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Old 11-10-2007, 01:32 PM
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I also think that Princess Máxima, Princess Mabel and Princess Laurentien will become pregnant again in 2008!!!

Old 11-10-2007, 03:07 PM
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i see everyone wants charelen and albert to get married in 2008, the only wedding i see in monaco is andre, Albert will marry if she become pregnant.
in london :zara and philp weddings.
in denmark: marie twins baby girls.
also crown princess victoria wedding which will be the first annoucement of the year.

Old 11-10-2007, 03:37 PM
Heir Presumptive
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I Can See William Marrying in late 2008 maybe August he will annouce his engagement in Late December on New Years Eve, Harry will Break up with Chelsy and he will be taken far more seriously He will on a Deployment to Afghanistan for a Year Starting November 2008 ending November 2009 He will get DSO
Old 11-10-2007, 03:38 PM
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Royal Highness
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*Marie and Mary will appear together at a public event before the marriage, showing us that they are not total enemies.

*Marie and Joachim get married, of course, but no baby for them this year.

*Mary's third pregnancy is announced, she will have another little girl in 2009.

*Queen Margrethe or Prince Henrik will have a health scare.

*Both Mette-Marit and Martha Louise will be pregnant. Martha Louise will give birth to a son at the end of the year, around the time Mette-Marit's pregnancy is announced.

*The King and Queen will have good health.

*Engagements for Victoria and Carl Philip. Madeleine will continue to date Jonas, but no engagement.

*Princess Lilian will pass away.

*Elena and Jaime will divorce.

*Cristina and Iñaki will continue to be very happy and very healthy. No pregnancy for them.

*Felipe and Letizia are still happy, no pregnancies for them either.

*The rumors about Letizia's relationship with the King and Cristina will intensify, despite the fact that Letizia will appear happy and interacting with both of them and Cristina's children in public.

*Willem-Alexander and Maxima are very happy and very healthy with their three girls, this will be a baby and pregnancy-free year for them.

*Queen Beatrix has good health and does not abdicate.

*Mabel becomes pregnant with another little girl, and more rumors and strange things will surface about her.

*Laurentien doesn't become pregnant either.

*No engagement for William or Harry, although extreme rumors will surface about William's engagement.

*Zara Phillips becomes engaged to her boyfriend.

*Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly marry, and he loses his place in the line of succession, but it is announced that their children will be raised in the church of England.

*Edward and Sophie will have their son in December of '07, and he will be christened. We will see Louise a bit more this year.

*Princess Mathilde gives birth to her second daughter.

*Charlene becomes pregnant, and she and Albert marry a short time later.

*Everthing is fine with Princess Caroline and her family.

*Stephanie finds a new boyfriend or husband, and is also pretty happy and fine, and so are her children.

*Princess Antoinette passes away.

*A pretty even year for them. No pregnancies for Louis and Tessy, no engagements, no health scares for anyone, just a good happy year.
Old 11-10-2007, 05:09 PM
Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: Minneapolis, United States
Posts: 221
~ Baby girl early 2008 for Philippe and Mathilde
~ Pregnancy announced for Laurent and Claire

~ Prince Jefri stays out of trouble
~ Princess Sarah gets pregnant, announced June/July

~ Norodom Sihamoni travels more, possibly gets married?

~ Marriage for Marie and Joachim May/June
~ Announcement of pregnancy for Mary late 2008
~ Pregnancy of Alexandra late 2008?

~ Princess Masako gets healthier
~ Sayako announces pregnancy

~ 5th and last pregnancy for Queen Rania
~ Prince Hussein announced as Crown Prince

~ Nothing too exciting, possibly pregnancy announcement from Tessy late 2008

~ Albert may surprise us. He baffles me.

~ Mabel announces pregnancy, gives birth late 2008 to a boy

~ Pregnancy announcement from either Mette-Marit or Martha-Louise, but not both sometime early 2008

~ Letizia announces pregnancy August/September 2008

~ Engagement announcement of Victoria and Daniel in March (please please please please please!!!!!)

