The Year with the Royal Family - Review by NRK

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Three photos have been shared for December 21, they show this year's formal State Opening of the Storting (Parliament) in October:

"I welcome the Parliament to responsible work and wish it may benefit the motherland", King Harald traditionally says during his speech.

** Photos **
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December 22 is marked with 5 photos of the unveiling of two new sculptures at the Princess Ingrid Alexandra's Sculpture Park in October.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra attended it together with Queen Sonja and Crown Princess Mette-Marit:

** Photos **
"Soon it's Christmas! Every day until Christmas Eve we look back at the small and big highlight of the year we soon leave behind. October 10th, the Crown Princess took the trip to Hokksund in the Upper Eiker municipality. The reason was that the volunteer corps in the municipality filled 10 years. 95 year old Ester Steingrimsen was happy to attend the celebration!"


December 24 and the Royal Family is wishing a Merry Christmas with three photos of the Christmas photo session:

** Photos **
Lovely indeed,especially the private photos and video! And what a good idea to interview Their Majesties in the Royal Stable,now Queen Sonjas Art Stable!
At least now we know why the crownprince has shortly shaved off his beard...! :-D
I have received some PMs about this program and the Christmas celebrations of the royal family, but due to some personal stuff (something positive BTW), I have not been active here since December 22.

Continuation of post 19 where I wrote about the changes of the program ''The year with the Royal Family:

Was the program more critical of the monarchy than before? No, but it was more balanced.

Did NRK's royal correspondent Kristi Marie Skrede (the new presenter/interviewer and Project Manager of this program) do a good job? IMO, no, she didn't.

Why? Because it was messy and manny of the King and Queen and the CP couple's most important engagements wasn't even included in the program.

BTW, some happy news: I've heard that the (very pro-monarchy) former presenter/interviewer and Project Manager of this program Nadia Hasnaoui will be back next year.

Royal Central article about some of the stuff who was revealed and talked about in the program:
Norway’s Prime Minister revealed King Harald’s secret holiday – Royal Central
Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg revealed where King Harald celebrated his 80th birthday. This was first reported yesterday by Norwegian state television NRK. When King Harald on 21 February this year turned 80-years-old, the King was on a private holiday with his family in South Africa. It was, at this point, a well-kept secret where the King was, as the King wanted to celebrate his birthday privately without photographers and the media.

On the same day, Prime Minister Erna Solberg was at the Royal Palace in Oslo together with the President of Parliament to write their congratulations to the King. When the Prime Minister waited for Parliament’s president to write his greetings, she spoke to the King’s adjutant. In front of NRK and NTB’s photographers, the Prime Minister said, “So you did not join them in South Africa.”

The adjutant was surprised by the Prime Minister’s statement and said briefly “No” before looking at the press. NRK and NTB decided not to publish the information before the Norwegian Royal Family had returned to Norway. The fact that the Prime Minister revealed the information by accident was first published yesterday.
Read the whole article for more information (including what the King said about it).

Here are the private photos from the South Africa trip:

NRK article with two quotes translated by me:
"No, we shall have it so big," says King Harald, smiling to the NRK while keeping his fingers close to each other to show the size of the planned golden wedding anniversary.

Last year, King Harald and Queen Sonja celebrated 25 years on the throne with different selections over several months. Among other things, there was a ski-party at the palace square, a ten-day anniversary trip to six counties along Norway's coast, and a garden party in the Castle Park.

This year there has been a major celebration of the 80th birthdays of the King and Queen.
Q: But isn't that the really big jubilee?

"Yes, for us" said King Harald, smiling.

"And for the family,'' Queen Sonja says.

According to the royal couple, there will be a muted golden wedding celebration with the closest family.

"It will be very down, I think," said the Queen.

Q: Why?

"We think we have celebrated so much now," said the King and Queen at the same time, laughing loudly, before Queen Sonja said:

''Enough is enough''.
A summary of some of the other stuff from that article:

When two Majesties celebrates their round (means milestone) birthdays, there are many who want to attend the party. The 80th birthdays of the King and Queen was celebrated with, among other things, a gala dinner at the Palace and a banquet in the Opera, but also with the people.

In June, the King and Queen went on an anniversary trip in Hedmark and Oppland.

The King said: "We have come closer to the people."

By me: Most experts don't agree with him in this. - Why? Because he was already so close to the people as you can be.

The King said that he thinks it's an advantage that there is not so much distance between the royal family and the people.

"We have the advantage here in this country that we have no nobility, so we get very close to the Norwegian people," he says.

By me: I agree with him (as I usually doe).

NRK article with two quotes translated by me:
Most families have their Christmas traditions that they hold on to year after year. The royal couple, who has been married for 50 years next year, has collected most of their family traditions from King Harald.

Among other things, Queen Maud's Plum pudding which she brought with her from her native England.

"Which none of us likes," the King said in an interview with NRK.
Everyone in the family is not so excited about one of Christmas's main courses either.

"It's the Lutefisk that only half of us like," says King Harald.

''But as some of us like,'' Queen Sonja replies.

Q: So, it's like families most?

''Yes, absolutely. There is something from England, something from Denmark and something from Sweden,'' says the Queen.
Read about Lutefisk here:

NRK article with two quotes translated by me:
"I made an effort to get Skaugum plastic free last year, and it didn't went very well. I think it was incredibly difficult. It was an experiment to see how ordinary consumers can avoid using plastic,'' says Crown Princess Mette-Marit to NRK.

