Coloured and Black Diamonds

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Aug 14, 2005
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I was just wondering if some of you wonderful people have ever seen a royal, noble, etc. with any sort of jewelry that features the elusive red diamond! From what I understand red diamonds are the hardest color diamonds to find and I was just wondering if any royal, noble, etc. have been seen with one! To those who are willing to help me, thank you in advance! :flowers:
Here's a link to an image of a necklace incorporating a red diamond (among other colours), designed for the Maharajah of Nawanagar.
I found information on that diamond, but none of it mentioned if it was in any setting that had been given to a royal/noble to wear, such as a crown, tiara or brooch.
Sister Morphine said:
I found information on that diamond, but none of it mentioned if it was in any setting that had been given to a royal/noble to wear, such as a crown, tiara or brooch.
I know, the only info I've been able to find is this website that basically talks about how exclusive and rare it is but nothing about any royals having some of the diamonds! And apart from the picture Warren has provided, nothing
I think I might have seen one at the Smithsonian Institute's National Gem Collection back in 1998. The Dynamic Earth @ National Museum of Natural History But I've never seen one on a royal. I think they'd be far too valuable & too expensive to ensure to be worn in public! I think it would be the unltimate coupe for Camilla is she received one as a gift from an Arab State....
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Here is a website which I call All you need to know about Diamonds.

Look down the left hand side, there is a wealth of information and detail to be found within these headings, especially the 'Other Resources' group.

Here is the section on Red Diamonds
And one can't go past 100+ Famous Diamonds

(thanks to Wymanda who showed me this site a couple of years ago) :)
Wow! Great site! I'm going to go spend an obscene amount of time there now! Thank you!
RubyPrincess168 said:
Wow! Great site! I'm going to go spend an obscene amount of time there now! Thank you!
hahaha yeah I must say I should do the same. Those sites are awesome. and geez Warren you fail to disappoint! here have a flower :flowers:
Some beautiful diamonds, particularly that purple-red heart shaped one.

Thanks for posting.
Thanks a lot for the link. I'm very found of diamonds.
I saw once a little red diamond - about a 0,4 carat- for a ancient tiepin, very little but spetacular for its sparkling. They had say to me the price ten years ago, absoluly "sparkling" too..Thanks God I don't wear tie neither tiepin.....:lol: :ROFLMAO:
Onyx/Black Diamonds

I was wondering if anyone has pictures of royals wearing onyx or black diamonds? Or is it considered morbid or bad luck?
Onyx is one of the stones acceptable for mourning, so I don't think it's morbid or bad luck. You might be able to find some photos of royals wearing it. Was it very popular in the 1920s in the Art Deco era? But I think Black Diamonds might be a fairly recent thing so I doubt royalty has been seen wearing them. Although they seem like they would work for Corwn Princess Mary of Denmark.
The countess of Frederiksborg would look great with them. She has that exotic look that goes imo well with black jewellery. On Mary it would look to gotic I think.
Yes, Your Highness, men should wear more jewelry. But who among us could possibly afford that necklace??? If I had it I would wear it, but would have to get a whole new wardrobe. My best black suit just would not do, or come to think of it maybe it would. I could possible even go minimal and wear nothing but a dignified and well placed loincloth. After all there is in the record one Indian princeling who was bedecked with jewels all over his august person and the tasteful loincloth. Or possibly a well crafted and diamond studded fig leaf???

Of course there is the ultimate colored diamond, what is now misnamed the Hope diamond which is a 40 something carat blue diamond which was stolen from the French royal treasury during the idiotic and insane Revolution and the cut down to size years later and sold. Of course there is the fabulous Russian diamond tiara with the ten carat pink diamond and the Wilkinson diamond (a mere 23 carats) in a brooch for Queen Elizabeth.. Plus a gorgeous drop dead marvelous muliti colored diamond parure in the Russian Imperial collection. Yes, men should wear more jewelry. Cheers.
...and the Wilkinson diamond (a mere 23 carats) in a brooch for Queen Elizabeth.
I think you mean the rose-pink diamond of 54 carats from Tanganyika [Tanzania] which at the time was the world's largest pink diamond.
It was presented to Princess Elizabeth on her marriage by Dr John T Williamson, a reclusive Canadian diamond mine owner, millionaire and devoted royalist.
The diamond was made up by Cartier as a daffodil flower brooch in 1953.
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I Hate that it is out of it's setting!! I agree Wisteria!!!!
Golden Jubilee Diamond.

