The Miller Family 2: July 2008-

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Pia looks great in these photos. She looks much better than in recent photos.
I believe "social-climbing" is frowned upon because it showcases shallow vain aspects of people. There's no harm in bettering yourself - Mr. Miller, after all, is a self-made man who comes from a middle-class family - but I think to only date or marry or associate with someone because of what it can do for YOU is looked at as selfish and fake.
I think most people who marry royalty have some element of social climbing . At least social climbers try very hard to fit in and after a decade or two you can't spot who was born with money and who wasn't. After all isn't this what were taught when we get told cinderella stories as children
Yeah, but fairy tales rarely work out to our childhood expectations. It's not so much about singling-out social climbers as it is the measure of their determination. I agree with you that most who marry into royal families (even among royal families themselves) are in some way social climbing. I guess there are two types: the aggressive I'll-Do-Anything-Step-On-Anyone-And-Use-Whomever-I-Can type which tend to be malicious and indifferent to others' feelings and those that truly feel they can bring something beneficial to a marriage/family/etc. - and often do. Of course it helps immensely if there are true feelings invovled, but that doesn't always happen.
Maybe if there's very little or no feeling involved then it might last longer. If you don't expect him/ her to be faithfull then you wont want to divorce etc. I still don't see how marrying well has become a no no these days. I think its as no better or worse than wantin g a certain job or lifestyle as long as your not forced into it
Do you mean in looks? I agree, they do look very similar. However, I don't get the ice-queen vibe from Pia like I do from Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Miller scares me; she seems so cold and unfriendly.
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Somebody has a photo of the mother of Marie- Chantal smiling? I have seen to her in baptisms and other celebrations.... but she does not smile. She always is serious.
Pia always praises her mother's sense of style and elegance.
According to an interview with Sabine Durrant in Point de Vue #3146 MC says that her father was very strict, Not the type to bat an eye. Her mother was more inclined to spoil them and always impressed upon them the importance of being always presentable.
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I think appearances can be deceptive. There is a society lady of the same ethnic origin as Mrs Miller and she always looks so serene but when I saw her up close she was a very amusing and animated conversationalist. I don´t find Mrs Miller cold, to me she looks very dignified and elegant.
Wow! I am surprised at this. I would never have guessed this about the parents. Marie-Chantal always states that she is so close to her father, and seems to project a warm image of him.
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That is what I surmised from previous interviews she gave. She had originally said that she was miserable at boarding school and wrote her parents a letter, her father always carries with him. In that same interview Point de Vue #3146 with Sabine Durrant) she said that her father taught her values, ethics, work and the sense of responsibility as well as the importance of following her dreams.
At the same time page 40 she mentions she remembers her mother on her bed trying to zip up a very tight pair of leather Chloe jeans. These are not my assumptions these are words MC told the journalist among other things. The interview was at the time she opened the London store.
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I would have bet it was the other way around.
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Why couldn't he be warm?I believe we should not confuse the professional life of a successful businessman with his personal life.Robert Miller could easily "switch" his mood the moment he returned home.He had 3 beautiful little girls.I would never be surprised if I knew that he showed them love and affection all the time!!
Here is a link to an article that recently appeared in an Ecauadorian newspaper about Marie-Chantal's parents:

Una ecuatoriana en medio de la realeza - ENE. 11, 2009 - Gente - Entretenimiento - EL UNIVERSO

This article contained a lot of things that I never knew, such as:
the Millers met on a plane to Hong Kong (I had always heard that they met in NY, where Mrs. Miller was working in a hair salon)
Mrs. Miller and Mr. Miller were married in Hong Kong, and Mrs. Miller was appointed to a committee that oversaw the transition of HK from the UK to China (??????-her brother even called her 'Lady Miller')

It was a very interesting article.
I think I read that the Millers met in Paris!
Hair you're telling us that mamma Miller was either a receptionist or a hair-dresser...interesting :tonks:
Where has the "Incas Princess" gone?On vacation I guess :whistling:
I cannot remember exactly where I read it, but according to the article, her aunt owned a hair salon in New York. She was working there (the author didn't say what she was doing), and that is how they met. It was most interesting to me that Mrs. Miller's brother referred to her as 'Lady Miller'. To my knowledge, she has not been granted a title. Perhaps someone knows more?

