Which Royal Wedding Have You Watched on TV?

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Princess Maxima

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Which Royal Wedding have yoiu watched on TV??????????

i have watched the weddings of : Maxima Zorreguieta to W-A of the Netherlands, mary Donaldson and Frederick of Denmark and Letizia ortiz to Felipe of asturias
CP.Matilde and CP.philippe's wedding,Sofie of wessex's weddind and CP.Letizia and Felippe's weeding!
1997: wedding of Infanta Christina and Inaki (then I wasn´t a real Royal watcher, but I remember my mum has watched it, and the 2nd TV-set was off)

1999: Wedding of prince Edward and Sophie

1999: Wedding of crown prince Philippe and Mathilde
I´ve watched it with my brother and he said all them time "Mathilde looks like an ex-model" ;)

2001: Wedding of crown prince Haakon and Mette Marit
I´ve saved all pictures, I could get. And I remember that ppl have written messages almost every minute on the Scandinavian Royals MB...Nooo, I don´t make advertisment for an other board-> then TRF wasn´t existing ;) In my memory it is the most wonderful wedding so far. Great programme, a lot of emotions...and that for 3 days!

2001: Wedding of prince Constantijn and Laurentien
I´ve watched only parts of it...then my flatmate wanted to watch an other programme...and I have felt too ashamed to tell her, I´m a Royal watcher ;)

2002: Wedding of crown prince Willem Alexander and Maxima
A winter wedding, something that I´m not really fond of. Maxima and Willem looked though happy

2004: Wedding of crown prince Frederik and Mary
It´s my 2nd favourite wedding...perfect staged. Mary looked lovely, and crying Frederik was wonderful to watch!

2004: Wedding of crown prince Felipe and Letizia
To be honest, I was disappointed. I mainly blame the date. Usually I make an event of a Royal wedding...some food, which fits to the country, sparkling wine or champagne, the TV placed next to the PC, the AIM on and then I talk with a friend, who watches all Royal weddings "with me". And then it was almost stressy....only 1 week between the two weddings. It wasn´t something, I was looking forward too. I´ve focused on the danish Royal wedding.
I also think the spanish TV has pointed out the catholic aspect too much and has "forgotten" the foreign watchers. I´m a catholic, and actually I like the "glamour-factor" in this church (though I also understand, when critics say, this doesn´t go together with Christianity...some things could be reformed, but that´s OT) but looking at all the statues of Saints and Maria was a bit boring. And when I say, they have forgotten the foreign watchers, I also mean the lack of "pictures" of the foreign Royals. In the cathedral in Copenhagen, they have shown the "top class" of european Royals every now and then

2005: ???
When cp Victoria would marry, I think, I would watch it live, I would go to Stockholm, though it´s said, you see more on TV (but I guess I would videotape it then, or I would watch it in the hotel in the evening)
And I still hope for a wedding of Albert! But I guess this would be utopia ;)

I hope I didn´t get to detailed with this post...just wanted to share my experiences :)
And I hope others will do the same. It´s great to know, that I share something with ppl, I don´t really know and who had though similar feelings at the very same moment :)
Andrew and Fergie (I was a child (I think I was 8 or something) and remember that I demanded my grandma waking me up to see it)

Elena & Jaime, Cristina & Iñaki and Felipe & Letizia (though I didn't watch F&L's to the end b/c I had to work on that Saturday);)
Oh, have forgotten one:

The wedding of princess Märtha Louise and Ari
Märtha was incredible. I´ve never seen a person more in love than her! And then I feared a bit, Ari would disappoint Märtha´s feelings. But it seems, I was wrong.
What I also liked about this wedding (though I wouldn´t want it for every wedding): mainly young Royals were guests (exception Queen Margrethe, who seemed like the "grande dame" in a Kindergarten ;) ) and so I´ve seen a lot of them.

Edit: I´ve forgotten an other one:
The wedding of prince Laurent and Claire
The priest was fantastic, very moving sermon/speech
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I watched Charles and Diana,
Andrew and Fergie
Elena and Jaime
Cristina and Inaki
Letizia and Felipe.

