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Old 09-03-2017, 08:22 PM
Royal Highness
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I'm not sure what to make of his "working on the weekends" comment." It sounded a little out of touch. Otherwise it was interesting to get a sense of what he does on a day to day basis.
Thanks, Muhler!

Old 09-26-2017, 01:23 PM
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The company The 5 Farms, which Joachim is a part of (*) has bought an online company ( that was on the verge of going bankrupt. While the idea behind the company (supplying fresh produce from farms to subscribing consumers) was sound the funds were lacking, so Joachim and his associates have decided to keep the management.

(*) Also after the sale of Schackenborg, because Joachim still owns a number of farms in Southern Jutland and a share in the 5 Farms.

Old 10-04-2017, 11:55 AM
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Joachim and Marie went to see the Rolling Stones Concert last night
Prins Joachim og prinsesse Marie var til rock'n'roll i Parken | BILLED-BLADET

Marie wore leather pants and thankfully Joachim left his pink party pants at home
Old 12-27-2017, 03:39 PM
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Tonight TV2 aired a 55 minutes personal portrait of Joachim, in which he spoke about his feelings and view on both his own standing in the public eye.
The divorce, the sale of Schackenborg, his current work for the DRF and the military, Marie and raising the children.

It was as could be expected a pretty frank portrait.
Joachim is very much his mother's son, in the sense of being articulated and being a private person, a reserved person if you like.
While Frederik is uncomfortable when in the limelight, Joachim is uncomfortable about being himself. He clearly prefers to maintain a facade, that keep a distance to people to the functions he undertakes.
We were confirmed in the view that he is a confident and very good public speaker.
His Danish is very correct, bordering on being formal actually. - In a sense that's the impression I have of Mary too. I.e. that she speaks a very correct English when on the job. (Please correct me if I'm wrong).

We got a good glimpse into J&M's new home. (I like the furnishing!) We learned that Joachim and Marie speaks French between themselves when in private and that the language at home is a mix of French and Danish. Our Marie speaks French to her children, (including calling Henrik, Henri) and they respond mostly in Danish.
A little detail: bette Henrik's eyes are turning brown.
He is a very quiet boy, while Athena is a very charming girl. No wonder she and Josephine hit it off!

We learned about the thoughts of a man, a proud man, a man who is very well aware of his own and his family's position, for good or worse, who have suffered two major defeats in life.
The first was his divorce from Alexandra, which really knocked him out. He had a few years in darkness - before Marie came along and lifted him up again. It is clear to me that he feels he owes his wife a lot! And as such he worships his wife.
It was also a time, where he learned who his true friends were - and they were few. He has clearly stayed true to those friends ever since.

The second was the sale of Schackenborg. He admitted clearly that it was very much about the economy. He would leave a huge burden to his children - who are destined to fend on their own in the future. I.e. there don't seem to be any plans for them remaining active within the DRF.
So the sale was the better option in regards to the future. - He also repeated the old argument about the life on Schackenborg not being compatible with the DRF-jobs at the same time. Whether he believes that himself, or choose to believe that is IMO an interesting question.
But it was a huge personal defeat.

He's a loving father, but the foot is clearly down! The children are told what is go and what is a no-go. That includes "nudging" Athena into picking a toy animal in less garish colors, even if she was very much in love with a pink seal... - which dad thought was ugly. Dad won...
It also includes telling Henrik to take his hands out of his pocket when about to cut a ribbon.
We also saw a dad who was beaming with pride when his oldest got his drivers license. A dad who was moved to tears when Felix was confirmed.
A dad who is a total car-nut.
A husband who was bursting with pride when his wife got the Legion of Honor by the French ambassador.

It was clear that he is very well aware that he far from being popular. It is clear that he is well aware and that he is often annoyed at what is said and written about him.
Also in regards to the relationship between him and his brother. They are "bad boys" when together, with a lot of laughter. But they are not together very often. He did however state that it is possible, especially for siblings, to be close without having to be physically close.