~ Healthy baby boy born to the Wessexes
~ Camilla gets more grandchildren
Old 11-11-2007, 06:40 AM
LadyFinn's Avatar
Imperial Majesty
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Location: Southwest, Finland
Posts: 30,077
- Victoria and Daniel Westling will get engaged in February or March, the wedding will be in June
- Carl Philip and Emma Pernald will get engaged in December, the wedding will be in summer 2009
- Princess Lilian will pass away (I hope not, she is one of my favourite royals)

- Marie and Joachim get married in the end of April, no pregnancy news
- Mary and Frederik will be criticized on the media about their luxury lifestyle, they are spending too much money, no pregnancy news
- Queen Margrethe will have a health scare

- Mette-Marit will be pregnant, announcement in the summer
- Märtha Louise will do something surprising again

- Letizia will have more and more solo activities
- Letizia and Felipe will announce in December 2008 that Letizia is pregnant again
- The popularity of the monarchy will increase in Spain
- Cristina and Iñaki will live a happy and steady life
- Elena and Jaime will not get a divorce
- King Juan Carlos will have some problems with his health

- No pregnancy news for Willem-Alexander and Maxima
- Queen Beatrix will be in good health

Great Britain
- William and Kate Middleton will get engaged in March, the wedding will be in August
- I would have said that Harry and Chelsy Davy will separate, but apparently it´s already happened
- Edward and Sophie will have a happy year with their newborn son and daughter Louise
- Prince Philip will be seriously ill, maybe pass away

- Mathilde gives birth to a daughter

- Albert will finally get married, the engagement announcement at his 50th birthday and wedding in the summer
- Charlene will be pregnant, announcement in December
- Caroline and Ernst-August will have a peaceful year (!)
- The press will write more and more about the Casiraghi trio
- Stephanie finds a new boyfriend again
Old 11-11-2007, 09:33 AM
pumkin pie's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: Vienna, Austria
Posts: 46
- Marie and Joachim: will get married end of January - it will be a small winter wedding affair
- Mary and Frederik: no pregnancy, many seperate engagements

- Mette-Marit and Haakon will announce pregnancy in July
- Märtha Louise and Ari are pregnant and have a baby boy in August

- Letizia and Felipe: no pregnancy. Letizia will find back to her healthy body with Felipes support. More babies in 2009
- Elena and Jaime will not divorce

- No. 4 is on the way for Willem-Alexander and Maxima with an announcement in April; Baby girl "Wilma" will be born in October
- Queen Beatrix will cut back on work and enjoy her grandchildren

- Victoria and Daniel Westling will seperate; (because of a new and fantastic man in Victorias life!!!)
- Carl Philip will bump into me on a trip to Hagalugano, fall for me and marry me.

- Mathilde and Philippe have a daughter

Great Britain
- Edward and Sophie will baptise their son: Philip Edward Christopher Louis
- William and Kate Middleton split

- Masako and Naruhito will announce pregnancy
Old 11-11-2007, 09:50 AM
Nichola's Avatar
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Location: , United Kingdom
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Regarding the BRF, I predict...
- Prince Philip will have an illness, and possibly pass away
- Camilla will welcome another grandaughter, Milly/Millie, in January
- Prince William will continue dating Kate Middleton, but there will be no engagement or marriage in 2008
- Prince Harry will continue dating Chelsy Davy (despite what today's newspapers are reporting!), but again, there will be no engagement or marrige in 2008
- Prince Andrew will be seen with a new girlfriend
- Prince Edward and Sophie will Christen a son, Philip, in May
- Princess Anne will continue to be dogged by 'marriage crisis' reports, but there will be no separation or divorce
- Peter Phillips will marry Autumn Kelly in April, and will announce a pregnancy later in the year
- Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall will announce their engagement later in the year
Old 11-11-2007, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by little pumkin pie
- Carl Philip will bump into me on a trip to Hagalugano, fall for me and marry me.
Congratulations, future Princess little pumkin pie
Have a look at TRF Rules and FAQ

Old 11-12-2007, 12:57 PM
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Pregnany announcement from Letizia&Felipe in either June or December.

Pregnancy announcement in December from Frederik&Mary.

Carina&Gustav will officially get engaged in January and will marry in July.

Alexia and Carlos will baptize little Amelia. Princess Mary will be godmother.

Nikolaos will get engaged to Tatiana Blatnik.
Joachim and Marie will have beautiful spring wedding.
Pregnancy announcement will follow in November.

Guillaume wil have a new girlfriend. She will not be from luxemburg.

Prince William will find a new girlfriend ( Kate and William will break up very soon, in '07 )

Edward and Sophie will baptize a baby girl with the name Nicola Rose Helen.

