The Miller Family 2: July 2008-

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All of her sons are fathered by Christopher Getty, I believe. I have never heard of the Chandris family. I am now intrigued...does anyone have a link to the Point de Vue article?
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I thought Pia had 3 sons and one daughter,I mean I'm sure.The girl once participated in MC's fashion show.
Really? Is she the youngest? Information on Pia and her family is so hard to find. She seems to avoid the spotlight just like her parents.
Officially,the couple has 4 children together:Isabelle (b.1993,so she's 15),Robert Maximilian (b.1996),Conrad (b.1998) and Maximus (b.2002).There are some doubts about their youngest child,though.I guess that's because Pia and Christopher Getty had already separated in 2002 (no matter when the divorce came out).
PS.Have you noticed another Getty-Miller "matching"?The one between Balthazar Getty (of the same family!) and actress Sienna Miller!!There must be something in the
Thank you, Iakynthi! I had no idea that they had a daughter (and that she was the oldest child). I did know that the youngest was born after a separation, but I thought that they reconciled for a longer period before the divorce. It would be nice to see more of Marie-Chantal's family in the press (a la 1990s), but perhaps they have outgrown the spotlight.
It's true that Alexandra and Pia have gone through painful situations and are much more mature now.A sign is their choice to keep more things private from now on,which is something good and healthy,after all.Sometimes I think about Pavlos and MC's children:how can they expose them so much?Do they truely realise the consequences?I believe that someone,anyone,should be at least 18 to decide whether he desires publicity or not.Just a thought...
Orson Escobar Pesantes (i), la princesa María Chantal de Grecia, su tía Norma Pesantes de Stoner, quien tiene en sus brazos al príncipe Arístides, y el príncipe Pablo de Grecia.

Orson Escobar Pesantes (i), Princess María Chantal of Greece, her aunt Norma Pesantes de Stoner, holding Prince Arístides, and Prince Pablo of Greece. - CUÉNTAMELO TODO
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One of the two sisters, (the one that married the Furstenberg guy) has a daughter called Talitha (whom I have seen in many pictures with her cousins) and a boy named, I think, Tassilo.
Iakynthi, dear friend, please let them show those gorgeous pictures of those gorgeous children,otherwise....I shall be very:verysad:
The lady holding Prince Aristides is MC's maternal aunt. So obviously they keep in touch with at least one of their mother's siblings. This is good.
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Thanks, Meg and Odette! This is the first time I've seen or heard of any of the Miller girls with any extended family relations. Does anyone know where the photo was taken?
You are welcome. The paper was printed on the 8th of October but judging from Aristides and MC's sizes it had to be taken shortly after his birth. Perhaps sometime in June.
Mme Pesantes looks so much like Mme Miller.
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Wow! What a great find! This is the first time I have ever seen anything that mentions her maternal relatives. Thank you so much for the link! Do you know where her aunt lives? Is Orson Pesantes her cousin?
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Carminha,you're right!!I'll let them show their children as much as they like....And then we can gossip for years:D
Here is a recent photo of Pia Getty:

Getty Images - Unsupported browser detected#

The very first photo was taken in October 2008. If you scroll through the gallery, you will see a close-up of her face, also taken in October 2008. She is starting to age, but she's still very beautiful.
Perhaps she is not too photogenic. I would not go so far as calling her beautiful but it is true she is not aging too well. Actually some of the outfits and hairdos are downright awful. Perhaps it was the angle the photos :whistling:
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I think that she is very pretty, but age and sun damage are definitely apparent. I completely agree with you, Odette, on her clothing choices. Some of her outfits are not very flattering.
Perhaps she is not too photogenic. I would not go so far as calling her beautiful but it is true she is not aging too well. Actually some of the outfits and hairdos are downright awful. Perhaps it was the angle the photos :whistling:
I totally agree! She doesn't look very nice in those pics.
Thanks for the link, sgl. I don't think she looks that bad. A bit rough-looking.
Alexandra von Fürstenberg at the Vogue and Step Up Women's
Network fashion event at Bally on October 28, 2008 in Beverly
Hills, California.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
At first glance I thought it was Donatella, I think she should stay away from that look.
Alexandra's hair looks really nice in this length. She also isn't as scary-thin as she has been in the past, and that is great to see. I do agree with everyone about her orange tan. It looks terrible. Why are women doing this? These spray-tans aren't so bad in person, but in photos they always look orange. The combo of the orange tan, and her haircolor is very similar to Donatella Versace (but she looks much better than Donatella, IMO).
We're not the only ones who think she looks a little the getty images I saw that one of the captions reads "Fashion designer Alexandra Von Furstenberg and mother Pia Getty.":whistling::lol::D
That's too funny. I'm sure Pia would be mortified if she's read that.
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Poor Pia! Hopefully Getty will fix their mistake.:ohmy:
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You can google "Meet the Sisters" and find out more about them.Especially,in the front picture Pia with these purple glasses looks just like Elton John...enjoy!!

At least in the site I recommended you they are all much younger in the photos.Alexandra is still sweet.It's true that during the last years they started having small operations that changed them a lot.Especially,Alex has stopped looking natural.Let's pray that she won't do anything to her lips...
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Pia Getty attends the Island Night fragrance launch by India Hicks in collaboration
with Crabtree & Evelyn, at The Metropolitan Hotel on November 19, 2008 in London.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Great!Thanks,iceflower!She looks better and much more healthier than the last time I saw her (I think it was at the MC's opening party on Sloan Str.).Good for her!!
Thanks, Ice. You don't see as much of the "Miller Sisters" as you used to. I agree, Pia looks pretty good in these pics. Does anyone know if she's officially divorced now and if she's dating anyone?
Anyone know what the Millers house looks like ? Did Chantal Miller train her daughters for high society ? Did they go to etiquette classes or finishing school ? I don't see why social climbing or teaching your children to enter high society is seen as wrong these days. Maybe i'm just a snob and a social climber
From what I have heard the three Millers sisters had the best education that money can get. With a wonderful chalet in Switzerland and houses all over the world they didn´t need to climb very high to be in high society, I am not sure but I believe that although their parents weren´t born into it they were.
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