The Crown Princess has long had an environmental commitment, and both she and others in the royal family have repeatedly helped to pick plastic and other trash along Norwegian beaches.
Whale with the belly full of plastic became a wake-up call.

A sick whale stranded on Sotra outside Bergen in late January, became a wake-up call to many. The wildlife committee eventually had to kill the animal, the first Cuvier's beaked whale documented in Norway.

"It was not a beautiful sight. I think it's become a wake-up call for many, "says King Harald, who has seen the increasing plastic pollution in the ocean when he's sailing and is worried about the developments.

''It's scary. We must hope that we are waking up to a common goal, all together," said Queen Sonja.
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:previous: Silly me I just discovered it four months later and it's worth reading. Thanks for the translation ROYAL NORWAY. :flowers:
Well, on The Second Day of Christmas (Dec 26th), it was time for this year's broadcast, which was sent live on NRK1 (the state-owned Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's and Norway's largest TV channel) from 19:45 to 21.00.

But let's first talk about the style of the programme. - So here are two posts from the ''CP Haakon as UNDP Ambassador'' thread (link), which I wrote in September and October:
Well, this was it for CP Haakon in New York.
And the CP-Couple's ''good period'' when it comes to how they are portrayed in the Norwegian media (which I wrote about in this post) seams to continue.
Because, as I've written in other threads, Haakon/MM's UN engagements are usually criticized by commentators as an interference in pollitics. - But this time, nothing at all!
Why? Well, although the CP-Couple's personal popularity has plummeted after the media started with a more critical coverage of them in 2013, the support for the institution of the monarchy has gone from strong to stronger. - And therefore, the television/newspaper commentators have probably found out that there is no point in continuing, at least not when it comes to stuff like this.
:previous: Well, it's quite simple, you know:
The CP-Couple started to socialise more and more with wealthy people, celebrities and Labour politicians. - And it didn't make it better that Haakon (in interwievs) started sounding like a politician himself.

So, what happened?
1. The egalitarian Norwegian media didn't like it, so they started criticising them in 2013, which then lead to their personal popularity going down hill.
2. Haakon/MM responded with taking their children out of the public school in 2014, and opted to spend parts of their 2015 summer-holiday with some rich-people on their yacht, which of course only intensified the criticism.

But as I wrote in post 99, which both of you referred to, the support for the institution of the monarchy has (at the same time) gone from strong to stronger.
Why? Well, as I've written in other threads: Due to the King's enormous personal popularity, which (although always high) has gone through the roof since his 70th birthday in 2007 - and unpopular politicians.
The stuff in bold also led NRK to opt for a more balanced ''Året med kongefamilien (The year with The Royal Family)'' broadcast last year, when they replaced the pro-monarchy presenter/interviewer and Project-Manager, Nadia Hasnaoui, with their pro-monarchy - but more balanced Royal Correspondent, Kristi Marie Skrede, who together with her team made the criticism of both ''royal finances, CP MM's now 'famous' Marius-letter to the media and The Queen's art'' a part of the programme.

So, what with this year???? Hmm, they probably received a lot of complaints after the 2017-version, for now they're back with the most pro-monarchy royal-year-broadcast that I have seen since they started with it in 2003.
The programme, which was presented/directed by NRK's most pro-monarchy journalist/news-anchor, the 44-year-old Atle Bjurstrøm (who also presented the coverage of The King's 70th Birthday Celebrations in 2007 - and who intervived The CP-Couple on the day MM went public with her illness) looked back at the most significant royal moments of 2018, which included a joint interview with The King/Crown Prince (who talked about climate-change and sailing) and one with The Queen (who talked about art - and ''the need for a royal museum where the ''more than 400,000 royal items, which is now being kept at 5 storages on a secret location in Oslo, can be exhibited'').
(BTW: The media previously reported of 70.000 items being kept at 4 storages, but as you can see from The Queen's own numbers, that was heavily underestimated.)

And no, Marius, Märtha, royal finances or other controversies were not mentioned at all.

See the programme here: Året med kongefamilien 2018 - NRK.
Thank you ROYAL NORWAY for the information about Aret med kongefamilien and the links.
It was great to see a recap of the year as it included some events that I'd forgotten about, such as the Cambridge's visit to Norway. The family all seem very down to earth and approachable; Sonja has always been one of my favourite European queens. Looking forward into seeing what 2019 will bring for the NRF!
:previous: I don't know if there is a recap available, but if you play the video in Google Chrome and select English when prompted, the closed captions are in English.
Wish there will be some behind the scenes of Ingrid's birthday celebration!
This year's broadcast aired tonight on NRK1 and is already available on NRK's Web-TV (link). It includes new interviews with the King and Queen and CP Haakon and previously seen interviews with the CP-Couple that were conducted in connection with their 50th birthdays.

And no need for a summary from me since NRK has written a long article about it, which is really worth a read (link). Google translation (link).

The King and Queen talk about:
Sverre Magnus and Haakon.
Their tours around the country.
The Royal Yacht.
And the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East.

CP Haakon talks (among other things) about Sverre Magnus.

(Will write about it in various threads tomorrow, so will therefore not quote anything here.)
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