The Duchess of Cornwall and the Future 007?

  May 27, 2016 at 3:04 pm by

Sometimes royals get all the best jobs! As honorary judge of the BBCR2 500 words competition, today The Duchess of Cornwall, along with actor Tom Hiddleston, visited The Globe Theatre to watch to winners be announced and give a speech. After the ceremony, which was broadcast live on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 Breakfast show, guests and judges met backstage for an informal reception. Guests included the likes of Warwick Davies, Julia Walters and singer Nick Jonas.

Earlier this month Camilla had popped in to the BBCR2 studio on a morning where Tom Hiddleston was a guest. He apologised unreservedly when she exclaimed that Sunday nights just weren’t the same without him. Tom’s TV Series The Night Manager has put him in contention, along with various other roles, for a shot at the big 007 (along with numerous actors including Idris Elba, Damien Lewis and Clive Owen).

Camilla presented Gold Awards to Evie Fowler, nine, from Herne Bay, and Ned Marshall, 12, from Wales who both competed in separate categories. Camilla and the judges had the hard task of selecting just 6 winners from the Top 50.

It may not just be HM that’s up to speed on the lastest technology, Camilla said in her speech: “One sort of book that I’m not an expert on is Facebook… but I believe that you can be “friended” and “unfriended” there. It sounds very modern, but actually Shakespeare used both those words in his plays.”

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  1. Short-story-tellers’ tasks (ranged in different categories) – it is a good idea for schoolchildren as well as for the Twitter’s development.

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