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Ooooh, Isa, they're wonderful! Do you use photoshop?

Here are some avatars for Alexia during recent events and one of Q Anne Marie.


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Videos of the Greek Royal Family

To mark the 40th anniversary of the military coup that shook Greece in April, 1967, Al Jazeera's Elizabeth Filippouli hosts King Without A Country; a rare look into the turbulent life of Constantine, the former king of Greece...more information about programme

Part I
Part II

Videos courtesy of Al Jazeera English & Youtube
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It's a great video. I think that it was interesting that Queen Sofia was in Greece when the coup took place. Does anyone have anymore info on that?
Well balanced video. I watched the first part where I found two inaccuracies.
First, the journalist indicated that King Constantine's wedding took place two weeks after his father's death in March 1964. The wedding, in fact, took place six months later, in September 1964.
Second, while talking about the sixties, King Constantine indicated that he was going to the university. This is not a false statement but needs clarification. As Diadoch, then, King Constantine, took two courses at the Faculty of Law of The National and Capodistrian University of Athens, namely Constitutional Law and Political Economy with the late professor Zolotas.
Video doc/interview on Constantine

I came across an interesting two-part video documentary about King Constantine on YouTube today that includes some fairly extensive on-camera interviews with him and a lot of archival footage of his life. (Apparently, it was produced by al-Jazeera's English-speaking network in April 2007.)

Constantine goes into a lot of detail about the events surrounding his ouster, and presents his perspective on the actions of subsequent Greek governments toward him.

Here's the link to Part I:
King Without a Country - 20 Apr 07 - Part 1

Here's the link to Part II:
King Without a Country - 20 Apr 07 - Part 2

(My apologies if this has already been posted and discussed -- I couldn't find it on the boards anywhere, so I thought I'd go ahead and post it.)

Hello everyone, I just managed to watch the show on TV4 anytime, and it' ! Many private pics, the interview is great. I think MC comes out as really nicer than anything that can appear in mags (although as you may have noticed I am a big fan of the GRF). MC talks a lot about her respect for her family and in-laws, about how she focuses on her children, and how one of her goals in life is to be an example for others (especially her children) of how to behave in life.
Lots of pictures from the wedding : The wedding gown seen in movement is much nicer than on static photos. There is also a scene I liked when QAM kisses MC after the (civilian ?) wedding and then kisses her again, and it seems to me AM is beginning to have wet eyes. Lovely lovely scene.
Now, how to watch it ? Well, I tried to guess what it said, some words looked a bit like english so I typed a login and password, then my e-mail adress, then there were the details about the payment card...check your currency to be sure you are OK with the price ! It's 49 kronen for one month watching. As for myself I found it was worth every cent of euro (I think I'm going to watch it every day for one month ! not really possible in my timetable though...).
Another important info : I was worried all the show would be in swedish ; in fact there are commentaries in swedish but all interviews are kept in english so you can hear the real voice of MC and the children, and even K Constantine. Bliss ! I hope some posters will have access to it now ... Friendly yours...
Sita, I am so glad to hear about this show! I was trying to watch it, but I couldn't figure out the screen where you subscribe to the channel. I will try again. What did her voice sound like? Did she sound American or British? I am so curious to hear what she sounds like. I would also love to see the wedding video.
I knew you'd be interested sgl ! Just try to write a login, a password and then your e-mail address, then the blue card details (check if you're OK with the price, I don't want anyone to get into trouble !). MC's voice sounds more American than British as far as I can judge (hum, you should hear my French accent), I find her voice soft and pleasant to hear (better than in one video I posted about one year ago, but then she was speaking loud because there was a crowd). Tell us what you think when you see the show !
Some Avatars of the Greek Kids


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I posted this link for a documentary covering the royal family exile in the King Constantine forum but I will also post it here because there are some great scenes of the wedding reception and pre-wedding party for Pavlos and Marie Chantal finally:) Warning the documentary is about 48 minutes long and the wedding scenes and party scenes are throughout.


factualTV - Constantine - A King's Story
This was a really interesting documentary. It was very nice to see the footage from Pavlos and Marie-Chantal's wedding. I would have loved to be able to hear commentary during the wedding from Pavlos and MC, but it was really difficult to hear them. A surprising bonus was that at slightly over 27:00 in the film, you can see Mrs. Miller smiling;).
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a miracle, this is a miracle!!, the Mrs Miller smiling!.

Whenever journalists say that the wedding of Prince Paul was as relevant as the wedding of Prince Charles.

Do you Think that the wedding of Prince Pavlo can be compared with the wedding of Prince Charles?

I think that the wedding most important in London and europe was the wedding of Prince Charles, Do you remember it?.

I think that the wedding Prince Charles was the wedding of sXX, this can not be compared with Prince Pavlo, but I recognize that in the wedding of Prince Paul was all the monarchies and in the of Prince Charles was not all European monarchies.

I think that are weddings very different ,this can not be compared.
I think that journalists exaggerate when they say it, these are very different, it can not be compared.

On the other hand, Mrs. Miller had to work hard in front of a mirror.The smile had to be perfect.
have you noticed that in all the videos we have seen of him, Constantin refuses to kiss people when they come close to him in order to touch him???

I wonder why...
I am a direct witness of the King touches and kisses to people ....
I've greeted him and I gave him the hand ....
He is very tall and the Queen too, and they are not as fats as in the photos.
On the other hand, I have seen videos where King gave hand and greets people in Greece, for example:
At the christening in Athens when they arrive with the car "BMW" with windows down and their supporters will greet effusively.
When the entrance to the church, a woman who had jumped the security cordon was at the door .. She greeted to them with two kisses and a hug .The woman did not want to loosen the hand of Queen.
The Woman was very excited and also greeted the Queen and Princess Irene.
Last year in september when kings with princess Teodoras visited several villages affected by the fires. They talk to the people greeting him touched, talked with them
On the other hand, when they travel to Greece, they have some great security measures. It is logical.
In Porto Heli in the christening of the daughter of Princess Alexia, when Pavlo and MC arrived to the church, some women wanted to greet to them, you know the people are very effusive in Greece, the bodyguard did not allowed touch to the princes .The women reproached it
Thanks for this video dbarn67. So nice to see "moving" pictures of their majesties. I've only seen still photos of them before this. :flowers:
Some Avatars of Prince Nikolaos and Tatiana Blatnik :flowers:



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Is there an actual postal adress from the court of Konstantinos?!
Office of H.M. King Constantine.:

First of all, congratulations for your collection of historical data. I feel this is very important for historical reasons and irrespective of one's beliefs.
I read in your unofficial web site the entire interview that King Constantine gave to Mr Stelios Kouloglou in (or around) 2007. Is this interview's video available somewhere??? And if so could you kindly post it?
Some avatar on the ocasion of Prince Nikolaos and Tatiana Blatnik's engagement.



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Website is not available

Hello, everyone,

to reach the website of the Greek Royal Family you need an user name and an password. Has anyone made the same experience?

Thank you!

No, no problem entering!!
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