Catherine Middleton Wedding Dress Suggestions and Musings

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Honestly - I would love to see her in a very different style. I love the ballerina length dresses with the bouffant tulle skirts of the 50's - very Grace Kelly - with a fitted embroidered jacket with crystals and pearls. She is so petite she would look lovely. There would be one dress for the church and another for the reception. She looks great in fitted styles. Also .. what will Zara wear in the Spring?

Kate is quite slim, but not petite. She's 5' 10" tall (1.524 m)!
I do like the Dia style and it would lend itself to customization for sleeves. It really does look like a Kate style to me.
The third one is a fantastic gown! I can't get into the other "flaminco" styles; they're pretty, but not wedding to me.
Yes, I don't know which part is better top or train...

One more
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That dress is fabulous but I feel that the hairdo is way too severe and the whole look is incomplete without a veil. As for the other dresses I've seen where the model is wearing a veil, they are all lovely but the veils need to be very much higher up and further forward. After all, you don't put a hat that low down at the back of your head so why wear a wedding veil like that?
5' is 1,524m :) But that would be very small, at least 10cm smaller than me :) 10'' are 0,254m, so 5' 10'' are 1,78m :)

Thank you for correcting my metric math. I used a converter and, obviously, it's calculation was incorrect.

However, that doesn't change the fact that Kate isn't petite. She's slim, but not petite.
Vivian Westwood said what I've been saying all along! Kate is not stylish!
And what the rest what the world has known for years. Only now since the engagement announcement, she's dubbed as Catherine and style icon and blabla. :ROFLMAO:

I think something Calvin Klein would suit her, though I doubt Costa's designs would be cathedral enough. Maybe in the near future. I want the designers to either be Lanvin, Alberta Ferreti, Matthew Williamson or even Alexander McQueen. (Sarah Burton ofcourse) But I don't think that will happen.
I'm petite, as I'm only 5'3. I'd say anything shorter than 5'6 is considered petite.
I always thought petite meant short, and rather small body size. Just kind of "tiny" all around. So from my understanding of the definition, Kate is in no way petite. She's thin, but she's rather tall.

As far as Westwood's comments, she has her own style and tastes, and that's fine. She made similar comments about Emma Watson, who I would say is rather stylish as well. Kate is stylish in her own way, and will appeal to those with similar fashion senses. I personally find her very to each their own.

Kate seems to know what flatters her body best, and what she's most comfortable in personally, so my guess is we'll see something simple, and in keeping with her personal tastes, which seems to favor the wrap style, so maybe that's where we will see the "embellishment."

Personally I wish ISSA was considered a true British designer, as I would love to see Kate in a design by the ISSA house. But I'm biased, as I have a personal fondness for the line.
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Usually Petite in clothing is for anyone 5'3" and shorter. If you are taller you are simply skinny. Petite is simply tiny all around.
I don't like most of what Kate wears on a day-to-day basis, but she is "stylish" because she's wearing what everyone else in her age range is wearing. A person does not have to have style to be valuable. I think, in time, she will surprise us all.
I would rather call Kate slender, skinny has a negative ring to it in my ears. I am slender myself too, but nowhere as long as she is with my 5'5".
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I bloody hope that it is her! She is just so much awesome and has done a wonderful job leading the McQueen brand.
All I ask for is sleeves or at least shoulder thing I dislike is strapless wedding gowns...and because it is a royal wedding, I don't expect to see a strapless gown, but you never know...I would prefer three-quarter sleeves...I would like a hybrid of Sarah Ferguson's, Princess Mary's royal dresses with the signature Kate V-neck incorporated somehow...Satiny, simple, shoulders covered, long train, v-neck, no lace or bows on bodice...After the names of the Danish royal twins (hurry up 14 April), this is the next thing on my list of 'can't waits'...Kate's wedding dress! (hurry up 29 April)
Vivienne Westwood can be excluded, atleast. (expected)

'Kate Middleton's no style queen': Vivienne Westwood's verdict on Prince William's fiancee | Mail Online

I agree with Vivienne. Style is certainly no thing Kate possesses. (yet)

True, but there's so much hope. She's been focusing on other things, and style warrants attention (but should perhaps not be an obsession for everyone).

She's such an intelligent young woman, and style (if it doesn't come naturally - or through association, like Princess Grace), is a matter of well-advised decision-making.

I'm always curious to hear what women who are Kate's approximate age feel would be good designs for her (the more specific, the better).

I'm getting that the flamenco-style (while admired) is not the average idea of a wedding dress. Still, we see lots and lots of flamenco styles (they called them mermaid-styles in my day).

Column then? Drop waist?
I would like to see her dress feature a Medici or Queen Anne neckline. I think they are the same neckline and it's mostly called Queen Anne but I have also seen it referred to as the Medici neckline. It would be a most appropriate style for a future Queen Catherine ;)

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's dress for the 1997 featured a Medici/Queen Anne neckline, which was blatantly copied for The Princess Diaries.
The Princess Diaries (2001) | Film-Szenenbild
IMO, that dress is hideous. More like Prom Queen material than real Queen.
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