Edit: I have found it: See post number 57:

Here is another article that appeared in the same newspaper:

PrÃ*ncipe de Grecia quiere venir al paÃ*s para conocer orÃ*genes de su esposa - ENE. 11, 2009 - Gente - Entretenimiento - EL UNIVERSO

Again, Mrs. Miller's brother has been interviewed. He mentions that a geneologist, Ezio Garay, has discovered that there is a connection to one of the Spaniards who first settled in the region and a princess, who was the daughter of an Incan emperor.
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She could only be Lady Miller if her husband was knighted. Lady is impossible as you have to be born one or your father inherits a title and you become one like, Diana. She could have been made a Dame. I think it sounds like some make believe to me...but then who knows.
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Yes,and generally,isn't "Lady" a title well known among Anglo-Saxons only?I haven't heard a Catholic woman becoming a Lady.Perhaps,I'm wrong,but could you tell me what you think? :flowers:
I have never read that Robert Miller received a title. Judging by all of the reports and interviews about MC and her parents, I would safely guess that this is false. You can bet that if they were titled, it would be mentioned in the media, just like "the last Incan princess".

Since the Millers are British citizens, they would be Sir and Lady (IF they had actually been granted a title). I found it really strange that Mrs. Miller's brother had two interviews so closely together in the same paper. He really wasn't sharing news of any recent events. It was (IMO) more like, "Look at me. I'm related to these people".
In other words,he could do this on purpose to make it sound like she doesn't need an official title ;)
I think the brother just called her "Lady" as a nickname. Just like Princess Diana's siblings called her "Dutch" as in Dutchess, when she was growing up. I doubt it has anything to do with a title.
I think there is much wishful thinking with this brother. A neice marrying into a (defunct) royal family does not mean he or his family are royal. That whole Incan princess thing was the result of Mrs. Miller's costume at an opulent party back in the late 70s. Dream on . . .
Yes,and generally,isn't "Lady" a title well known among Anglo-Saxons only?I haven't heard a Catholic woman becoming a Lady.Perhaps,I'm wrong...
Anglo-Saxon is a generic term these days used for people of originally British (English) stock, Catholicism is a religion. They are not mutually exclusive.
There are plenty of Roman Catholic British aristocrats, and no doubt a large number of non-aristocratic Roman Catholic British (and Australian, Canadian, NZ etc) Ladies.
I'm so sorry,Warren.I'm completely irrelevant to all these things,that's why I didn't even know how to express it :flowers:
I think there is much wishful thinking with this brother. A neice marrying into a (defunct) royal family does not mean he or his family are royal. That whole Incan princess thing was the result of Mrs. Miller's costume at an opulent party back in the late 70s. Dream on . . .

I agree with this Bella. I have read quite a bit on the Miller family, and in a variety of places, and this article surely seems to embellish alot of the family history. My own understanding is that Chantal Pesantes Miller is from a family of very modest means and, through marriage, she has done extraordinarily well for herself -- well bravo to her, but let's not embellish the past.
Emily and Bella, I totally agree with you. Chantal and Robert Miller have really seemed to shy away from the spotlight. It sounds to me like Chantal's brother was looking for attention, and trying to create an image that doesn't seem to correlate with everything else that has been written about the family. Chantal Miller doesn't seem like a very warm, friendly person; however, you have to admire the fact that the woman doesn't seem to go out of her way for publicity. She has stayed out of the limelight. I would love to know what she thinks about these two interviews.
While I think it's commendable that Mr. & Mrs. Miller do not seek the limelight - and play off their daughters' connections - and that they maintain private (and imo dignified) lives, I do wish Mrs. Miller would talk a little about her family and her past. I have a feeling she remains almost secretive because she does come from modest (and that is being kind) means and I can only imagine how that must make her feel, despite her great wealth now, while traveling in circles of well-born, well-connected society-types, artistocrats and royals, most of whom were probably born w silver spoons. However, as I've said before, I personally would find her life story fascinating. She has def. passed through many worlds and I'm sure she has amazing stories to tell. Maybe one day she'll write her memoirs.
I would love to read her memoirs! She really fascinates me, and just once, I wish that she would give an interview. I have always felt, like you, that she most likely came from an incredibly poor family. I really doubt at least 90% of what her brother stated in his interviews.
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