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May 19, 2015
United Kingdom
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]]I joined a little while ago and had a little look around before getting distracted by my dogs (not relevant really!) and only coming back today. I plan to be a "quiet member" but you never know, I may suddenly feel the need to speak! I've been fascinated by Royalty all my life (I'm over 60) and have read as many books as I've had time for. I'm really interested in the British Royal Family and by jewellery in particular. I look forward to getting to know you all - thank you for allowing me to join. L x[/COLOR][/FONT]
ps ... how do I get rid of the the "font announcement"?
Welcome to the forums, LornaL! :flowers:

When you click on "edit" below your post you can make adjustments to your post. That way you can delete or mark and cut away the font part.
Hi LornaL and :welcome:
Most members here started as 'lurkers' and only started to post later, so that is perfectly ok. I hope you enjoy being a member, you will find many lively discussions especially on the British royals. And royal jewels are my own great passion, so it's great to have another jewel lover!
Hello and welcome LornaL :flowers:
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