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Sep 29, 2002
The Grand Ducal Family Of Luxembourg Links

Hello everyone! :)

If you haven't seen this link and are interested in The Royal Family of Luxembourg then please take a look at this link. There are many great pictures and links about the Royal Family and many of its members. The link also provides historical information, news, and information about the family's commitments and even information about their residences.

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Please come and join my new group about the Luxembourg Royals. It is mainly about Prince Guillaume, Prince Felix, Prince Louis, Prince Sebastien & Princess Alexandra. I have added many pics.

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Does the LRF have an official website????
Solange said:
Does the LRF have an official website????
Actually it is the government website located at

On the left hand side click on Dossiers and then click on Famille grand-ducale. If you can figure it out from there you can see some pictures. I don't speak the language but I found my way around.
Are there any audio clips on the internet of the LRF speaking?
Has anyone links for photos, oficial pages or blogs of the Luxembourg Grand Ducal family, please?
Finally! I've been waiting for them to make a family website forever. Thanks for the update, Stacy!
are there any new blogs about the grand duke family out anywhere?
I decided to put together a list of places where people can find information about the GD family.

Memorial which is where all Grand Ducal Decrees are published. All government actions are published here large and small, so do not go here assuming all the information will be about the family. Generally, decrees dealing with the family such as titles, names, succession are published in section A. This website is in French as all coded laws and decrees are published in French.

The Offical Website of the Grand Ducal Court of Luxembourg. This website is generally well updated on the engagements within a few days. It also has biographical sections on several of the senior members. The bio info on Felix is updated frequently. It is also a good source for information on the family and the monarchy. This website is, unfortunately, only in French.

The Luxembourg section of Dag Hoelseth's extensive webpage on royal matters. This is an excellent source for information on various matters concerning the family titles, succession, surname, locations, ect... The information is listed in English with notes where other languages are used.

Paul Theroff's excellent online gotha has a section on Luxembourg. It is in English and is update as of today (August 3, 2009). View the link for gotha to see the decendants of Princesses who have married into other noble/royal families (Habsbourg, Liechtenstein, Ligne, ect..)

Netty's Royalty Page is an another excellent source for royal news, information and updates (her forum is also superb).

Henri van Oene's Royal Genealogies has a good section on Luxembourg. It is not up-to-date as of today, but remains a valuable source for detailed information. More detailed than Theroff but not as updated.

The blog of Marlene Koenig a respected and well connected royal author should always be among the first stops for anyone looking for day-to-day updates. She is well informed and frequently has information before it is released to the press.

Manuel Dias a photographer who often covers events. And, has extensive galleries featuring royals from Luxembourg often before they are listed on the offical website.

Tom Wagner
a Luxembourg photograher who has extensive galleries featuring the GD and extended family. Visit the archive and use the search function. He does not appreciate having his photos directly linked to the forum so please just direct people to his site to visit them there.

News sources...

EIN Luxembourg News
- English
Tageblatt - German
Luxembourger Wort - German
RTL (Radio Television Luxembourg) - German
Station Splash - English
ARA City Radio - English
News 352 - multi Languages
ABZY Links - multi listing of websites in multi languages.
Revue - German
Pressphoto - use search function


Promi - German ALWAYS features mutliple articles on various members of the family whether they are on the cover or not. You may buy back issues/view old covers here. They will mail them to you with no shipping charge or deliver them to you as PDF files online. Along the left side of the website you can visit the sites of other tabloids in Luxembourg. All the tabloids seem to be owned by the same company. We should really start a PDF trade if anyone else has these b/c it is perfectly legal to email and share the issues just as you can share a print magazine, but they can't be hosted and linked to the forum.

I've chosen not to list foreign tabloids b/c almost all the "tabloid" news about the GD family can be sourced back to Promi.

There are numerous other respected and some not so respected forums and message boards that feature daily information on the family. Generally, they can be accessed by navigating around sites Like Netty's that have extensive links sections.

I'm sure I'll remember some more later. I just thought I'd toss out some links for those who like to keep up with Luxembourg news.
Excellent work, Lalla Meriem, thank you so much!:flowers: I will defiantly spend the rest of the day surfing on those sites :ROFLMAO:
I also have this site that I use from time to time when I have to read/translate an article from Luxembourgish. It has a listing of over 6000 Luxembourgish words and can be navigated/searched in many languages you can enter a word in the search box in your native language (if it is one of the 7 listed) and it will show you the Luxembourgish word for it. I find it super helpful and informative.

Thanks, btw.
wow....lalla Merien excellent work, you get many websites even a translator!!!
I have about 2,000 bookmarks related to royalty saved on my computer (various families and countries). I have been interested in royalty for about 15 years. I've just collected a list of websites as I've gone along. If you see a website that mentions royals in general or your favorite family bookmark it. I have also set my google and yahoo to send me alerts for key words like royal, princess, prince, king, grand duke, prince felix, ect...and I frequently get links in my email which feature photos or news that I hadn't found on my own. Most of it is junk, of course, but sometimes you get a "golden nugget." I also key in the names of my favorite royals/family into google and google images once a week and see what pops up. I have aquired a healthy collection of royal related photos by doing this.

Places like the websites of Netty, Dag and Henri have extensive sections of links which are a valuable source of information for the avid royal watcher. Visit the links section of them sometimes, and I'm sure you'll find at least one gem full of information you wanted to know but couldn't find. ATR is also a great newsgroup for reading because it has extensive participation and a huge history of messages to search.

I forgot to link one of my original favorite places - the site of Francois Velde you can find his section relating to royals here. It's not a gossip site it's full of facts, dates, figures, names, titles, constitutions and succession issues. It is an amazing source of information online, and he has links to other great sites.

Keep your peepers open when you're online and don't be afraid to create a royals folder in your bookmarks and start filling it with any site you come across.;) I have bunches of books, magazines and I keep a little notebook with names, dates, and places written in them. I mean if you're just into gossip and news (which I'm not saying is bad) then stick to the hot spots but if your interest is more serious or you just can't get enough Luxembourg GD Family (or other) info then visit the websites and link around. It's a good way to pass some time on a rainy day. I avoid Wikipedia but google has been my friend in my love of all things royal.

Now that you have places to start...bookmark away! And, please do share with us any links you stumble upon along the way.

Actually, babelfish is my favorite translator but when you use german then french on Luxembourgish it misses words so the other one is mega useful. I have yet to find a translator that will translate blocks of text or articles from Luxembourgish - but I'm looking for one!
you surprise me, and also you have given me a good idea. and you know now that any information the family, if you can get any information tell me, I would greatly appreciate!! :)
Thanks for all those websites Lalla Meriem! I greatly appreciate the ones in English because I can't read German and my French is far from perfect! :lol: Thanks a lot.
Gui-yummy. :ROFLMAO:

That is how I'd sum up "Lux-arazzi".
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