What Languages Do The Royals Speak?

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Victoria's German was very good when speaking at the Bundestag. I am sure she has a very strong basis in German, but as a native speaker you can hear as well that her speech must have been heavily rehearsed. She practised it a lot, knows it almost by heart.

Are there any videos of Victoria speaking German in an acutual informal conversation? I would be curious how good her German is in such cases.

I've said it before in this thread, even though Silvia is German, when she speak German these days she sounds very weird.
Like most children in Sweden who have at least one parent that has a foreign language as their mother tongue the three siblings reportedly had weekly German classes in school.

I read in an Interview from Her Majesty , that the children learned German with a Kasperltheater/ puppet play for children.


I wouldn't know enough about what more-standard Dutch sounds like to say how Mathilde varies, but I can hear her French accent, regardless. She just has a particularly pleasant way of speaking, I think; it's almost a bit soothing. That's what I mean by 'easy'.

I think it does carry over regardless of what she's speaking.

I agree 100% about Mathilde's voice. Every time she speaks-in any language-it's almost like listening to a lullaby!:lol:

I love listening to her.?
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