Back To School For Belgium’s Young Royals

  September 1, 2017 at 10:30 am by

September 1 brings the first day of the academic year for Belgium’s schoolchildren, including the four children of the country’s King and Queen.

The Duchess of Brabant, Prince Gabriel and Princess Eleonore were accompanied by their father, King Philippe, for the journey to Sint-Jans Berchmans College in Brussels, while Queen Mathilde dropped Prince Emmanuel off at the Eureka School in Kessel-Lo.

Princess Eleonore, the youngest of the group, seems to have her own back to school ‘tradition’ – this is the third year in a row she has worn a pink outfit for her first day (conveniently matching her bright pink backpack!).

As they did last year, the Royal Court posted a photograph on their social media of all four children outside their home ahead of their departure for school.

4th year of secondary education), Prince Gabriel (2nd year secondary) and Princess Eleonore (3rd year primary education


(6th year of primary education)

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