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Andy R

Imperial Majesty
Site Team
Jul 25, 2004
United States
It's with great pleasure to announce that the new TRF Blog is now live! We know that thousands of our viewers don't have time to participate in the discussions that go on in our community. That being said a group of dedicated TRF members have come together to create the ultimate Royal blog. In the weeks and months to come we will be refining our blogging skills and working to bring you an excellent feed of royal information.

To see the TRF blog just go to the home page. If you want to access the portal that used to be on the home page, please use the link at the top fo the page that says portal.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback, please post it here.

Kindest Regards,

Andy R
I was pleasantly surprised to come to my favourite all-royals forum and be greeted by your new blog page. It's great to see those Royal stories and pictures "front and centre." Congratulations on the new site!

It's with great pleasure to announce that the new TRF Blog is now live!
This blog is looking really good! Many thanks to Andy for working so hard to make it happen.:flowers:

Anyone who'd like to volunteer to become one of the Royal Bloggers, just drop me or Kimebear a PM and let us know which topics you're interested in blogging about.
Congratulations! I thought I'd come to the wrong website this morning (it's quite early in the morning!) but was much relieved when I hadn't! Trust me not to check out the news and announcements pages! The new look and style is excellent - well done everyone and thank you so much for such hard work that gives so many people alot of pleasure!:flowers::flowers::flowers:
I thought I was at the wrong website for second too, but I really like the blog. Great work guys. :flowers:
Even I thought that I was on the wrong website, and I'm one of the writers! :D
wow, what a change! i also thought i was in the wrong site! :whistling:
nice one, TRF.
I didn't know what was happening!! I also didn't know how to get to the "regular" site! I clicked and clicked and Lo and Behold...I found it, thankfully! Looks very interesting and a nice change. Well done...
The same here.

I was so surprise when I click to TRF link and what I saw... something strange, new... and interesting. After few seconds... oh yes I'm on good site but in different section.

Thanks a lot :flowers:
Its looks fabulous!

Looking forward to writing for it and surfing the blog on a regular!

Many thanks to Andy_R, Elspeth and all the contributing writers.
As expected, the TRF blog looks great. The blog entries are concise, informative, and well-written. Thanks to AndyR, Elspeth, and royal bloggers!:flowers:
DITTO loving the Blog its a great heads up to whats happening and then if the Royal mentioned is not one usually followed you can go and chck their thread
Just wanted to give an update to say that we now have over 20 authors with published blog entries and, as of today, over 100 total blog entries! The Royal Bloggers and the blog editing team have really done a brilliant job, and I hope things carry on as they've started.

Anyone wanting to join the fun as a Royal Blogger, just drop me, Kimebear, Mandy, JessRulz, or TheTruth a PM.

To recognise the contributions of the regular bloggers, we're giving Royal Blogger usertitles to our bloggers who've made more than 10 blog posts and continue to contribute to the blog regularly.

We're also giving them access to the larger avatars like the ones the moderators have. I hope this will be a good incentive for members to join up at the blog and contribute!

We've had some questions about who has the larger avatars and how to distinguish moderators from other members with the larger avatars.

The admins, moderators, Picture of the Month representatives, and Royal Bloggers all get to use the large avatars. The moderators and admins have their usernames in bold purple type instead of the regular blue type, and they also have boldface custom usertitles. PoM Reps and Royal Bloggers have regular blue type for their usernames and they have the same usertitles as other members (Nobility, Serene Highness, Majesty, etc). Moderator and admin names show up in bold purple type in the list of members online.

Also, most of the mods and admins have links to the Community Rules and Member FAQs in their signatures, and the PoM Reps and Royal Bloggers don't.

If you need any more pointers to the identity of the mod team, you can click the Forum Leaders button at the bottom of the list of forums on the main forum page. You can also see a list of moderators of a particular forum at the bottom right of the list of threads for that forum.
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