Camilla will begin a new year with her two new grandchildren (Laura and Tom's babies)

After many considerations, Prince Harry and Chelsy will break up. Harry will meet a new, non-english girl, about three months later.
Peter and Autumn will marry.

Mike and Zara will break up.

Prince Andrew will be seen with a new woman.

Mathilde and Philippe will welcome a baby girl, Christine Mathilde Paola

Break-up for Victoria and Daniel. Victoria will get engaged in November, with a man that she already knows.

Madeleine and Jonas will continue dating.
So will Carl Phillip and Emma.

Anette and Bernhard will have a boy.

Anita and Pieter-Christiaan will announce new pregnancy in January and will welcome a second baby girl in May.

Pierre will have a new girlfriend.
Albert will propose to Charlene.
Why do all good things come to an end ?
Old 11-12-2007, 01:56 PM
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The United Kingdom

The Queen will continue with good health, but may cut back on the number of State/Commonwealth visits and we will continue to see Charles conduct more investitures on her behalf.

Prince Philip will have a health scare, but will not die and will continue in his current role with a slight reduction in the number of engagements he carries out.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will have a poor year in the media. Clarence House Staff will cause a row of some description.

Prince William will attend more official occasions and may make another foreign Tour on Her Majesty's behalf: An engagement is not likely

Prince Harry will split from Chelsy and find a respectable girlfriend. He may appear at the cenotaph next year.

The Duke of York will be seen with a new girlfriend but speculations will be made about his relationship with Sarah.

Both Beatrice and Eugenie will make a mess in some way this year and be pasted across the tabloids, both will however redeem themselves and Beatrice will start engagements.

Prince Edward and Sophie will have a baby boy in December 2007 and the christening will take place in Windsor Castle. William will be a godfather and Lady Susan Hussey will be among the godmothers.

The Princess Royal will continue to have speculations made about her marriage but she will pull through another year with lots of engagements under her belt.

Peter will marry Autumn, who will renounce her catholic faith and they will announce a pregnancy later in the year.

Zara and Mike will announce a marriage after the Olympic games.

The Duke and Duchess of Kent will remain separated but not divorce.

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester will remain in the background though their family will be in the spotlight for sometime.

Princess Alexandra will continue with her engagements and will be present at all major Royal Functions.

The monarchy will come under review in Parliament and there will be calls for a referendum from the usual corners, however support for The Queen in particular will be at an all time high and BBC Radio Four will continue to play God Save The Queen at shutdown.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
59 Years of Dedicated and Devoted Service

God Save The Queen!

Old 11-12-2007, 07:41 PM
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Prince Leka will get serious Girlfriend!!

Baby for Princess Valerie von Hohenberg
Wedding for Princess Isabelle von Hohenberg
Baby for Newly Married Marie-Therese Bailey
and a Wedding for her sister Princess Marie-Christine
Baby for Archduchess Katharina (Wife of Archduke Martin)
Baby for Archduchess Estelle (Wife of Archduke Carl Christian)
Wedding for Archduchess Priscilla
Baby for Archduchess Mayasuni (wife of Archduke Philipp)
Baby for Archduchess Ashmita (Wife of Archduke Konrad)

Engagement for Duchess Helene
Baby for Maria Anna Runow
engagment for Princess Auguste
engagement for Princess Maria del Pilar

Queen Fabiola Dies
Health Scare for King Albert--Philippe will become regent
Baby girl for Princess Mathilda
Serious girlfriend for Amedeo!!
Princess Maria Laura will start dating a Prince
baby for Princess Claire--Girl!!!!!

Wedding and Baby for Prince Joachim + Marie
Baby for Alexandra

Baby for Princess Margarita

Prince Henri Dies
Prince Jean will Get engaged
Baby for Princess Illeana (wife of Prince Charles Louis)
Wedding for Prince Foulques
Wedding for Axel Henri de Sambucy de Sorgue
Baby for Anne-Cécile de Sambucy de Sorgue

