Windsor Family Resemblances 1, Ending 2023

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Princess Eugenie and Lady Saoirse Herbert

The Duke of York resemblance to Harry Porchester, Lord Carnarvon is uncanny....

To me the 8th Earl of Carnarvon, Lord Porchestor, looks more like the Duke of York's brother than either Prince Charles or Prince Edward. If the rumor is true that Andrews' father is the 7th Earl of Carnarvon, then Prince Andrew and the 8th Earl would be half brothers. Their faces and especially their body types look similar.
Much more interesting to me is the striking resemblance between the 8th Earl's daughter, Lady Saoirse Herbert, and Andrew's daughter Princess Eugenie. If you Google Image "Lady Saoirse Herbert" be sure to use the quotes around her name or most of the pictures that come up are not her. I only see two pictures of Lady Saoirse there, but the resemblance to Eugenie is very clear. Same dark hair and same eyes. To me Lady Saoirse and Princess Eugenie look more like sisters than Eugenie and Beatrice!
If the rumors are true, then Lady Saoirse and Princess Eugenie would both be the granddaughters of the 7th Earl of Carnarvon. Looks like it to me! Anyone else see the resemblance?
I'm new here, but my understanding is that I cannot attach the Google images due to copyright concerns.
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Hmm - strange question . Who was the last member of the British royals or on the Duke of Edinburgh's to have green eyes? Is this a resistive gene thing? It might just show up.
There is a definite resemblance between Princess Eugenie and her second cousin Viscount Linley (Charles Armstrong-Jones).

Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor looks like her great-great-grandmother Queen Mary, whose features have been passed down in an unbroken line to King George VI, the current Queen, Prince Edward and now Lady Louise. All five of them resemble each other.
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I would add that IMO the shape and closeness of Queen Mary's eyes was inherited by Charles and his son Harry. Too early to say with Archie but he may well have inherited it as well.
Who, Diana's nephew, George McCorqudale? He used to, but not since George became an adult.
Harry certainly resembles the Spencers in many ways, mainly in colouring, but the spacing of his eyes, forehead and the bridge of his nose are all Charles, and Charles inherited that eye spacing from Queen Mary and the bridge of his nose from his father, Prince Philip.
The resemblance is uncanny! There can be no doubting who her father is in the future if it were ever to come up. (I'm not implying anything by the way - just making a joke.) She has so many of his facial features, even down to the gap in her front teeth which Edward had before braces. James has his dad's teeth but I think he looks so much more like his mother's side - Sophie as a little girl.

Edward has Hyperdontia (where there is more teeth in your mouth then needed ) It is possible that the Louise and James also have the hereditary condition. Freddy Mercury also had the conditions and unlike Edward didn't have them removed. Edward's extra teeth were removed and the Queen had them made into cufflinks for the 15 year old Edward. Which must be the strangest gift ever to give a kid in history.
The Queen, George VI, and Queen Mary of Teck all have those same faint, slightly frowny eyebrows


as well as the same mouth and nasolabium.

It's interesting that Mary of Teck has such similar, close-set eyes to the Queen and her descendants, and yet the link between them, King George VI, seems to have more his father's eyes. I suppose it goes:
Mary of Teck with small eyes + George V with big eyes
George VI with big eyes with elements of Queen Mary's eyes + Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother with small eyes
The Queen with small eyes with elements of Queen Mary's eyes
It's strange, though, it's difficult to see where Queen Mary's distinctive face that seems so pervasive in the current British Royal Family originates. Her father seems to have similarly elegant features to Queen Mary in her youth (same nose and arrangement of facial features) and her mother seems to have had similar, small eyes when she was younger, although these became larger and more Hanoverian as she got older. I've found it becomes impossible to trace even the most distinctive facial features back through the generations. You either meet dead ends (Prince Philip's nose seems to be only able to be traced back to August von Senarclens de Grancy, for instance, and the Oldenburg baldness gene that has infiltrated the British Royal Family among many others in Europe is untraceable past a certain point - Christian IX - because of wigs and flattering portraits) or the genes become completely dispersed: you'd think something as simple as a nose would be traceable, but going back further and further you find one parents has the same nose tip and the other has the same nose bridge - and then one has the same sort of eyelids and the other as the same brow and the other has the same eyes and before long you've lost track of what you were doing.
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Really? I’ve never been able to see that. To me Harry is a combination of Prince Philip, especially when Philip wore a beard, Johnnie Earl Spencer, his maternal grandfather, when Johnny was young, and various other features like Queen Mary’s rather close together eyes. The top of the bridge of Harry’s nose and that of Charles are identical but other than that IMO Harry has few Windsor physical characteristics, apart perhaps from the male pattern balding before 40.
I can see the queen's cheeks and eyes in Harry. I can see the resemblance especially when Harry is smiling and I know what you are talking about, I can clearly see Harry's T zone identical to Philip's
Did the Queen inherit her eyes space from Queen Mary?

I’ll have to check again but George’s VI’s eyes have never appeared, to me anyway, to be that close together. Didn’t the QM have chubby cheeks? HM probably inherited those!
Kicking this over from the other Family Resemblances thread:

Harry takes after his great-grandfather Prince Andrea. A lot. Right down to the lifelong nickname. ?

Personally, I think the distinctive smile of Prince Philip as it translates into Prince Harry's smile, resembles more his mother's than his father's. See Prince Philip's smile here:

And Princess Alice's smile here:

It doesn't match exactly, though, frustratingly.
There certainly is a resemblance to Prince Harry and his great grandfather as very young boys.

It's a very clear family photo. I can also see a likeness between Queen Alexandra in that photograph and the present day Prince Andrew.
I think I have found the family ears
Yes, the ears are strong with this one...

Incidentally, his wife the truly beautiful Alice met him when she was 17 and she said "he was like a Greek god", which is much the same thing that everybody said about Philip later... and it's obligatory to mention Alice was deaf, not blind. :) I know Andrea was supposed to be quite funny and charming and Alice fell very hard for him, but I just can't think she was referring to his looks. :/


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