The Royal Family of The Netherlands, Current Events Part 4 (May 2013 - present)

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What a day! So many special events, each with several members of the family!

And the photos of the warm welcome towards Princess Mabel are extra nice.

Here are two more galleries of the concert tonight:

** robinutrecht.photoshelter gallery ** ppe gallery 2 **
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Prince Bernhard participated in the Jumbo Race day in Zandvoort today, May 20.

And so did Princess Laurentien in the Ladies GT race - very special to see ?

Prince Constantijn and the children were also there to support their wife and mother:

** robinutrecht.photoshelter gallery **

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 **
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Princess Beatrix handed out the Silver Carnations of the Prins Bernhard Culture Fund in Amsterdam today, May 30.

Princess Laurentien was present as well:

** ppe gallery ** belga gallery ** rex gallery **
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King Willem-Alexander and Princess Beatrix attended the premiere of the music and theatre performance De Stormruiter (The Stormrider) in Leeuwarden this evening, September 8:

** anp gallery ** ppe gallery **
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That's quite unique that it's only the two of them but given the theme of the play it makes sense as it combines water management (Willem-Alexander) and horses (Beatrix).

Princess Beatrix and Princess Mavel attended the state funeral for Kofi Annan at the Accra International Conference centre in Ghana today, September 13:

** rex gallery **
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On September 12 Prince Bernhard as a member of the jury and Prince Constantijn attended the LOEY Award 2018 ceremony that honours the best entrepreneurs in the Dutch online industry.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** flickr gallery **

King Willem-Alexander handed out the Erasmus Prize in Amsterdam today, November 27. Queen Máxima and Princess Beatrix were present as well:

** rex gallery ** anp gallery ** ppe gallery **
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:previous: Thank you eya.
It was a lovely surprise to see Amalia at the event, she's really grown up lately! She's starting to resemble Alexia more now for me, though still looks like WA the most. It was great to see her in with Princess Irene too.
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That was a very regal depart of the Princess. Lovely jewels and fabulous dress.
Nice to see the older Van Vollenhoven grandchildren again. I am sure the Amsterdam-based part of the family will be checking their phones non-stop during the party to check the football match of Ajax.

A pity that princess Christina could not make it, I hope her illness is not the reason.

It seems that the Duchess of Parma was the only niece (in-law) who was able to attend. The King and Queen are on vacation in Greece at the moment as the school holiday is still going on. On Friday the Royal Airforce -with approval of the king and the minister of Defence - promoted Pieter to a a titular Commodore.

According to the press the Orange-family has a 'big surprise' in store for Pieter during the party, but as it goes with surprises they keep a secret.
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I was wondering where Princess Christina was also :previous:
Great to see most of the Van Vollenhoven family. Although I do wonder why Benjamin, Emma and Pieter did not attend as they are all older than Eliane who was present. Only Willem Jan's absence makes sense to me given his age.

In addition a large number of former politicians and some other somewhat famous Dutch people turned up for Pieter's birthday party

Several members of the family attended a special performance of the Natuur College at the Theater Carre in Amsterdam this evening, September 16. The organization, founded by Princess Irene, brings an ode to nature in the context of her 80th birthday.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** ppe gallery ** anp gallery ** gettyimages gallery ** rex gallery **
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Lovely photos! Imo, the Dutch men all look most handsome with facial here. Prince Constantijn looked very handsome here!
Lovely that all the four children of Pss Irene came, with partners. Two of them live abroad. I see that one of the attendees was Martine van Loon-Labouchère, former Grand Mistress of the court.
Prince Bernhard and Princess Annette take the bike.
That's how I like to see it.?

(They are right. Is also the easiest way of transport when you live in Amsterdam);)
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