Charlotte Casiraghi pictures part III

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Does somebody know what is the brand of her gray jacket in the photos with Dimitri?
I'm so jealous of her beauty!

You are more than likely more beautiful than you give yourself credit for, and have a great soul to boot.

Like maria-olivia said, no need to be jealous of Charlotte. Outer beauty fades rather quickly anyway.
She seems angry with the paparazzi.
By the way I never saw her driving
I'm sure she bought the house in Barbizon thinking it would be somewhere she could live and put Raphael in school and the press would not really care to follow her there. It's not to far from Fontainebleau and Mée where she grew up and she had often gone into Barbizon as a teenager for jumping shows. But I believe that area has changed a lot since she was a teen. In many ways, it is the same, but in other ways.... I believe it's been growing a lot. More people than before. Paris has been pushing outward. She might be better off just putting Raphael in school in Monaco. She might want to recreate something of her own childhood for her son, that's natural. We all want to go backwards in a sense; it's comforting, but not always the easiest thing to do! :lol:
I'm sure tons of you know about it but I just found it, a social media site (Russian?) with a MASSIVE archive of Charlotte photos, all years of her life!
The pics take me way back, so many of them I haven't seen for many years. Nostalgia!
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The photos have been posted before at her current events threads,

the first ones were taken on March 6, 2017 during Paris Fashion Week, see here and on the following page.

The other one was taken on June 1, 2013 when Charlotte attended the "Chime For Change: The Sound Of Change Live" Concert in London, the campaign was supported by Gucci, see here.
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