out.)

Sun Lion.


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Here are a few shots of the area where M and F were for the first event - the "Podium" level of the Opera House.

That is Jan Utzon being interviewed.

The rest of the media have scattered and the crowds are dispersing.

See the beautiful cruise ship docked at Circular Quay - and that is the front of the Bennelong Resturant just behind the people.

Looking to the other side from this area, that is the "Southern Cloud" sitting in Farm Cove, surrounded by the Botanical Gardens, with our navy base Garden Island further behind. (This is where CP Mary was snapped getting a Danish hot dog from the little Danish hot dog stand during the November 2011 visit.)

The Crown Prince Couple and Mary's family spent the Saturday late afternoon and evening cruising about on this, disembarking at Rose Bay when it was dark.

And this lovely gum tree is what you look at directly ahead from where all the action was, on the Opera House steps.

I recently read somewhere - sorry, I'm not sure who's post it was - that they had noticed that often in public, Frederik will glance at Mary and she will glance back. Whoever picked up on that trait of theirs, yes, here are a few photos of them doing that outside the Western Foyer on the morning of the second day Friday.

Frederik looks at Mary, Mary looks back at Frederik - sorry, just cut F out of the photo a bit there - and looks at Frederik, and then looks a bit coy when the lady next to her seems to pick up on it.

M and F's film crew who went with them aboard "Xpress" and to the garden of Admiralty House for the interview shown in the "Prize" telecast.

I didn't mean to photograph them, but completely missed M and F in this shot, in all the action and excitment.

Much the same thing happened the next day where I got a lovely series of photos of LIW Tanja getting into the car after the Ole Lynggaard store opening, and completely cut out CP Mary just on the other side, as she got in. :lol::lol::lol:

Sun Lion.


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Here are a few shots, that at the time I thought CP Mary was waving to us, the crowd gathered about.

But I think now, that LIW Tanja pointed out to M and F that CP Mary's sister was present, and they are looking for her - then M gives a big wave.

Once aboard the "Xpress", CP Mary hits the mobile to text - maybe - "did you get that wave sis?".

Sun Lion.


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There can sometimes be a strong breeze around the Opera House, jutting out into the water on three sides as it does.

Notice the "helper" carrying off the presents and bouquets from a bit earlier - on the right side of the pic. CP Mary and LIW Tanja on the left, waiting for the Opera House tour to begin.

A couple of nice shots of CP Mary. (I was just behind the media pen, and did they scramble into action when the Royal party suddenly arrived in front of them.)

And a final shot of M and F about to go back into the Opera House on the second day after the official photo session on the Western Foyer - with the Harbour Bridge for the background.

Best Wishes Everyone, Sun Lion.


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Thanks again Sun Lion for your story and pictures, they are most appreciated. :flowers:

I think we shall have to add "our Australia corrospondent" after your name. ;)
Like Muhler, I just want to say thank you for your continuing pictures and reports. They indeed are very much appreciated :flowers:
I was in Australia in February 2007 for a couple of weeks, and I was surprised to see Mary's face on almost any magazine cover.

After all this was a couple of years after the wedding and while my family there is Danish, I figured the hype would have worn off.

In a few weeks I'm going to Australia again (this time for 6½ weeks) and it'll be interesting to see how much Mary and the DRF take up down there now, almost 10 years after the wedding.

Hello nwinther, I remembered you said you were coming down here for a visit. Hoping you are having a lovely time. The weather is most favourable at the moment-don't forget hat and sunscreen:)

Mary still on the covers but the Duchess of Cambridge and little George get a bit of cover time too now. Mary was mentioned on a cover last week. It was basically being over dramatic ( as these mags are) about M&F taking over more of QMII duties and how Mary is juggling parenting and extra duties. It also said that QMII is being very thoughtful and realises that M&F need to spend more time with their little children.

Enjoy your trip!!
Thank you Polyesco. That is a classic moment that I'm sure they'll always remember.
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I'm off to the Sydney Opera House tomorrow and was looking at the website in advance.

I found this link to "MADE" for exchange program for Danish and Australian students. I do believe it has been started as part of the 40th anniversary of the Opera House and the connection to DK through M&F.


I wasn't sure where else to put this.
Today's "Telegraph" mustn't have had time to include the big event, but they have a nice story, and large photo, of CP Mary shopping yesterday afternoon at "The Intersection" in Paddington, where there are many Australian designer brands located.

Apparently the white dress she wore yesterday is from Australian brand "Willow" and after spending more than 1/2 an hour in their store , she left with two large shopping bags. Lots of security around her - male and female officers we've seen in Sydney this week.

A fellow shopper told the paper how thrilled she was to see M, and how charming she was to the store staff.

I picked up a copy of the little booklet "The Official Sydney Guide" at the airport and flipping through it came across a full page advertisment that has a photo of CP Mary - along with some celebrities.

A slightly different photo to the one above that the newspaper used at the time CP Mary made her visit, but obviously taken at the same time.

And out of a list of fifteen famous shoppers, the ad had "Princess Mary of Denmark" heading the list of who's who that have been spotted at this place.
:previous: A funny little detail. :)
Some of today's newpapers are carrying a photo and article on the latest Danish students who will be working here in Sydney on the Opera House.

Crown Prince Frederik's speech, when here in 2013, was the launch of this "MADE" program.

Now the young Danes will be contributing to dressing up one of the more drab, but highly used, parts of the building.

Can't link from my tablet - "Danish students project: turn Sydney Opera House truck stop into culture magnet" by Rick Feneley, if you're interested.
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Frederik and Mary took an afternoon cruise around Sydney Harbour (Saturday, 26th Oktober) with about 30 friends and family members.
I can spot Jane, Patricia, John, Amber and Hamish Campbell.

20 pictures :flowers: (Mary and Frederik cuddling :wub:)

Photos of the interior of the yacht.










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Now that is the life and a life she never expected I am sure !!!!
:previous: Indeed. Life sure can take unexpected turns. She must often wonder what her life would be like, had she not walked into Slip In that night.
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