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Certainly you all have a good point here :flowers: But don't forget that all these conclusions are based on the thought that Chantal Miller and her brother don't have a good relationship-and therefore,this man plays a kind of "obscure" role in her life.We must not forget the possibility that everything could be fine between the 2 siblings.Well,in that case,we cannot know for sure the motives of this person,who used to call and perhaps still calls his sister "Lady",although she's not ;)
About a biography of Mamma Miller:I would run to the 1st bookshop the day it would be published :brows: :stuart:
I have a doubt.
What is the religion of THE MIller family?
Are they catholics?
I don't know for sure, but I do know that Marie-Chantal had to convert to Greek Orthodoxy before the wedding. I have read that Mr. Miller is of Jewish ethnicity, but I don't believe that he or the family practice Judaism. My guess is that they (or at least Mrs. Miller) are Catholic. Pia did not have a religious wedding, but Alexandra did. I thought that it was a Catholic ceremony.
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Years ago, in an interview to a magazine of Pavlo and Marie Chantal,it has a photo where were Pavlo and Mc into of their house and behind of them had a table with pictures of the family, but the picture that more important was the picture of Pavlo and Mc with Pope Joan Paul II.

I surprised it, because they are Orthodox, I think that the normal picture would had been the Princes with Archbishop of Athens or Constantinopla.I think that Mc was catholic
I was under the impression they were catholic.
Me too.Especially the name "Pia" seems 100% Catholic.
I had no idea Mr. Miller had Jewish ancestry. I always was under the impression he was Protestant and quite possibly Catholic. Supposedly, he also is a descendant of a Mayflower settler and they were strict Protestants. Tho it's obviously possible the Jewish line comes from another branch. Thanks for the info.
The girls were certainly raised Catholic. I remember Marie-Chantal stating in an interview before her wedding about her conversion from Catholic to Orthodox. She said it was not hard because there were a lot of rituals in both religions.
I also had read somewhere that they were raised Catholic. Like Bella, I also thought Mr. Miller was raised Protestant. And, finally, I am almost positive that "Pia" the sister is short for Olympia. I had always thought MC's daughter was named Olympia for the obvious Greek connections, but was then surprised to read that it was also Pia's given name. Wish I could cite a source but I can't.
I've never heard "Pia" was short for Olympia. I also don't know about it being a Catholic name. Mr Miller is protestant, but can have Jewish blood. It's an ethnic group as well as a religion. One does mean that you are automatically the other.
I have had a look at Mr Miller´s family tree and I have gone back as far as I could to about 1760 and not one jewish name and the list of daughters´ names just gives the name Pia, nothing about it being Olympia. The mother´s tree goes back about two generations only. If they had been Mayflower descendants I should imagine it would have been shown.
Correct me if I'm wrong:isn't "Pius" the name of some Popes?I guess Pia is the female,that's why I consider it 100% Catholic.
I mean,Pius and Pia are full Catholic names,not short types of other names.
Pia is not often used here in Portugal, mainly because the word pia means a kitchen sink, but if it is used it is usually with another name in front of it like the Princess of Italy, Maria Pia. For me it is a Catholic name and I have never heard of it as a diminutive of Olympia which sounds completely Greek to me and I am fairly certain it was chosen by Chantal and Prince Pavlos as a compliment to Greece.
Hello, about religion : I'm quoting the big article in Vanity Fair February 2008 :
"the rapidly burgeoning fortune of MC' parents presented her with a cornucopia of options. In 1986, at age 18, she was even allowed to choose her religion. Robert was Protestant and Chantal was Catholic, but they didn't believe in imposing their faith on their daughters. MC chose Catholicism and was baptized at St Patrick's cathedral in NY, by Cardinal John O'Connor, with Donatella Flick, then the wife of Daimler-Benz heir Muck Flick, as her godmother. Afterwards the Miller gave a dinner at Le Cirque, organized by Alecko Papamarkou, who was eager to show off his wealthy Hong Kong clients to his NY society friends".
The same article says that it was Papamarkou who made the match between Pia and C Getty, and also organized the meeting of Pavlos and MC at a BDay party in New Orleans. He became MC's godfather when she went to Othodox faith.

Last, Pia does not come from Olympia, it means pious ("very religious") and the masculine form of this name was chosen by several Popes across history. At the moment in France, it would be a chic, "traditional with a twist" name for a girl or woman (whereas Marie-Chantal is completely out as a firstname ; it has completely disappeared for little girls and I used to find it the most ridiculous french firstname of all before I read about , well, MC).
Thanks for the proof,Sita :flowers: I also had on my mind the famous statue "Pieta",which is situated inside St.Peter's Cathedral in Vaticano,which means "religious devotion".Pia and Pius have the same root with the Italian word "pieta" ;) Oh,about MC's "beautiful" name:Chantal reminds us of sandal-"sandali" in Greek-something very useful here in Greece,especially during the hot summer :D The Greek media mocked her right from the beginning...:whistling:
Menarue, if you go to it'll give a list of famous people who are "allegedly" descended from Mayflower passengers. But alot of ppl claim that when actually their ancestors came over on ships after the Mayflower so unless the General Society of Mayflower Descendants - of which I belong and am - confirms someone is indeed a descendant, you never know.

As for the name Pia, I too always thought it was a "nickname" for Olympia. I've only known one Pia and her full name was Olympia.
Thanks Bella, I wondered about the Mayflower claim. I got my information from it is very reliable or has been up until now. That is where I got the information about nearly all the American Presidents being descended from Edward II of England.
I would like to know why the three sisters got the names they have, that is why Pia was named Pia, why MC got her mother's name, accompanied with Marie and why pronounced in the french style, why not Maria Clara or Marie Claire, why Alexandra was named Alexandra, who were their godfathers, whether there are photos from their baptisms... I read above that MC was baptised at 18 (!!!!). I would love to see at least a photo of that baspism...!!!
If MC was to baptize to the 18 years old and she married to the 26 years old, she was catholic during 8 years??
Pia is the abbreviation of the catholic name and the name is Piedad.
I have had a look at Mr Miller´s family tree and I have gone back as far as I could to about 1760 and not one jewish name and the list of daughters´ names just gives the name Pia, nothing about it being Olympia. The mother´s tree goes back about two generations only. If they had been Mayflower descendants I should imagine it would have been shown.

I don't know whether his ancestry is Jewish; however, I know Jewish families with the last name of Miller.
Thanks for the Spanish version of the word,Beltraneja!Pietas in Latin.So it's 100% Catholic.About their surname,I believe it doesn't say anything,because many people from all over the world are named Miller:USA,UK,Germany etc.
Also don´t forget that a miller was an essential member of any community way back when surnames were appearing.
Thanks for the link, MandysRoyalty! It is nice to see that Alexandra and Diane are still close, even after the divorce. Her furniture is a bit too transparent for my taste, but it definitely looks like something that I would expect to see in Alex or MC's homes.
:previous: Transparent? :D Right,which is her target group?Students? :whistling:
Don't you think they both look very scary?
I admit, I am not crazy about the furniture. Definitely dorm room!:lol: Also, Alex is far too skinny. That woman needs to eat!
Alexandra does look a bit healthier looking than in the past - not as gaunt. She is not a great beauty.
The furniture is really ugly - looks like something for a beach house and probably costs a fortune!
Diane von Furstenberg herself is now talking about going into interior design.
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