I also have the DVD of Mary and Frederick (Don't understand the language but it is still lovely to watch. I would love to get the DVD of Maxima and Wilhem but I haven't found it.
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Fergie and Andrew and Diana and Charles. I was born in 1981, so I didn't really see them on TV I watched to videos of them.
:) I watched the wedding of :
-Mary and Frederick (Denmark)
-Christina and Inaki (Spain)
-Mohamed VI and Lalla Salma (Morocco)
-Elena and Jaime de Marichalar (Spain)
-Noor and Hamza (Jordan)
-Dom Duarte III Pio and Dona Isabel de Heredia ( Portugal)
-Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra (Denmark )
-Princess Lalla Hasna , Lalla Asma and Lalla Meryem Wedding (Morocco)
-Prince Pavlos and Marie-Chantal (Greece)
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I missed all of them...:(. So I came to the best place to find out what I missed..TRF.
Does the internet count?-Well I ave seen Mary's and Letizia's/ That is all, but I defnitely won't miss WIlliam's!!!
I have to say frederik's and mary wedding she looked so pretty and
frederik looked very nice to.
I saw Frederik and Mary's and a little of Felipe and Letizia's. They don't really play that many in Australia, which is very disappointing.
I dont watch Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer's wedding looks SO FAB! many people got more crowds arounds nearly 800 millions but its 750 millions people and kids to watch the fairy Princess i was born in May 1981, Chanel but my mom watch that also "I told her did you watch Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer's wedding? she said yes!" i was 2 month old baby

they now i watch video tapes from my Aunt who send me of Earl and Countess of Wessex's wedding in June 19,1999 but i didnt watch her wedding tv im missed it again! my Aunt says Countess of Wessex's wedding dresses looks so lovely! when i was 18 i watch Earl and Countess of Wessex's wedding they again but its so beautiful ceremony! and more respective! Sophie told guest said "NO HATS" but only HM Queen Mother more respectfully! oh darn it!

Sara Boyce
In chronological order:

-Prince Charles and Lady Diana, or maybe it was Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson? I really was a little girl, but I remember my grandmother watching it, and telling me: "Look, the bride is very serious, she doesn't smile!!!"

-Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar. My father had once met Queen Sofia when she was still princess of Greece, and he told me Elena looked like her mother very much.

-In 1999, Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones;
Infanta Cristina with Inaki Urdangarin.I told myself she was very lucky, he was (and is still, obviously;) so gorgeous...)
Prince Philippe of Belgium and Mathilde Dudekem d'Acoz. I immediately find her incredibly pretty and royal...

- In 2002: Prince Wilhem Alexander and Maxima Zorreguieta.
My Favorite wedding ever: Princass Martha Louise and Ari Behn.

-And in 2004, of course, Frederik and Mary, I had to watch it on a German channel (I don't speak or understand German!!) because French TV wasn't interested in, obviously:mad: .
And Felipe and Letizia.
i watshed the weidings of the royals:
lalla miriam, lalla asma, lalla hasna, lalla salma , rania
Duke of York & Sarah Fergusson
Prince Maurits of Orange-Nassau & Marilene van den Broek
Prince Bernhard of Orange-Nassau & Annette Sekreve
Duke of Brabant & Mathilde d'Udekem-d'Acoz
Earl of Wessex & Sophie Rhys-Jones
Prince Constantijn of The Netherlands & Laurentien Brinkhorst
CP Haakon of Norway & Mette-Marit Tjessem-Hoiby
The Prince of Orange & Maxima Zorreguieta
Princess Martha-Louise of Norway & Ari Behn
Prince Laurent of Belgium & Claire Coombs
Prince Johan-Friso of The Netherlands & Mabel Wisse-Smit
CP Frederik of Denmark & Mary Donaldson
CP Felipe of Spain & Letizia Ortiz y Rocosolano
Prince Pieter-Christiaan of Orange-Nassau and Anita van Eijck

Prince Floris of Orange-Nassau and Aimme Söhngen
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling
Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton
Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock
Hereditairy Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy
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I think the first royal wedding I saw on TV was Prince Joachim of Denmark to Alexandra Manley, in 1995. That was one beautiful wedding.

Then I watched Haakon and Mette-Marit get married, Märtha Louise and Ari get married, and this May I watched Frederik and Mary get married. Of the three I think I was most impressed by the style of Haakon and Mette-Marit's.

