Why do you like Diana?

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There was something very vulnerable about Diana.
I believe she was deeply flawed and very damaged, yet she had an appeal, a persona that was quite touching and magnetic.

I felt sorry for her; despite the charm and beauty, she was so unhappy.
I liked her because she was real, i.e., imperfect like all of us. I think I could relate to her because she had problems and made mistakes like we all do. And although we could see her vulnerability, we could also see her amazing strength and grace. I admired her because she would not live a lie and had the courage, despite damaged self esteem, to stand up for herself against formidable opposition.
I like Diana because she is not only beautiful, she is also a kind-hearted person who likes to participate in Charity events, such as helping the poor. And she is a good mother and an elder sister.
I was in just a 7 year old at the time and for some reason me and my twin brother were so grieving when it happened. It's most surprising because in our country normally we are not fans of British royals and i don't remember grieving for any other person that much at all at that age.
I agree to the point Princess diana represented all the good in the world. World was a beautiful place when she was in it. I guess we somehow felt the loss it affected upon the world.
I think that's why people mourn when iconic people die. In our subconscious we know the world is a such a dangerous,horrific place. And these people touched our minds with their lives and gave people hope and made living worthwhile by making the world such a beautiful place.
About lady di

hi people, i am back!!!!!!! May only the most old in this forum remember me!!! So many changes here and in the royalty world!!!!
Nataly, i glad to see you here, thanks sooooo much for the wonderful diana pictures!!!!! I so happy to see somebody love diana so much like me!!!!
I hope you can continue post photos for us!!!!

Well, again hi to everyone!

i just joined the group and i want to say a few words about lady di.
1) childhood
i read a few months ago some information about her. She was very unhappy as a child. She was raised in a wealthy family but as i always say happiness can not be bought.
2) she was very noble, very understanding, she helped many people and she loved children ( just like me by the way).
She used to say " my place is where is pain"
she is called as you know, princess of the hearts.
3) i am amazed from her nobility and i hope that all the royalties follow her example.
I heard once in a movie one expression: " what makes you queen is not the crown on your head but what you have inside (in your heart)"
this is exactly in what i believe too.
She was a queen thanks to what she had inside , her good heart, her care about the people, her wish to help everyone.
4) i am very sorry that someone so amazing like her does not live happily her life now...
Every royalty can take an example from her.
5) in case you do not know she was 1/4 or 1/8 armenian by origin , her grandmother i think was armenian...

Her refined taste about fashion is well known too.

So, i must say she was someone unbelievable.

I love her dresses... Excellent taste , really.
Well this is what royalties are supposed to prove, an excellent taste about everything, not only nobility.

Once again there are a few things one can not buy with money : Health, happiness, love ... The most important , the most precious.
Happiness: One must "fight" for it or just follow his/her heart
true love: Comes once in a lifetime, one must never let it go (if needed people must declare clearly what/who they want... No matter of the circumstances, there is always a way to be with the true love)

i wish everyone all you can not buy with money!
Welcome annabella1, I enjoyued reading your thoughts on Lady/Princess Diana. I loved her too, and have missed her since her passing!
Welcome annabella1, I enjoyued reading your thoughts on Lady/Princess Diana. I loved her too, and have missed her since her passing!

I missed her every day!! Its so sad so sad, really I loved Diana!
question from a new member

i am a a new member. I would like to ask if you only discuss Royalties in this forum or if you also ask for advice sometimes the other members.

I add that i read about Diana that she loved helping people and i think amongst all the royalties she was the most enganged in charity activities and helping people (she loved children).

So, in this spirit are you like her ?
Do you advise each other if someone shares sth personal? Is this allowed?

thank you in advance
Because she very modest , she very kind heart :wub: :flowers: , she queen of hearts
about diana

really she is known as the Queen of hearts ...

p.s. request: accepted
I love Diana's spirit and sense of fun...she was regal and very well brought up, but she also was someone that I could relate to.
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