Is the Spanish Monarchy in Crisis?

  April 13, 2013 at 5:57 am by

April 13th, 2013

Is the Spanish Monarchy in crisis? Many royal watchers are commenting on the current Annus horribilis of the Spanish Borbóns, and 2012 was not a good year either.

The current ongoing investigation surrounding Iñaki Urdangarin in an alleged corruption scandal saw his wife, Infanta Cristina, being formally named as a suspect in the case. The fact that a Spanish Infanta has to appear in court has damaged the credibility of the Spanish Monarchy.

The King’s overall popularity is also on the wane, largely thanks to his ill-advised expensive elephant trip holiday to Botswana last April, and the accident and rumours which followed didn’t do him any favours either. His Majesty has been in bad health also over the past few years, some politicians have called for the King to abdicate.

Then this week saw the release of a tell-all controversial book on the Princess of Asturias which was written by her own first cousin, David Rocasolano, the details of which have raised many an eyebrow.

Many are hoping that 2014 will be a better year for the embattled Spanish Monarchy.

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14 Responses to Is the Spanish Monarchy in Crisis?

  1. natalya says:

    Lord help the Spanish royal court in the times of trials…

  2. Cece says:

    If the next few months contain no positives, I fear that the monarchy will be finished in Spain. 2014 will be too late.

  3. This all sounds like Hollywood-generated nonsense. It is nothing but rumors. When you have the factual details, then maybe, just maybe, I will believe.

  4. Kathryn Ryder says:

    ANYONE can tell a lie, or spread unfounded gossip … but the reader should consider another perspective: the King comes from a generation in which it was normal for upper class gentlemen to hunt big game and to have mistresses. These things were not against the law. He was discreet about both until he broke his hip. Why criticize the King, when his subjects cheer on the bullfights in Seville and during the Toro Jublio the bulls’ horns are set on fire!!! Yes, the times are changing and the Prince of the Asturias lives a more modest and circumspect lifestyle devoted to his wife and daughters. Yes, the King was hand picked by Franco, but the King could have chosen to continue in the role Franco had held, as a dictator, but instead, the King was also behind the new Constitution of Spain, which actually minimized his political powers considerably.

    The role of the monarch is the only buffer to protect the people and their rights from politicians and from the military. All over the world corrupt politicians seek only to maintain their power and their privileges while saying they are a “democracy” because they elect their President. Their democracies are rigged only in their favor and the people are kept suppressed. Since the First World War, many countries have thrown away their monarchies only to face the enslavement of corrupt politicians!!! Two examples: Russia under the Tsars was evolving and had a free market economy and education, under the Communists they had nothing on their grocery shelves and no freedoms – only dull miserable lives! In Iran, more recently, the Shah guaranteed peace and plenty for his people and women enjoyed equal opportunities for education! Under the Ayatollahs, the people cannot see any progress or change and women are slaves to men! We see this over and over again because once a country ends their monarchy they do not get to change their mind and recall the King.

    Only in Spain, thanks to the monarchist Franco who brought peace and stability to the country after the Civil War and declared himself Regent until his death, have we seen a King return to the throne of his ancestors. Yet now, Spain again has communist / Maoist agitators stirring up trouble … they do not seek to benefit the people, they greedily seek power for their own selfish agenda as they have in all other communist countries. Eastern Europe was driven into the ground by communism, it never benefited the people! China has a shine and polish to its face thanks to its communist controlled but “free market” economy … and yet a majority of its billion people live in squalor and poverty. All people living under communist regimes SUFFER! Yet again, we have communists in Spain who want to overthrow the King, so they can gain power and stay there for THEIR benefit!!!! Do not believe their lies!!!! VIVA ESPANA! VIVA EL REY JUAN CARLOS!!!

  5. vkrish says:

    I strongly object to this “blog” in this place, which is ususally to give factual information about various activities/events rather than “presumtive/speculative articles”..
    And the feeling of “real crisis” I feel is totally subjective. Apart from some grumbling on forums and a case on a son-in-law (daughter was again un-summoned), hardly taken part by 10-20 members I dont see any “practical” reasons (mass protests/constitutional/legal proceedings) indicating an actual crisis.

  6. Father Andrew L. J. James, Ph.D. says:

    Franco would have shot somebody!

  7. vkrish says:

    And the book about Letizia is absolute trash. Even the DM readers have unanimously agreed that it is her own business and none of us need to care what the loser jerk has written. So I guess we the people on TRF should be the last ones to worry about that nonsense

  8. Michael Zubitis says:

    @Father Andrew,

    That’s what the Spanish people seem to forget!

  9. James Canning says:

    I am one of those hoping 2014 will prove a better year for the monarchy in Spain.

  10. Archie1954 says:

    The Spanish people have a lot to thenk the King for. He was the single person who shepearded the Spanish state to democracy after many decades of Franco despotism. He and his family regardless of potential slip ups are well liked and of great importance to Spanish political and social institutions. It would not be a simple matter to depose the monarchy as it is an integral part of the Spanish Constitution and would cause trememndous instability when all parties within the Spanish State should be working together to surmount the economic and social problems the State is experiencing right now.

  11. Mitar says:

    I agree with you Archie1954. Hope things will improve in the times to come.

  12. carmen says:

    il processo per corruzione e’ un dato di fatto . il passato della principessa delle Asturie ,anche

  13. Mavis Fraser says:

    It is a disgrace that the Princess of Asturias relative wrote such trash. I am wary of men who would sink to that level to write trash against women for monitary gain. The stain he has tried to inflict on the Princess would inturn be on him for the rest of his life. (when you dig a hole to bury one; you should dig two holes one for yourself. The Princess would get on with her life.

  14. Lady Daphne says:

    I’m disgusted at the thought of an ugly book being distributed about Letizia. I hope the sleezed-out author will be ridiculed and the Princess will continue to hold her head up high

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