For Felipe and Letizia's wedding I had a small problem: I was working. I tried to watch it in replay on the internet later, but I couldn't get past the guests arriving at the church...
Prince Joachim & Alexandra Manley (1995)
Crown Prince Philippe & Mathilde d’Uekem d’Acoz (1999)
Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex & Sophie Rhys-Jones (1999)
Crown Prince Haakon & Mette-Marit Tjessem-Hoiby (2001)
Princess Märtha & Ari Behn (2002)
Crown Prince Willem-Alexander & Máxima Zorreguieta (2002)
Crown Prince Fredrik & Mary Donaldson (2004)
Crown Prince Felipe & Leticia Ortiz Rocasolano (2004)
I've only seen live Sarah and Andrew of UK. I was in front of the tv for 12 hours watching all the specials surrounding it. I wanted to see Diana and Charles on tv but my mom wouldn't let me. I did see it on video as they reshowed it when Andrew and Sarah got married. In America they don't show too many royal weddings. I wish they did. I've seen bits of some of them on tv specials or news reports if they are considered "major" royals.
1998: Maurits & Marilène

1999: Filip & Mathilde

2000: Annette & Bernhard jr (was that in 2000? I don't remember exactly...)

2001: Laurentien & Constantijn
Haakon & Mette-Marit

2002: Maxima & WA

2003: Laurent & Claire

2004: Frederik & Mary
I saw the beginning of Felipe & Letizia's but turned it off because it was
the saddest wedding I ever saw.
i just saw the 2 latest spanish ones, infanta cristina's and prince felipe's.
I´ve watched parts of WA and Maxima´s,Mette-Marit and Haakon´s and Frederik and Mary´s wedding..
Only Felipe and Letizia's. But it was absolutely beautiful.
Anna_R said:
Andrew and Fergie (I was a child (I think I was 8 or something) and remember that I demanded my grandma waking me up to see it)

Elena & Jaime, Cristina & Iñaki and Felipe & Letizia (though I didn't watch F&L's to the end b/c I had to work on that Saturday);)
Can you believe that was exactly what happened with me? :eek: I felt disappointed for not seeing F&L wedding live, but I recorded it and saw all the reports on the news, when I came back from working!... It was very funny, because that Saturday morning the whole the city seamed paralyzed, as it was much less movement on the streets, than usual...

The only difference is that I also watched Sophie and Edward's, as well as the wedding of the heir to the Portuguese throne, D. Duarte, and D. Isabel.
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I have seen the whole wedding live on tv of :

Felip and Mathilde 1999 , I was in Brussel !;)
Willem and Maxima 2002
Laurent and Claire 2003
Felipe and Letizia 2004

The other royal weddings I have seen on the news

i can be counted with the millions of people that got up early in july (i think it was july and i had to wake up around 4:30 a.m.) to watch charles and diana get married. it was so wonderfull that a prince would marry a almost non-royal.
that about i think a year or so later i did the same thing with andrew and fregie's wedding and again i thought to myself ,how wonderfull that a prince would chose to marry a nonroyal. i guess it seem to be a fairytale, at that time.
now, its almost common place for a prince to marry a nonroyal
I've seen

2001 Haakon & Mette Marit
I still can remember that day. The sun was shining and I just wanted to go outside when I saw my mother watching TV. I did not intend to watch with her but it was so interesting. So we watched together :D

2002 Willem-Alexander & Maxima
Also a nice day. I watched till midday and then I went to a friend. But we watched the wedding up to end.

2003 Some parts of the wedding of Duchess Fleur von Württemberg & Count Moritz von Goess.

2004 Felipe & Letizia
Still can remember too. In the morning I watched with my brother and my mother, meanwhile I was going outside because of the nice weather, but I recorded the wedding. When he had lunch my father and my brother wanted to watch Formel 1 and we always changed the program. Terrible. Unfortunately I'm missing a short part...

I haven't seen the Danish wedding because I was not at home. But I saw reports.
Maurits & Marilene
Bernhard & Annette
Mathilde & Filip
Constantijn & Laurentien
Willem-Alexander & Maxima
Haakon & Mette-Marit
Johan-Friso & Mabel
Laurent & Claire
Martha Louise & Ari
Frederik & Mary
Felipe & Letizia
Royal weddings are rarely shown on Italian television.

I think I saw only Felipe and Letizia.

Other recent royal weddings weren't broadcast here, because my country has a close interest only in royals of Britain, Spain and Monaco.
Charles & Diana
Andrew & Fergie
Edward & Sophie
Abdullah & Rania
Hamzah & Noor
Elena & Jaime
Cristina & Inaki
Haakon & Mette-Marit
Felipe & Letizia
Frederik & Mary
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