In short this was probably as close a portrait as we will ever get from Joachim. And most we had to read between the lines.
But we didn't see all. He opened some windows for us to have a glimpse inside, but we sure didn't get the big tour of the house. Joachim is way too private a man for that.

Joachim is a man I respect a lot and to a considerably extent can mirror myself in, in certain aspects that is. In other aspects I can better mirror myself in Frederik. He is a fascinating, somewhat old-fashioned man perhaps, with a lot of personal nuances.
I think he and I could have a good conversation, perhaps share a beer, but we would not become friends. We would (hopefully) respect each other and probably agree on many things, but we would not be friends.

The timing of this portrait is I think off. Joachim ought to have stepped up his workload, being seen around more, doing more in public - then this portrait should have been shown. As it is people can with considerable justification think this is aimed more to correct his public image rather than based in a sincere wish in telling the public about himself.

The reactions and comments are coming in. I don't think it will be possible to view this portrait outside DK, not until someone uploads it on YouTube.
For Danish speakers this is a must-see, for everybody else it's a can-see.
Old 12-27-2017, 03:46 PM
eya eya is offline
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I saw about that and i expect soon or later to posted !! Thanks Muhler!!!!

The Facebook of the Royal House posted two videos

Prins Joachim make a tour to Queen to the Classic Race Aarhus, back in May 2017
Old 12-27-2017, 04:14 PM
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And thanks to you, Eya, for the clips.
I read the comments. They are all positive, which is to be expected on a DRF-site of course. But there are many of them! And as I said very positive.
Old 12-27-2017, 04:20 PM
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Originally Posted by camelot23ca View Post
I'm not sure what to make of his "working on the weekends" comment." It sounded a little out of touch. Otherwise it was interesting to get a sense of what he does on a day to day basis.
Thanks, Muhler!
He says most of their events are on weekends, that means that despite attending weekday events, which are I imagine all right because the kids are at school, they still can't have a guarantee that weekends are free (which is a little less ok because they can't have full family days). It might not seem much to attend an event or two on weekends but coupled with the expectations of guests, the need to charm people, etc., socializing for work on weekends is still very, very much work. Most diplomats posted abroad and who get invited to community events on weekends have said the same thing.
Old 12-27-2017, 04:28 PM
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Here is a comment from the historian Lars Hovbakke Sørensen.

He believes Joachim should find a topic, which is his own, like the military or focusing on regions outside Copenhagen. - Things he does do now, but which doesn't get that much coverage. Certainly the major Copenhagener papers don't cover much outside Copenhagen IMO.
"There is no doubt that it would make Prince Joachim much more popular among the people, if he finds an area, that is his, which he can cultivate and which makes him stand out from the rest in the DRF".
(I fully agree with that).

Lars Hovbakke does not believe this documentary will go all the way for Joachim:
"When the Queen give her New Year speeches, she never talks about herself but instead talk about general views about the society. We don't see that from Prince Joachim in the documentary and that is so to speak that could make him more relevant". (Yes, I think that argument is silly too. This was a personal portrait, not a New Year speech).

That is however something Mary has done, says Lars Hovbakke. She has found a number of topics that are hers and make her stand out from both her husband but also the rest of the DRF.

"It's noticiable that the DRF opens up in this was. Some will probably find that really good, while others believe we are getting too close. But it's clearly the modern version of the DRF we are seeing here".
Old 12-27-2017, 04:47 PM
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More from BB:
First a gallery:

Joachim emphasized in the docu that there is no such thing as half-siblings in his family. Henrik and Athena have two older "full" brothers.

The director behind the portrait. Maya Albana explains how it was to meet Joachim in this way, for six months.
"I was most surprised in how the Prince has fully accepted his own role within the DRF. The roles are clear in a royal house that goes back more than a thousand years and the identity was not up for discussion. Joachim has very much accepted that he is number two. Something that in a normal family would lead to sibling-jealousy.
He and I are about the same age, but is rounded by a totally different environment than mine. But there are common grounds between all of us. He is also someone's parents, someone's beloved, someone's ex, someone's child. It was those fields I looked for for the programme".

