Your Favorite Royal Man

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Who is your favorite Royal man ?

  • King Albert II

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  • prince Philippe

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  • Prince Lorenz

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  • Prince Amedéo

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  • Prince Joachim

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  • Prince Laurent

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I'v chosen prince philip, I wouldn't have vote on him 5 years ago, but since he is married and certainly when his first child was born, an other aspect of himself has come at the front.

He laughs a lot more, he is so in love, he is so fond of his childeren,...
and as he has said in Poland, Mathilde makes him happier every day.

Compare an old picture of him with new one, and you will see the new glistering in his eyes.

I think he's got so much in himself, so much things we haven't discover yet.
Like we discovered that he isn't a cold harmless person, but a loving man for wife and childeren. That he has a great sense of humor. That he is able to lead economic missions in a succesfull way.

He just needs a little more respect from some elites (like some politicians, or professors, ...) whom still trying to say the prince isn't able to handle the job of being a good king. Those critics must learn to give people a chance to prove themselfs!
And Philip will prove it, by not playing a role, but just by being himself. Peolpe who aren't trying to be popular will be the first to be popular...

Are there arguments on this? I like to change opinions and feelings about this subject, because I see he's doing it well in this poll.
I have not yet voted on this poll and I was wondering why so many people have chosen Prince Amedeo ? If you don't mind sharing ofcourse.

Thanks in advance !! :flower:
At only 12 I really wouldn't consider Prince Joachim a man B)
princed amedeo is a hansom young man, whom atracts woman :)
the other male royals are more than 40 years old! ;)
Very well said martha-louise. I, too, voted for Crown Prince Phillippe for the very same reasons you did. Phillippe is a tremendously changed man since marrying Mathilde and becoming a father. He doesn't seem so hard around the edges anymore, but much softer and gentler. When he is with Mathilde they are always holding hands or he has always got a protective arm around her. And Elisabeth and Gabriel are obviously the light of Phillippe's eyes.

Amazing how four/five years can make such a big difference in a person. Before Mathilde, Phillippe seemed so indifferent and aloof, and not he seem sso much warmer and softer around the edges.
Place 1 : Amedeo , cause he's just good-looking , inteligent , and seems to be a great guy

Place 2 : King Albert , he's just a REALLY REALLY good king i think , really close to his people , not perfect (but who is perfect?), i love the way he always make jokes

Place 3:Joachim , just cute , and he really seems so protective of Laetitia , just cute...

Place 3 : Philippe and Laurent , both nice , and actually both men can be funny in their own ways...philippe changed a lot in a good way i think , he's not so shy anymore i think

Place 4 : Lorenz cause to be honnest i don't know much about him , he appears to be very shy, but i just place him in 4th place cause i really don't know much about him...
I choose Prince Amedeo, because is the youngest prince (Joachim is a boy not a man). He is handsome and I love is smile. And he is the future ;)
I picked Albert because he seems like a fun guy, not too arrogant.
Amedeo - not only does this young man (too young for me - ok not too young...) have good looks, but, man is he going to be a hearthrob when he gets older...
I voted for Amedeo, because he has my age :blush: and because he has this shy look about him. He's kind of a mysterious guy, I mean what do we know about him? After all he's now fifth in line for the throne, but once he was third.
I prefers Prince Amédeo :heart: . He is very handsome and he seems likeable and tender (like the images with Princess Elisabeth and Princess Laetitia). The other family men are very older or youngest, like Joachim. Excuse my english but I am spanish. :lol:
On 11 January, this poll will be closing. This is your final chance to vote for your favourite Belgian royal man.

So far, Crown Phillippe is in the lead, but following close behind with only one vote less is his nephew Prince Amedéo.

Agree, disagree or want to vote for someone else? Vote now and tell us why.
This poll is now closed. LTR members' favourite royal man from the Belgium royal family, who is he?

King Albert II - 4 votes

Prince Philippe - 19 votes

Prince Lorenz - 3 votes

Prince Amedéo - 18 votes

Prince Joachim - 4 votes

Prince Laurent - 4 votes

Thanks to all those who voted.
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