Warm Moments Between Royals - Part 2

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There were lots of warm moments between various royals at Queen Fabiola's funeral on Friday:

Prince Gabriel kissing Prince Emmanuel ~ King Harald of Norway and Queen Margrethe of Denmark greeting each other ~ Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands glancing at former Queen Sofia of Spain during a conversation ~ Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands and former Queen Sofia of Spain in conversation ~ Queen Mathilde of Belgium and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg in conversation ~ Queen Mathilde of Belgium and her daughter Princess Eleonore ~ Princess Eleonore, Prince Gabriel, Princess Elisabeth and Prince Emmanuel of Belgium holding hands ~ Queen Mathilde of Belgium comforts her son Prince Gabriel after he was moved to tears ~ Queen Mathilde of Belgium putting an arm on Prince Gabriel of Belgium's shoulder as he cries

In some cases, one can clearly see the relationships between certain royals in these photos. For example, one can see a close bond between Queen Mathilde and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, King Harald and Queen Margrethe and Princess Beatrix and former Queen Sofia. I never knew that Princess Beatrix and Queen Sofia were close (or at least appear to be so, judging from the way they acted towards one another in the photos).
There were lots of warm moments between various royals at Queen Fabiola's funeral on Friday

Poor Gaby, it breaks my heart... The whole ceremony was full of beautiful moments between the RF.
I didn't know either that P.Beatrix and Q.Sophia were close, but it's very nice to see! THank you for the pictures :)
I've noticed many times that Sofia and Beatrix seem to be very good friends. They almost always sit together at royal weddings and ceremonies and then always seems to have a lot to talk about. I especially remember one time when they had Paola leaning forward from the row of chairs behind and all of them being very deep in conversation about something.

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THANK YOU to all the posters who have taken the time to post the images from the Funeral Mass of the late queen. I knew that her family was very fond of her but I guess I did not realize the extent to which she was deeply loved, even revered by her family and friends.​

The warmth and genuine love shown at that service was something I have never seen before at a royal funeral. I think Fabiola, elegant yet famously spontaneous...would have loved it.;)

During the sign of the peace, everyone went to kiss him, and with Mathilde and the children he put his hand on their cheeck while giving them a kiss on the other. He's a real grandfather, even to kids who aren't his grandchildren :) I love how united and close this family is :flowers:
Poor Gaby, it breaks my heart... The whole ceremony was full of beautiful moments between the RF.
I didn't know either that P.Beatrix and Q.Sophia were close, but it's very nice to see! THank you for the pictures :)

If I recall correctly they arrived and left together for Crown Princess Victoria's wedding, or certainly they sat next to each other. They seemed very close then and I think I remember Beatrix was motioned by an usher to leave before Sofia was but she stopped and waited for her and they left arm in arm. I'm sure I haven't made it up but would have to look for pictures/videos to be sure.

Edit - Ok so I decide it would annoy me so much I may as well look for the video. They didn't sit next to each other, I think the Danish and Swedish Kings & Queens sat between them. But there are definitely pictures of them arriving together (but whether that's at the church or the palace reception I can't tell but they definitely leave the church together,Beatrix motioning for Sofia at about 44mins in this video
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:previous: Oh that is a little cracker! I would love to have been a fly on the wall to hear that conversation. And doesn't Victoria look absolutely full of mischief as she winks. :lol::ROFLMAO:
The very best loving royal couple out there and such a delight to see them be themselves and so in love.
The pictures of Queen Mathilde and the kids are very moving.
A woman named Charlotte has sent in her private picture and experience to Facebook - I find it charming because it's always fun to see the little sweet moments the media never capture, but only a private person got a picture of because she stayed when all other left and because she was quick with the camera:

"Hey..I got a really nice picture of Frederik & Mary during their summer cruise..They had had joint events throughout the day but should then proceed to each their arrangement on the route.. And while the entire press and journalists rushes to their cars to be ready for the next point, this happens.. Frederik & Mary give each other a warm farewell kiss before they get into each their car and continue the day's program..So fine and genuine.. and something only we private persons experienced.."

Here's the picture:
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Lovely pics, coming from a family where parents have split up myself I sometimes find it awkward when "step" parents ( or bonus parents what a fab name!) look like they are being parents to their step children but I find it so different with joachims children, they all seem to get on so well with both their parents new partners, and of course marie herself comes from such a background!

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They always look very cozy together.

oooooohh, these are adorable, thanks for posting!
If i could nominate a photo of the month, the first one would get my vote :lol:

Oh yes! Big time! I have no words. Reminds me of my Grandpas who have sadly passed away. :sad: Isabella is definitely Grandpa's girl- nothing like it. They look like such buddies. I have read that Henrik has a special way with children, and that he and M are some of the most loving grandparents. Point proven here. I bet all involved enjoy time spent at Granny and Grandpa's palace. Cause it's :cool:er than Mum and Dad's y'know...;)
I think it was Fredrick who said his parents were really stern- being grandparents has softened them.
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