Prince Phillip to be hospitalized with heart attack
Camilla will get a new Grandson
Will and Kate will NOT get engaged
Harry will start dating a new blonde
Peter and Autumn will marry in quiet
zara and mike will become engaged
Princess Beatrice will move in with boyfriend
princess eugenie will find a boyfriend
Countess sophie will baptize a baby boy
Lady davina will get pregnant
Lady rose will get engaged
Lady Paola will get pregnant again
lady gabrielle will get serious with a guy of noble descent

wedding for Prince Nikolaos

Engagement for Prince Christian
Baby for Nora Falk

Baby for Marie Elisabeth Zellinger de Balkany
baby for Soraia Barbosa Silva (wife of Vittorio Eugenio Frioli-extended family)
baby for Priscilla Raso (wife of Carlo Alberto Frioli-extended family)
wedding for Maria Luce Lydia Frioli-extended family

the long-awaited wedding of Prince Aimone and Princess Olga will finally happen

Baby for Princess Maria
New girlfriend for Prince Wenzeslaus
engagement for his brother Prince Rudolf Ferdinand
baby for newly married Princess Sonja Maria (wife of Prince Emanuel)
wedding for Prince Georg Clemens

engagement for Grand Duke Guillaume--Biggest wedding of the year!!

Nothing new, except for Princess stephanie love life

Baby for Princess MAbel
Baby for Princess Anita
Engagment for Juliana Guillermo

Baby for Ragnhild Alexandra Lorentzen
engagment for Carl-Christian Ferner
Baby boy for Princess MArtha louise
Baby girl for Princess Mette MArit

Baby for Furstin Nadja

BAby boy for Princess Letizia
engagement for Dona Maria Sofia Emilia Carmen Zurita y de Borbon

Engagement for Princess Victoria
Engagement for Bss Helene Ingeborg Sibylla Silfverschiold
Engagement for Carl Gustaf Victor Magnuson
Old 11-13-2007, 10:11 AM
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-Pregnancy for Mary and Marie announced at the end of the year

-Nothing changes this year

-No big news this year

-No big news this year

-Engagement for Victoria this year

- Mathilde and Philippe have a daughter

Great Britain
- Edward and Sophie have a boy
- William & Kate get engaged toward the end of the year.
Old 11-13-2007, 01:19 PM
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My quess:

* no further children for Mette and Märtha.

*Marie and Joachim will get married. No pregnancy in 2008.

* Not another baby for Mary.

* Daniel and Victoria will marry in July 2008.

* Carl-Philipp and Emma will announce their engagement.

* another pregnancy for Letizia and Felipe. Baby boy will be born end of 2008. So no need of changing the law or constitution.

* No futher big events (Elena will stay married.)

* Willem will not be King before 2012, so Beatrix will not abdicate

* No pregnancy for Maxima and Laurentien

* Third pregnancy for Mabel and second for Anita.

* And (of course) a baby girl for Annette and Bernard jr.


* Harry will be with a new girlfriend.

* William will stay with Kate, but they won't get engaged in 2008.

* Zara and Mike will announce their engagement.

*Peter Phillips and Autumn will marry in late spring (May?).

* the Wessexs will have another girl- Cecily Helen Victoria- in December 07 and baptize her in March 2008.

*Mathilde and Philippe will have another girl: Marie-Madeleine

* No futher big events (e.g. pregnancies)

*Albert und Charlene will get married late in 2008.

*Antoinette may die.

* nothing notable will happen
Old 11-13-2007, 03:05 PM
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Not any good at this so here goes:

United Kingdom
Prince Edward and Sophie will have their baby boy christened in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace.
William will still be partying and with Kate but no engagement.
Wedding for Peter and Autumn
Engagement of Zara and Mike

Fourth pregnancy for Mette-Marit to be announced in the New Year (at least before summer)
No pregnancy for Martha Louise

Third pregnancy for Mary to be announced in the Autumn, baby born in 2009
Wedding for Joachim and Marie but no pregnancy until 2009
People will continue to speculate about the relationship between Mary and Marie

Third pregnancy for Princess Mabel.
No pregnancy for Maxima who will continue to be her bubbly self
The Queen will not abdicate
Boy for Princess Annette and Prince Bernard
Second pregnancy for Anita announced for Anita

Continued seperation for Dukes of Lugo
Pregnancy for Letizia at the end of the year for baby born spring of 2009

Charlene and Albert will not get engaged

Engagement of Victoria and Daniel Westling
Old 11-13-2007, 04:31 PM
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[quote=MissSaga;692031]Edward and Sophie will baptize a baby girl with the name Nicola Rose Helen.

