The Royal House of Savoy: History, Older News, Stories and Pictures

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Christine of France (1606-1663) was the daughter of King Henry IV and Queen Marie de Medici of France. She married Victor Amadeus I, Duke of Savoy.
Christine prevented her brothers-in-law from overtaking her duchy.
During the War of the Spanish Succession, Marie Jeanne, Duchess of Savoy was obliged to sell her jewels in order to maintain her household during the Battle of Turin of 1706.

The 1706 Siege of Turin took place between June and September of that year.
The French forces were commanded by Philippe II, Duke of Orléans whilst the city was defended by an Austrian Field Marshal, Count Wirich Philipp von Daun.
King Victor Amadeus had fled the city with 7,000 cavalry and joined Prince Eugene of Savoy.
Prince Eugene was marching from Vienna with a relief force of 30,000 and he routed the French on the 7th of September 1706.
The French losses ranged from 7,000 to 9,000. Siege of Turin took,of the war in Italy.
Princess Maria Pia and Prince Alexander of Yougoslavia fell in love at Queen's Frederika Agamemnon Cruise in 1954. Their Wedding took place in 1955 at Cascais , 3000 guests.!
The only Royal Wedding for King Umberto's Children.
I think Princess Marie Beatrice will not attend , her husband was assasinated , her Son commited Suicide and she has only her daughter Azae wo married and divorced. She will stay n Mexico.
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