Visit of HGD Guillaume and HGD Stéphanie to Morocco: April 27-28, 2015

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Are they meeting any members of the Moroccan royal family?
It seems that Moroccan royal ladies (Lalla Meryem, Lalla Asma and Lalla Hasna) have busy agendas.
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It will be a pity if they don't meet any of the royals IMO.
This is a great visit for the couple especially as they are leading a large delegation of around 60 people.
king is in visit to SA,but sure it must be other members of MR ready to met them,Moulay Rachid and his wife for example.
there was no engagement for today?
thank you all for the links.
it's too bad the visit is over and they were not received by any MRF.
The king and his brother are currently in Abu Dhabi which explains why none of the royal family appeared in this official visit
i didn't know that Moulay Rachid is with the King for the Gulf visit,this why i expected at least he receives the Duke and His wife during this visit.
it was nice see the coule in Morocco anyway and i hope for another vsit next time wth MR involved.
The king and Moulay rachid attended the friday prayers today with the crown prince of Abu Dhabi ... I guess he'll be staying for few more days
pitty there was no one from MRF to meet them,
the Duchess looked lovely during the whole visit I don't know much about her but she seems nice lady.
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