Picture from: The Golden Jubilee Diamond
Source: Golden Jubilee Diamond - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

World Largest Faceted Diamond: The Golden Jubilee, royal treasure of King Bhumibol of Thailand.


The Golden Jubilee is currently the largest faceted diamond in the world. Since 1908, Cullinan I, also known as the Great Star of Africa, had held the title, which changed following the 1985 discovery of a large brown diamond of 755.5 carats (151 g) in the prolific blue ground of the Premier mine in South Africa; the diamond would later be cut to a weight of 545.67 carats (109.13 g).

The Premier mine was also the origin of the Cullinan diamonds in 1905, as well as other notables such as the Taylor-Burton in 1966 and the Centenary in 1986.

The "Unnamed Brown", as the Golden Jubilee was first known, was considered something of an ugly duckling by most. It was given to Gabriel Tolkowsky by De Beers for the purpose of testing special tools and cutting methods which had been developed for intended use on the flawless D-colour ("colourless") Centenary. These tools and methods had never been tested before, and the "Unnamed Brown" seemed the perfect guinea pig; it would be of no great loss should something go amiss.

To the surprise of all concerned, what resulted was a yellow-brown diamond in a fire rose cushion cut, outweighing Cullinan I by 15.37 carats (3.07 g). The stone remained largely unknown to the outside world, as the Golden Jubilee's sister, the Centenary, had already been selected and promoted to herald De Beer's centennial celebrations in 1988.

The unnamed diamond had earlier been brought to Thailand by the Thai Diamond Manufacturers Association to be exhibited in the Thai Board of Investment Exhibition in Laem Chabang. There was a mile-long queue to see the diamond, which outshone all other exhibits.

While the current whereabouts of the Centenary are unknown, the Golden Jubilee is known to have been purchased from De Beers by a group led by Henry Ho of Thailand in 1995. The diamond was brought to Pope John Paul II in the Vatican to receive the papal blessing. It was also blessed by the Supreme Buddhist Patriarch and the Supreme Imam in Thailand. The Golden Jubilee Diamond was named by King Bhumibol Adulyadej and given to him in honor of his 50th coronation anniversary. It was initially planned to mount the Golden Jubilee in the royal scepter. A subsequent plan was to have it mounted in a royal seal.

The Golden Jubilee Diamond has been exhibited at Henry Ho's 59-story Jewelry Trade Center in Bangkok, the Central Department Store in Lad Prao (Bangkok) Thailand, and internationally in Basel (Switzerland), Borsheims in Omaha, USA (owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc.), and Gleims Jewelers in Palo Alto, USA. It is now located in the Royal Thai Palace as part of the crown jewels.
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I believe the Queen has a 5 carat blue diamond set into a bracelet she received from the South African Government on her 18th birthday.

She actually received a long necklace for her birthday which she refers to her as her best diamonds, she had the necklace shortened and the leftover connections made into a bracelet. She was then given a blue diamond I believe on her visit to the Kimberley Mines, so she had that set in the bracelet.

Other than that I am aware she has a pink diamond somewhere!
QEII does have one of the finest pink diamonds in the world. It's the Williamson Pink Diamond, a 23 carat diamond given to then- Princess Elizabeth upon her marriage to Lt. Philip Mountbatten, by Dr. John Williamson, a geologist from Canada who found the diamond in Tanzania. The Queen had it mounted into a floral broach (imo, one of her prettiest broaches).

The Williamson Diamond
The Queen wearing the Williamson Diamond Broach
I love the rubies, the sapphires, the emeralds, and amethysts.
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