Anne, Princess Royal Current Events 5: April 2008-December 2013

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Pics 22.4.2008

Princess Anne at Livability's Service of Celebration at
Westminster Abbey, London, Britain - 22 Apr 2008

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
Thank you iceflower! These are wonderful, refreshing photos of the Princess Royal. :D
I agree! That first one makes her look quite young! Very nice! :flowers:
I agree. That happy young look of picture 1 has been around for a while. It has been noted before on this forum.

What concerned me was her complex thought patterns revealed on her forehead in Picture 4.

I thought Picture 4 revealed that she is doing too much and might need to consider scaleing back a bit.
Much better ! She looks good in light colors and white fits her pretty well.
copied over from another thread.
Badminton, May 2008
Princess Anne and Peter Phillips watching Zara ride.

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She and Henry seem close which is nice to see
She and Henry seem close which is nice to see
You sound surprised. I think we all got sucked in a little way back when charges of coldness, remotness etc, were levelled at the entire BRF and the female side most of all. :argh:

The photo's of the entire family in subsequent years prove the lie. Just check out "Princess Hugged" posted by Warren. :clap:

I think they are actually a very close and affectionate family, but we mostly see them on "formal" occasions where personal (family) familiarity is inappropriate. :winkiss:

Except, of course, when "Granny" reviews the troops or "Aunt Anne" bestows campaign medals. :bounce: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
Pics 6.5.2008

Britain's Princess Anne is seen on May 6, 2008 during a commemoration at
the memorial paying homage to the actions and sacrifices of the 'F Section'
104 agents, including 13 women of the special operation executive (SOE)
during WWII in Valencay, western France. The secret service SOE was
founded in July 1940 by Prime Minister Winston Churchill, to help civilian
populations resisting against German nazis in Europe, promoting sabotage
and subversion.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
Pic 2.6.2008

Princess Anne at the 28th International Congress
of Midwives in Glasgow, June 2, 2008 ------> Pic
Pic 11.6.2008

Princess Anne, Princess Royal, arriving at Whiskey Mist
at Zeta in Mayfair London, England - 11.06.08

----> Pic
Pics 7.6.+20.6.2008

Princess Anne visits the Royal Cornwall Show in
Wadebridge on 07 06 2008:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **

The Princess Royal at the 168th Royal Highland Show
2008 at Ingliston Scotland on 20 06 2008:

** Pic **
Thank you for those iceflower, I thought Anne looked superb.:flowers:
I am amazed she looks so nice in these latest choices of clothes, simple, plain and well tailored. Now if she would only condition her hair!
Slide-nights at Gatcombe Park must be a real treat.
Both. Tim holds the projector still and they all whizz about on bin bags like puppies with worms.
Personally I can't see the fuss this article is trying to imply.
One recycles: Princess Anne wears same dress at Saturday's Royal Wedding as she did for Charles and Diana's nuptials 27 years ago | Mail Online

She once remarked that 'a good suit goes on for ever'.
But the ever-practical Princess Anne caused a stir when she turned up at Saturday's Royal Wedding in a dress she first wore when Prince Charles and Lady Diana married 27 years ago.
The Princess Royal, who turns 58 next month, still perfectly fitted the size-10 Maureen Baker floral-print wrap dress.
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What jumped out at me were the lovely pictures of Anne at the C&D wedding. She was beautiful. Zara is her spitting image.
HRH's finances cant be all that flash. Not wanting to put a too fine a point on it, but The Princess is a naval wife. The help she gets from the Queen wouldn't cover all her costs in attending to all her duties. (Another reason why I think she should scale back.) Add that to the money she spends on horses, and you get to see what I mean.

From a number of horsey websites, I've done my maths and added 2 and 2 together and got what figure I liked but I calculated the finances of those horse shows as being a labour of love. I know Gatcombe attracts big crowds but I see cant see the money because of the cost of the facilities.

With Mr Peter now in charge, maybe his mother might be able to be kept in a custom she deserves.
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