40th Anniversary of the Spanish Constitution. December, 2018

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Imperial Majesty
Apr 28, 2005

King Felipe and King Juan Carlos

Audience to the Advisory Council to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Constitution
Pardo Royal Palace. Madrid

King Felipe and Queen Letizia

Inauguration of the exhibition "Poetics of democracy. Images and counter images of the Transition "
Queen Sofia National Museum and Art Center. Madrid


King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia

Inauguration of the exhibition "Democracia 1978-2018"
CaixaForum Madrid


King Felipe and Queen Letizia

Concert commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution
National Music Auditorium Madrid


King Felipe, Queen Letizia, Princess of Asturias, Infanta Sofía, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia

Solemn ceremony commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution
Congress of Deputies. Madrid
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Here's a video of T.M.King Juan Carlos & Queen Sofia at the "Democracia 1978-2018 Exhibition " in Madrid.

This is the anniversary of the single most important thing that happened in Spain during our young democracy and she turns out dressed out as if she was going to the Grammy Awards? :eek:

She's the Queen, has to dress appropiately to every event, specially one as remarkable as this one.
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At what time does the Solemn ceremony starts? Can't wait to see the "whole" family together.
Pedro Sánchez, in an interview with El País, spoke about the monarchy:
"Honestly, now that I have the opportunity to see first-hand the work that he has done these 40 years and that the Royal House does today, and in particular King Philip VI, I believe that the parliamentary monarchy is, right now, the key to the vault of a great constitutional consensus that was forged in 1978, and that I hope will last. Felipe VI is a king of his time, a king who defends gender equality, the commitment of Spain in the fight against climate change, the rights of workers and has a great sensitivity to the Catalan question and the diversity of our country, however much Catalan pro-independence has criticized him. Before I evoked the Second Republic. It is worth remembering that when the separatists wanted to secede from Spain [1934], in reality they did it against the Republic. Now they are doing it against a parliamentary monarchy. That is, they do not care what kind of structure and state model we have, what they want is to go against the being of Spain."

It was a nice surprise to see Leonor and Sofia at the event, and it was even more of a nice surprise to see the photos of Juan Carlos and Leonor interacting warmly together at the event! One can tell that Leonor is very close to her father and it's lovely to see. I loved the photos of her and Sofia talking amongst each other too (I think Sofia will be the more confident out of the two girls).
Solemn ceremony commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution
Congress of Deputies. Madrid

Queen Letizia has been accused of 'overapplauding' because she did not like the ovation that Sofia and especially Juan Carlos received from the audience. In the end, the biggest ovations were for them, and Letizia understood that it could not be like that, who deserved the biggest applause was Felipe VI. Despite efforts to understand each other, relations between the Bourbons remain complicated.
It makes total sense that Juan Carlos en Sofia get recognized for what they did 40 years ago and not Felipe as he was just a boy. Luckily Felipe understands that and lauded his parents. Unfortunately, his wife not so much... In addition, it's quite weird that Letizia defies Felipe in public by continuing her applause (to him!) while Felipe made it clear that he wanted her stop.
Bekia is a gossip website, and copies the gossip of a gossip journalist of a newspaper that always criticizes Letizia, and where Peñafiel writes. :whistling:

She had to write something and invented this story... she was probably one of those who also criticized Letizia two years ago for applauding little at the opening of Parliament... little or too much, but for some gossips the number of applause is never right. According to her, Letizia was the only one who continued to applaud, and you only have to watch the images to see that all the people were still doing it.
Bizarre criticism considering the entire room was on its feet and applauding and people were shouting "Viva (el Rey?)" as he walked out. I also heard that Felipe gave an incredible speech. Maybe she was applauding because she's proud and supportive of her husband???
It's mind-blowing how enthusiastically clapping after your husband made a long and important speech in a difficult situation, a speech he has probably been preparing for months, can be taken as an attack on your parents-in-law. Nothing should surprise me anymore from Peñafiel and his cronies, but it is incredibly bizarre how it's a criticism that is taken seriously here at The Royal Forums, and worse, there's even more to pile on the Queen, she was "defying" her husband (what a Victorian and odd way to describe it)
I think it's because the people here don't understand how work spanish gossip media, how destructive they can be, they have Letizia in their target and this is not going to change never. She makes them win a lot of money everyday.

Bekia's article is just ridiculous, you only need to watch a video, which is not a secret and it's on YouTube, to see with your own eyes that almost everybody (not Podemos and allies obviously) was clapping.

So, please, people, do not believe what spanish gossip media says, maybe only a 5-10% it's true, the rest is pure invention.
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