It was very important for Joachim to talk about the sale of Schackenborg.
"It took a lot of courage and honesty, but also generosity in order to in that way to pour out of his story. Most of us would like to tell about our successes, but it takes guts in that way to talk about your failures".

The way she worked with Joachim was:
"I tried to meet him eye to eye, as well as I could, him being a Prince".


Added: A review from Berlingske, which I may return to later:
Old 12-27-2017, 04:51 PM
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Thanks Muhler! Was there a special reason for this portrait? His 50th birthday would have been a logical moment (in 2 years time), so I wonder what the 'occasion' was.

What topic(s) would you consider Joachim takes on? IMO that would be hugely beneficial for both Joachim (and the same for Marie - with her own topic(s)) and the cause they decide to support.
Old 12-27-2017, 05:25 PM
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The title of the docu is "The other brother", so it's to some extent a portrait of one of the closest persons around Frederik, who turns 50 next year, and that is going to be marked big time!
So that is one reason.
Another is, I'm sure, an attempt to correct Joachim's bad image.

Many don't like Joachim as a person, he is not folksy like Frederik and comes across as arrogant. It doesn't help that he is anything but open about himself and that he clearly is a very intelligent man. - (Journalists in particular don't like that.)
He is a formal man in a country where being informal, sometimes being as informal as possible, is the norm.

Here he got an opportunity to talk about his feelings, also his feelings about the criticism he has got, not least after the sale of Schackenborg. He presented his view as well as himself.
He is also fully aware that he is anything but folksy and explain that that is simply how he is.
- And hopefully he learned that it doesn't hurt to be open.

There will of course always be people who will not even try to look beyond their prejudices, people who have decided they don't like Joachim and for those watching this docu will be a waste of time.

As for the second part of your question. I think Joachim could very well focus on veterans. He may not necessarily have the sae rapport with soldiers and veterans as Frederik, or as we have seen recently here in DK, with Harry, because Joachim is an officer before he is one of the "comrades in arms".
But he will, due to being very articulate and through his many connections with those who really matter behind the scenes, be able to lend a voice to the soldiers and veterans, and he will better be able to travel to hot spots than Frederik. - If Joachim is killed it's bad! If Frederik or Mary is killed it's very bad!!
So that is very much a field he could take on.
But Joachim is already being appreciated for the work is currently doing outside Copenhagen. Work that is basically only covered by one national paper as well as the regional papers. The Copenhagener papers tend not to cover events outside Copenhagen, and they include four out of five of the most important national papers.

Marie really doesn't have to do that much. She has IMO carved her own niche within the DRF and being a youngish attractive woman, who wear dresses..., she gets a good coverage.


ADDED: In this clip Joachim directly address the rumors that he and Frederik should have fallen out:
If you leave it on, there are other short clips coming on automatically.
Old 12-27-2017, 07:55 PM
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Thank you for the summaries Muhler.
I too think the timing of the documentary is a little off. An increase in workload after moving to Copenhagen has not happened.
Indeed he looks very at peace with Marie. Good to see. That he sees no half siblings in his children is great. The young ones seem to adore their big brothers. I didn't like how they were seperated during the baptisms of Henrik and Athena. But it's clear they love their big brothers.
And I like what he says about his relationship to his brother Frederik.
Old 12-28-2017, 03:42 PM
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It seems that Prince Joachim sells and his villa in South France

"Take a look at Prince Joachim's French Dreamfire, now out for sale.

Do you have a few million over and long for southern France perhaps it may be an idea to buy Prince Joachim and Princess Marie's beautiful house in Montauroux.

The house now available to the broker Wretman Estate has a call price of 1 890 000 €. On the website, the house is described as a unique villa within walking distance of the charming village of Montauroux. Here are two large master-bedrooms with their own toilets, as well as three bedrooms to allow you to fit the entire thick family.,"
Old 01-01-2018, 06:13 AM
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Interesting that they are selling now, wasn't it said a long time ago that Joachim would inherit Château de Cayx?