I hope so...
Old 11-13-2007, 05:19 PM
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engagements of Victoria and Dniel (but I've hope that happen in 2007 and wedding in 2008)
engagements of Carl and Emma
little health problem of Princess Lilian

wedding of Joachim and Marie (Alexandra and hubby will be invited) and pregnancy in the end of the year

new pregnancies but not for Maxima (take a little break) why not Mabel and other princesses...
little problems with Beatrix

new princess fo Mathilde and Phillipe
mystery girl for Amadeo

The Old Duke will pass away
new girlfriend for Guillaume and for Felix

new pregnancies in Kents and Glouceters families
Zara's engagement
new girlfriend for Harry and more engagements for him
and new boyfriend for Gabriella
wedding of Peter and Autumn (date in the end of the 2007)
Will and Kate's love story continnous and more engagements for him
Prince Philip will pass away
some little health problems of the Queen
rumours about marital problems in Anne's marriage
Beatrice still the same and mother too

maybe third pregnancy for Martha Louise - this time a boy
helath problems for Harald and Princess Astrid
more duties for Mette-Marit

rumours about Letizia's eat problems again and after that about new pregnancy
more duties for Letizia
rumours about Elena's divorce and mystery man for her

health problems of the Emperor
Masako will be better she will have more duties and pregnancy in the end of the year

the King become an uncle again - pregnancies in his younger brothers families
rumours about problems in Kings marriage

Princes Constantin and Marie became a parents again
Princess Tatiana not pregnant until 2009

second pregnancy for Sarah and Billah in the end of the year (visible in the 2009)

rumours about pregnancy for Charlene and possible wedding
Charlotte will break with her boyfriend ...what is his name?

new baby for the Crown Princes and his eldest daughter wedding or just engagements
Old 11-13-2007, 05:38 PM
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- Princess Mathilde will give birth to a healthy baby girl, Helena.
- Health problems for Queen Fabiola. Not sure if she will pass away.

- Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary annouce a third pregnancy in May. Princess Mary gives birth to a boy in November, Jonathan.
- Prince Joachim and Princess Marie will annouce a pregnancy in December.
- Health problems for Prince Henrik. He will break his leg while hunting.

Great Britain:

- The Count and Countess of Wessex will welcome a healthy son. He will be named David Philip.
- Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton will not break up, but there will be no engagement.
- Prince Harry will not have another relationship.
- Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth will be in excellent health.

The Netherlands

- Princess Anita will annouce her second pregnancy in January. She will give birth to a boy at the end of June.
- Princess Annette will give birth to a girl early March 2008. Her name will be Frederique Annette Willemijn.
- No pregnancy annoucement this year from Princess Maxima. She will concentrate on her Princess duties even more than she has done this year. Princess Willem-Alexander will also be very active. There will be no abdication though.
- Serious health issues for Mr. Zorreguieta.

- Princess Letizia will annouce a third pregnancy around Infanta Sofia's first birthday. She will give birth to a healthy son in November. He will be called Juan Felipe. Princess Letizia will have more duties on her own.

- Princess Martha-Louise will annouce a third pregnancy.
- Princess Mette-Marit star will be rising. She will have a lot of media attention for the work she does and her popularity will grow.


- Crown Princess Victoria and Mr. Daniel Westling will finally annouce their engagement in March 2008. The Swedes will see a beautiful winter wedding in February 2009.

- Princess Madeleine doesnt have so much luck in her lovelife. She will break up with Jonas. She will get everything together, will be succesful in her working life and represent Sweden more than she has done earlier.

- No extraordinary events in the lifes of King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia and Prince Carl-Philip.
Old 11-15-2007, 12:21 PM
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- Marie and Joachim will marry
- Mary will be pregnant

- Mette-Marit will be pregnant

- Either Victoria or Carl-Philip will marry

- Mathilde will have a little girl

Great Britain:
-Edward and Sophie will have a boy

- Albert and Charlene will marry
Old 11-23-2007, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by principessa View Post
Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein (twin, both girls)
Princess Angela of Liechtenstein (a girl)
Princess Marie of Liechtenstein (twin, a girl and a boy)
Lovely thought, but HRH will be 50 next year. Though, I suppose, nothing is impossible.

Für Gott, Fürst und Vaterland

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife" Pride and Prejudice
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