Baby Joy for the Duke and Duchess of Vendôme

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Prince Jean and Princess Philomena, Duke and Duchess of Vendôme, welcomed a son today. The baby’s first (and so far, the only-known) name is Gaston.

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The little Prince is the first child for the Duke and Duchess of Vendôme, who were married earlier this year (civilly, on March 19 and religiously, on May 2). Princess Philomena’s pregnancy was announced in July. Gaston is the 8th grandchild of the Count of Paris and will eventually assume the Headship of the House of Orléans.

Prince Jean, Dauphin de France, Duke of Vendôme is the son of Henri, Count of Paris, Duke of France (the Orléanist pretender to the French throne) and Duchess Marie Therese of Württemberg, the Duchess of Montpensier. In 2006, Count of Paris created Prince Jean ‘Dauphin de France’, bypassing Jean’s mentally disabled elder brother, Prince Francois, Count of Clermont.

The baby’s name, Gaston, has deep roots with the House of Orléans. Distinguished members of Orléans family with the same name include Gaston, Duke of Orléans, the Fils de France and Le Grand Monsieur (the third son King Henry IV and Marie de’ Medici, the eldest surviving brother of King Louis XIII, and the last member of the elder branch of Bourbon-Orléans) and Gaston d’Orléans, Count of Eu (the son of Louis, Duke of Nemours, who himself was the son of King Louis-Philippe, and Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Kohary).

You can view the thread dedicated to the birth of Prince Gaston here.

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