Charlotte Casiraghi and Family Current Events Part 40: December 2015 -December 2016

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So Gad likes 'em young! :lol:;)

Ironically Alex Dellal(Charlotte's other ex-boyfriend) is also married to a woman named Elisa(Sednaoui) who is a top model.
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On October 13 Charlotte inaugurated the second edition of the Philosophical Meeting in Monaco. The first workshop, on the theme of love, will feature philosophers Nicolas Grimaldi and Cynthia Fleury.

** Pic ** belga gallery **
As reported by the French gossip site Voici, between Charlotte and the Italian filmmaker would end. "Eventually she left the Rome apartment where they had settled and returned to live in France with Raphael, her baby," it said on For several weeks the Italian gossip magazines speculate a possible break of the super couple. But beware: not all are convinced that between Charlotte Casiraghi and Lamberto is over! Some claim that her flight to France is only for practical reasons. Charlotte would be pregnant with the director and so she had decided to live this moment so important in his life next to family. If so, all would make sense. Sources close to the couple have assured (at least until a few months ago), that the agreement between the two is strong. But to know the truth ... we have to wait.
Excuse my english.

The pics were taken on October 13, not today - see my post above with more pics of the event :flowers:

Charlotte and Thierry Rozier at the airport of Paris on October 16. According to the caption they returned from a horse show weekend in the south of France.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **

Yes, she was sitting next to Charlotte and can be seen several times during the video!
Such a bad photograph, unfortunately :/
Expressionless, passionless, nothing dynamic to look at. The shirt and the haircut are more interesting than her face, even though it is supposed to be a portrait with focus on her.
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That has to be the worst photograph I have ever seen of Charlotte. She looks like a gravely ill teenage boy.:eek:
Very artistic photo.
IMO she hasn't look good for awhile now. She seems very drawn and at times looks rough around the edges.

Wow the first photo if you didn't tell me it was Charlotte I would never guess. Looks like some brooding teen boy :eek: looks emaciated and drawn.

The second picture with Giambetty she looks more natural and like herself
Maybe it's the black and white stark image/s, but while striking yes, bears no resemblance to the beautiful young woman protrayed in previous articles.

And maybe again, Charlotte has a mischevious side and likes to shock?!
"It's about being masculine and feminine at the same time" a quote that accompanies the photo says.. Well, i fail to see the feminine in there:p
Maybe they say the femininity for her strong characteristics, delicate nose, full lips etc.
But, as far as the masculinity is concerned, they made it, though i am sure there are better ways to portray her 'masculine' side :cool:
These photos don't flatter her at all.

I like the latest photos for Vanity Fair. some remind me of poses from Caroline in fashion shoots from way back.
She seems to be doing more photo shoots lately. I love seeing her but I thought this side of her life had become less important to her in recent years.

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From Paris Match

Charlotte Casiraghi : "Je trouve inacceptable qu’on s’empare de ma vie privée"

In two words nothing new or significant.
Charlotte gave interview in Vanity Fair and she sad how unacceptable she thinks it is that she is constantly pursued in her private life. And she talked about philosophy and the Rencontres Philosophiques in Monaco
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