Ari Behn's mental issues

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The title of the thread bothers me for some reason -- it makes him sound like he's got schizophrenia or some kind of serious mental illness. Anytime I've heard someone say that a person has "mental issues", they aren't phrasing it that way to be polite.

That said, I agree with Countess. Depression IS a mental illness and needs treatment -- usually some combination of a neurotropic and therapy. Neurotropic meaning something related to the neurons in the brain (chemical) as opposed to psychotropic which would deal with things like hallucinations, voices, delusions....symptoms of other, more serious illnesses. Depression can even affect the body in a physical manner, causing aches and pains, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc. No one wants to be depressed. It's more than just being sad or feeling "blah" or being down. Everyone has days where they just feel like crap. That's not depression and making it sound like that completely trivializes it.
I have always been very fond of Princes Martha Louise and have thought that part of Ari's attraction for her was that he was somewhat controversial in his writings et al. I think for his part, he was attracted to the glitz and glam of royalty, rather like the ostentaciousness of Las Vegas, which is not to take away from the town in general but pertains to the guady casino chandeliers, red carpets and emphasis on cash...showy. He seems a bit of an exhibitionist. As for his mental state, I wonder if it's a self diagnosis or has he had professional acessment? If he suffers from depression, that is very sad for it can be difficult to treat. I hope whatever condition he may have improves and he is eventually healed. I also hope this isn't part of the ground work for a divorce announcement.
I was reading the older posts and Las Vegas would be the last place someone who had depression issues to move to. It's a wonderful city don't get me wrong but not a city to live in if you are having difficulties.

When I was in the casinos, I saw many people who lost their money. If they weren't depressed, then they soon would be. I saw more people unhappy there than I have in other places. Many of these people wanted the moon, the stars and the sky. Most don't get this from Las Vegas.

It's the last place on EARTH I would advise a depressed person to live! The temperatures are BRUTAL in the summertime...and it's not a very friendly city either. I even read it has a high suicide rate.

I have lived there and visited's fun to visit but living there was the PITS.

And it's nothing like Monaco either, BTW!:ermm:
Thank you for this link.
I was able to read it thanks to Google Translate.

I'm always iffy and conflicted when close friends divulge such close and intimate details. On one hand, it feels like betrayal because Per and Ari were "blood brothers" and per is sharing such details- text messages, photos, and info. Yet on the other hand, it is only through such intimate friends that we can really see what was going on behind the scenes and what was going on in Ari's mind.
It is interesting that Ari Behn's close friend makes out that Ari was free from financial worries during the marriage, and suggests that the adjustment to for example having to be concerned about the price of groceries came as a shock to Ari. I wonder how he (Per Heimly) formed the impression that the divorce settlement Ari received was undervalued and decreased his standard of living after divorce. After all, neither Ari nor his wife were publicly funded working members of the royal family during their marriage.
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