Death & Funeral of Ari Behn: December 25, 2019/January 3, 2020

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She's just as strong as her sister. How well she wrote that.
Leah Isadora sounds wise beyond her years, I can imagine she has had to mature quickly after such a traumatic and sad thing to experience. ML should be very proud of her daughters.
Christmas Day will never be quite the same for his 3 daughters left behind.
- I can confirm that Ari's urn was buried today. It is no coincidence that today's date is chosen. It was a private urn burial with those closest to him present, Geir Håkonsund, the Behn family's spokesperson, tells Dagbladet.
Ari Behn_ - Har fått sitt siste hvilested
Christmas Day will never be quite the same for his 3 daughters left behind.

I can only imagine. Holidays are always hard after you lose someone. But having lost them on the actual holiday. I can't even imagine how hard going to church on Christmas this year will be.

My heart goes out to not only his daughters but his family. I especially think of his dad who was there.

He would be proud if his daughters and how strong and smart they are.
So very sad for the whole family. Especially hard for the girls as they navigate the difficulties of teenage years.
In two months Christmas again for a long time they will be very sad, because the void of their father is still to fresh. These are great girl. The Royal Family must be very proud of them, as they should.
some sweet words by leah and a great reminder for everyone:

'It has given me a whole different perspective in life, and if you love someone you tell them. You never know when you will loose them. Sometimes when I’m happy and I catch myself having fun, I stop and think. Do I deserve this? Am I allowed to feel like this? And of course I am.
Everyone deserves to be happy. But you never know what someone is going through and everyone fights there own battles. Remember to always be nice.'
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