Warm Moments Between Royals - Part 2

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:previous: I love the third picture of little Charles riding on his mother's back. It's precious :wub:.
Oooh Amazing Hug between Haakon & Mette Marit really so warm shot , thanx for posting .
The pictures of Haakon and Mette-Marit and Mette-Marit with Marius are so sweet; the more I see of the Norway's Crown Princess, the more I like her.

Little Estelle is just too adorable. Love the picture of the little girl and her proud uncle.
Preparing for fatherhood? Ha, ha, ha.
Estelle is precious. I love the serious expression on her face :wub:.
So Nice & Warm Shot , Estelle Look So Cute , and Victoria Looks So Fresh and Happy , Thanx For Posting .


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Aw, the picture of Carl Philip holding his little niece's hand whilst looking at her admiringly is just so precious, he seems to be very fond of his first niece (which without a doubt is something very special, I know that from myself too).
Sooo Warm the love getting out from victoria eyes , thank you LadyFinn
Oooh So Nice & Warm Pic , Adorable Child , Thanx fairy tale .
It is so good to see people look at each other like that.
Very sweet pictures of Felipe and Letizia. :)
They appear to have warm and loving relationship.
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