William and Harry's Friends

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Well, happy family of six, if you count the three children of Jonathon's first marriage. He hadn't been divorced that long when he and Jecca became engaged.
I'm not familiar with what happened in his first marriage. I hope it was a mutual and amicable divorce.

It would be a shame if Jecca latched herself to a man like Earl Spencer - very intelligent, and talented, but a hot mess personal life.
The baby's name and age were based on one comment about Jecca being home with the baby. I have no doubt they have a son, but his age and name are a bit questionable here.
LOL So none of the DM's "sources" told them about the pregnancy and birth last year? Shocking
I've never heard that Ben Fogle is interviewed so much that his speaking about the Cambridges would be a problem. What remotely controversial thing could he possibly say about them, anyway?
Good for them!! hope they have a good time.......
So the naysayers that have been all over the Internet saying Harry and Meghan were finished in December have egg on their faces. :lol: They are clearly together, and at what a fantastic occasion, the wedding of one of Harry's oldest and closest friends. A wedding in Jamaica. How lovely!
Harry' s best friend van Straubenzee is already divorced after only three years of marriage....
Why has it got to be William's friends leading him up the primrose path? William's a 33 year old adult male who seemed to be doing a fine job of dancing up the path on his own account.
:previous:We are in agreement. However the halfwit waffling on about Catherine "letting" William maintain his friendship with the trio needs a clip round the ear. If Williams night out was a disaster, having a future King whose friends have to be vetted and approved by his wife is a catastrophe! :ermm:
Most of the responsibility lands on William's shoulders, because it's his IQ that dropped a couple of points when he was around them. Although, his friends didn't help him in the situation either. If I was his friend, I would've made sure things settled down a bit, because I would know we're being filmed. Too much caution was thrown to the wind.

They're all good old friends, but the friends can do as they please personally. They're not the future King. They won't take the heat for anything...William will. Friends look after friends, imo.
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The age old expression "show me your friends and I will tell you who you are" comes to mind.
Meghan is Harry's (girl) friend and is featured in an article in Vanity Fair, along with Emma Watson and other young leaders. I'm putting it here because the Harry/Meghan thread remains locked. It is however, quite an interesting article about April's issue of Vanity Fair in which photos were taken of the One Young World Summit in Toronto in 2016. Mary Robinson of Ireland Justin Trudeau and poet Fatima Bhutto were also present.

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Congratulations to Guy and Lizzie on the arrival of a beautiful daughter, Williow. I like the name, not sure it goes with Pelly though. I think Guy has quietened down considerably from a few years ago, actually.

And congratulations to Palmerston, the Foreign Office cat in the item below it. One rat and 26 mice caught on the premises is a magnificent total for one year!
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Willow reminds me a bit of her maiden name Wilson. And of course the baby having mom's first name as her as her middle name. So Willow Elizabeth is a nice inverted play on Elizabeth Wilson.
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