Just to go back to the documentary, what's the story behind Alexandra being there? nice to see they still get on
Old 01-01-2018, 07:00 AM
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I think it was mainly an investment.

IIRC Joachim purchased two houses abroad some years ago. This was one of them.
The other was sold pretty quickly. And now that the financial crisis is ending it may have been a good time to sell.
The prices on real estate here in DK are now back to pre-crisis and there is now also an increasing demand for houses outside the cities.
So perhaps that's a global trend?
Old 01-05-2018, 03:45 PM
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Let's return to the Joachim documentary for a while.

In BB #01, 2018 they have compiled a number of quotes from the portrait.

The docu was a viewer success. 984.000 watched the docu. That's the highest ratings for a DRF programme since 2012. - Apart from the New Year speeches. So people were curious.

Joachim is well aware how he his appearance can be stand-offish.
He has leaned to look and act in a certain way when he is on: "That's why I have a reputation for being somewhat stiff (best possible translation I can come up with) and that has lead to me automatically being arrogant. But I am who I am.
I'm not what you think or hear or in some cases wish me to be".

"I'm well aware of what privileges I enjoy and my children enjoy. But we are also living in 2017 and my children must live a life 100 % according to their own abilities. They must be on par with their contemporaries. They must be amiable, social people and they must be able to say no themselves.
And with a good upbringing and a good education the world is at their feet. My hope is that when they at some time leave the nest they will say that they were also allowed to be children".

After 21 years Joachim sold Schackenborg in 2014. About that he said:
"It was difficult for me to stand face to face with that reality and even more difficult to say publicly: This wasn't possible for me.
There have been occasions for as long as I have lived, where I have been either actively misunderstood or where I haven't lived up to the expectations there have been for my person and then I have become a black sheep to put it very squarely".

The sale would never have taken place had Schackenborg been a better business.
"The sale also had to do with the children. They must not suffer that defeat or be encumbered with such a burden. Now the four children are free"!

About his relationship with Frederik:
"My brother and I laugh a lot together and we are brothers in the same bad-boy/naughty way as we were when we were in our teens and as we were before that.
You can be close without being physically together. That's the special thing when you are siblings".

The divorce:
"I was the first in the core royal family for more than a 100 years who got divorced. This here picture postcard was suddenly wrinkled".
But the break-up was necessary in order for him and Alexandra to move on and still have a good relationship as parents. And not least their lives together would otherwise have "unlivable" without a divorce.

About the aftermath of the divorce and meeting our Marie:
"Back then I had only a very few close friends and with their help and support I slowly pieced together a world again.
With their kind time and wish to listen to me pouring out from the whole thing I pieced together a world again".

That took several years:
"I met a person who could get the last dark shadows off me, so that I again could open up and begin to live".
Old 01-05-2018, 04:10 PM
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what sweet words he has for marie and frederik, and a nice reflection of ending his marriage with alexandra.
The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization.
Old 01-05-2018, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by carlota View Post
what sweet words he has for marie and frederik, and a nice reflection of ending his marriage with alexandra.
I love how he desribed his relationship with Frederik. Basically they play up and act as immature as they did when they were kids! That is great to hear!
Old 01-05-2018, 04:27 PM
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Here is the entire documentary. In Danish, but give it a try, not understanding Danish you may notice details that I haven't.

Old 01-05-2018, 05:50 PM
Serene Highness
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thank you for posting this, Muhler! I was fascinated by this very intimate portrait of the prince...who has ever seen a royal person making his own lunch to take to the office! I was also very interested to note the fluently bilingual younger children of the prince, it seems both French and Danish are used interchangeably. I admire the language skills of Princess Marie, who seems to understand this very difficult sounding Danish without a problem. One last thing I noticed was how much Prince Joachim looks like his mother...the two sitting on the couch gave a striking image of family resemblance! Although I did not understand the Danish, it seems that Prince Joachim tries to speak with more clarity than his brother; it sounds like he is pronouncing every word with great care! I only wish I could understand what the words were!

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