Warm Moments Between Royals - Part 2

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So many loving moments I just can't pick one. There's Danel and his unbelievable cute "mini-me", you've just got to love it, I mean look at us all dolled up for Mom's birthday in our matching double-breasted blazers. There' Victoria and Estelle sharing each other's "look", embracing, laughing. The whole family is enjoying themselves. They really are a wonderfully demonstrative family.
Victoria and Daniel arriving to the official dinner, 29th September.
:heart:The eye contact, the smile! ❤️
Years have gone by and it's like they are still boyfriend and girlfriend going out on their first date. That's love!
:previous: Oh my, that megawatt smile of Victoria's has rubbed off on Daniel and they still look so very much in love or is it just that they love each other so much that they share the glow with others and never know it? What a blessing to see it, it makes everyone who sees them happier.
12-year-old Princess Althea, 8-year-old Princess Athenais and 3-year-old Prince Antoine de Ligne show their affection to their great-grandmother, Princess Maria del Rosario de Ligne (nee de Lambertye-Gerbeviller) on her 100th birthday:

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