The Royal Hat Gallery: Part 1

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Wonderful choices, Zubiaur! :flowers: My favourites of these are the first one of Diana and the first one of Grace.
I just love p diana's black & white hat- its a perfect shape for her & the colors look great with the outfit!
Diana & Her hat
Grace is another beauty that looked stunning in hats.Thank you for the above pics,Zubiaur!The pink hat is lovely indeed!
:previous: From Maryamj's post I like Camilla's hat in the 1st picture(with the feathers).It's an exceptional piece :flowers:
From Zubiaur's post I like Caroline's hat(1st pic),she looks stunning :)
I am sorry but I dislike all the hats you posted in last post,as they are small and too extravagant for my taste.I like these:

I like this hat. It is beautiful. Photo of jacklin kennedy 's alongside Grace is really interesting for me.jacklin kennedy is very cute. Thanks ZUBIAUR

I definately love Zara's hat. The whole outfit wasn't perfect, but the hat, her beautiful make up and the lovely pearl earrings were stunning IMO. :flowers:

Here are two more pics of Zara with this hat:

Zara is very stylish. her hat is very fantastic. thanks Dierna23

The last one is very cute. :flowers: Maxima has an interesting style, never boring. :)
Exactly my thoughts,Dierna!Never boring!It's a lovely collection.Big hats suit Maxima as well.My top favorite is the grey hat(7th pic).
Although Mathilde's outfits are all lovely,I dislike all the above hats/headpieces.Especially that pink one,what was she thinking?
:previous: Superb hats!!I guess when you're as stunning as Gabriella,you look beautiful even while wearing a potato sack on your head :flowers:
thanks a lot Nika & Dierna23
All the pics very very beautiful. mathilde's hats and Lady Gabriella Windsor's hats is so great.
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