A Swedish Royal Christmas (Traditions, Christmas Cards, Photo Sessions)

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Such a lovely event - especially for the queen. I really like how Leonore is taking care of her young cousin Julian.
Such a lovely event - especially for the queen. I really like how Leonore is taking care of her young cousin Julian.
Yes, Leonora’s care of Julian was touching to see. Very calm and natural caring, unusual for children of that age.
What a lovely event. Estelle is so grown up and full of life!
The royal family's children's new Christmas traditions:
All cousins ​​received the Christmas trees together with the Queen and decorated them, among other things, with small gingerbread houses.
Estelle and Oscar's school Campus Manilla has on 1st December "Christmas sweater day", all students and teachers can come to school in funny Christmas sweaters. Students and parents help to decorate the school hall for Christmas. Estelle and Oscar give at school Christmas presents to children in Ukraine. A former student started a charity where the students buy and wrap presents, which are then driven to Ukraine by recently graduated students, tells principal Robert Mellander.
The preschool class of Gabriel and Alexander's school Djurgårdsskolan organizes a Lucia celebration. So Gabriel got to play in front of his school friends and Alexander. Gabriel and Alexander sang in the school's traditional Christmas play in Oscarskyrkan. Every year the students and parents wrap Christmas presents together, they are then sent to children around Europe who are having a hard time.
Both Djurgårdsskolan and Campus Manilla commemorate the Nobel Day with a three-course lunch for all students.
Kungafamiljens jultraditioner _ mama


Photo of King Carl Gustaf at the recording of his Christmas speech, by Sara Friberg/The Royal Court.


Beautiful photo of Estelle decorating a Christmas tree on Monday, when the Queen and her grandchildren received the Christmas trees.


Carl Philip and Sofia attend this evening "Jul i Vasastan" Christmas concert in Gustav Vasa Church. Their friend singer Fredrik Benedict organizes the concert and Carl Philip and Sofia always attend. Finnish violinist Linda Lampenius plays at the concert again this year.

Lina Hellqvist and her partner Mattias Wikström are there too.
ANP gallery

As always, at the concert was a fundraiser for Project Playground.
Prinsessan Sofias festkväll med Carl Philip – ute på stan _*Svensk Dam
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Queen Silvia has been baking Lussekatter (St Lucia Saffron Buns) at Feldts Bröd & Konfekt in Halmstad.
"The day H.M. The Queen crossing the threshold at Feldts to bake was one of the greatest things we have experienced It was an incredibly great honor for us. The next day, her bread and Lussekatter were sold in the shop without anyone knowing, and we giggled a little extra, what a thing"

Royal splendor at the bakery - Queen Silvia baked Lussekatter with My Feldt
“Absolutely surreal and a great honor.” The other day, My Feldt and the colleagues at Feldts Bröd och Konfekt were visited by none other than Queen Silvia. She was in Halmstad on private business and then chose to stay and make Christmas cookies at Feldts.
Drottning Silvia på besök på Feldts bageri Halmstad. _ Hallandsposten

A Lussekatt is a Swedish saffron bun with raisins that is baked and eaten at the 13th December as part of the St Lucia tradition and eaten also the whole December.
The Crown Princess family made its traditional Christmas Eve visit, with them they had gifts, among them gingerbreads and fruits:

On Christmas Eve, the Crown Princess, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar visited the Swedish Customs' staff at Värtahamnen in Stockholm to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the customs staff working during Christmas and the coming weekends.
Kronprinsessfamiljen besökte Tullverket på julafton _ Kungahuset

Video at court Instagram

ANP gallery
SPA gallery

Every year on Christmas Eve, the Crown Princess family visits a workplace that is open during the holiday.
The pictures show how the family is in place in a large garage. Among other things, they get to inspect a white Volvo and look under the bonnet.
It was also time for coffee when the children received Christmas presents. Later, it was cuddling with a dog when they got to say hello to the customs' flatcoated retriever.
Kungafamiljens hundmys– firade jul på Tullverket _ Kungligt _ Expressen

Kronprinsessparet på julbesök hos tullen Aftonbladet
Kronprinsessfamiljens fina gest på julafton - GALA magasin

Värtahamnen is one of the largest port areas in Stockholm and serves ferry traffic to Helsinki and Tallinn.

2019 the family visited on Christmas Eve Norrmalm Police Station, 2020 AISAB Ambulance Station City, 2021 Solna Fire Station and 2022 Greater Stockholm Local Transit Company (SL) depot.


The King and Queen wish Merry Christmas at court's social media:


Victoria's Christmas greeting from the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace, she reads the Christmas Gospel:
SVT Play


The Royal Court put it to its Youtube Channel

SPA published yesterday a video of the Crown Princess family's visit to Swedish Customs' staff at Värtahamnen.
Estelle and Victoria at the visit

One of the staff of Tullverket at her Instagram:
"We had only found out that the press was coming to do a report on people working on Christmas Eve. Five minutes before we find out that it is Crown Princess Victoria herself and Prince Daniel with their children Estelle and Oscar who were to come by.
Apparently they visit a government agency every Christmas Eve and this year it was Customs' turn. They were all very nice, asked curious questions and felt relaxed. It felt a bit strange to answer a lot of questions when I actually want to ask a lot of questions back.
Estelle and Oscar had to lay out a hide-and-seek in a car that the drug dog Vittra had to search for, which was very much appreciated.
It was a very pleasant moment and I hope they had a continued nice Christmas Eve.
P.s found out that the Crown Princess has seen Gränsbevakarna."

"More pictures from Christmas Eve morning, where we had an unexpected but very nice and appreciated visit.
I personally have always liked the royal family and was standing in the street by the Kungsträdgården when the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel got married. It was fun to talk about our business. You never know what (or who) you will meet or be part of when you start your work shift."

Gränsbevakarna is a TV-serie, where the staff of customs in Värtahamnen have been part of.
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The King's traditional Christmas speech has been broadcast at Sveriges Radio, and will be shown at SVT1 in the evening.
SVT has put the speech to its website already now, video:
SVT Play

And the Royal Court put the speech at its Youtube
The King ended his speech:
"Wherever you are in Sweden or abroad, I hope you have a nice, peaceful Christmas. Maybe give some extra time to care for an old friend or an elderly relative. Giving an extra thought to those who need it most. I wish you rest and strength that gives you joy and hope.
Now 2023 is coming to an end and we are looking forward to a new year. Together with my family, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024!"
H.M. Konungens jultal 2023 _ Kungahuset

Court website
H.M. Konungens jultal 2023 _ Kungahuset


Photos of the Crown Princess family's visit to Swedish Customs' staff at Värtahamnen yesterday morning.
Prins Daniels kramkalas med Estelle under besöket hos tullen - Allt om kungligt
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Products/gifts for Christmas on sale at the Royal Gift Shop:
"Welcome to Christmas in the Royal Gift Shop. Discover a world of unique products, inspired by colors, shapes and patterns from 500 years of royal heritage. This year we are inspired by Drottningholm's staircase and colors such as orange, copper red and black."
Jul Kungliga Slottsboden

A couple of lovely photos of Estelle at the receiving of the Christmas trees, taken by Pelle T Nilsson/SPA.
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