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From August 2-4th, Princess Akiko visited Tendo, Yamagata Prefecture to attend the 37th National Junior High school selection Shogi championship. 95 students (52 boys, 43 girls) participated and the princess is honorary president.

Source: Mainichi
On March 6th, there was an explosion when Princess Akiko attended the ski tournament in Shirahatasan stadium, Sapporo, Kiyota-ku. At the time, the princess had finished the greeting and was proceeding to the VIP room when an explosion occurred about 10 meters away. No one was injured, a suspect was quickly apprehended, and the incident did not affect the Princess' schedule.

On July 27th, prosecutors sent papers (charged?) a 29 year old, unemployed man from Higashi-ku, Sapporo on suspicion of explosives control law violations. They suspect he used a gunpowder stuffed in a pipe as an explosive device. According to the police, the suspect admitted the charges with a statement to the effect of "I wanted to stand out."

Sources: Yomiuri,
It looks like Prince Mikasa, who has been hospitalized since May 16th, may be returning home. Imperial family members, especially his wife Princess Yuriko have been visiting daily. Google translates one part of the tweet as "hospital life will not extend to long-term" so I'm assuming good news.

Asahi reporter's tweet:
Princess Akiko will award the "Imperial Highness Prince Mikasa Award" at the international ballroom dance competition, "16th Galaxy Masters Championships", on September 18th at the Nippon Budokan. The competition features 5 ballroom events (waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, slow fox trot, quick step) and 5 Latin (cha-cha, samba, rumba, PASODOBLE, jive).
Source: Mainichi

Old news:
On July 10th, Princess Akiko attended the award ceremony for the "3rd Kanjin Prince Memorial World Grand Prix International Cycling Games 2016 Japan-track Cup" in Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture.

On February 7th, Princess Akiko attended the "The 2nd Prince Tomohito of Mikasa Memorial World Grand Prix International Cycling Games", "All Japan Student Truck Series." 60 people participated in the All-Japan Student Truck Series.
On September 1st, Princess Yoko attended the attended the annual Yukashiku "Lantern City" Faith Festival at Kashima Shrine in Ibaraki Prefecture.

On September 3rd, Princess Yoko attended the IAUD 48-hour design marathon at Shibaura Institute of Technology. The design goal aimed at easy-to-use products for people with disabilities. 50 designers participed from 25 companies and divided into 6 teams. The Best Design Award went to Nissan designers' projection mapping where information signs were projected onto ceilings. Due to low point of view, people in wheelchairs have difficulty reading signs that are blocked by surrounding pedestrians.
Source: Asahi

She also the Prince Tomohito of Mikasa Cup 16th Kendo 8th Dan international tournament.
Asahi Imperial schedule

Princess Akiko's monthly rice cultivation article was published on the 3rd and focuses on weeding this time.
Princess Akiko threw the ceremonial first pitch at a game "to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the establishment of Tohto University Baseball League Association" in Tokyo on September 21st.


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Princess Akiko visited Iwate Prefecture October 3-5 to assess the reconstruction progress and for the 71st National Sports Festival. She visited disaster public housing in Otsuchi, UNESCO Heritage "Tetsu Hashino mine" in Kamaishi, and the Kenji Miyazawa Memorial (late Taisho/early Showa era poet and children's literature author) in Hanamaki. Princess Akiko watched rugby, weightlifting, and interacted "with residents and Kakuken players."


Other Imperial members will be make similar visits to Iwate Prefecture this week:
  • Princesses Hanako, Nobuko, and Hisako October 5-7
  • Princess Mako October 7-9
  • Princess Yoko October 8-10
  • Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko October 9-11
Asahi Imperial schedule

Last week, Princess Nobuko attended the "the 18th Kanjin parent Queen Cup women's cosmos gate ball tournament" on September 30th. She participated in the ceremonial first pitch and watched the energetic game.

Source: Sankei
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Princess Nobuko visited the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima on October 8th and laid a flowers at the cenotaph for atomic bomb victims. She will attend the National Convention of the Japan Junior Chamber of Commerce, held at the former Hiroshima Municipal Stadium site.

Video/info: NHK
Princess Akiko’s monthly article focuses on the rice bowl this time, see Asahi.

Princess Akiko visited to Okayama Prefecture October 8-9th to attend the 29th Okayama Kibi wheelchair road race.
Source: Sanyonews

Unfortunately, no photos or articles yet about Princesses Nobuko or Yoko’s visits to Iwate Prefecture.

ETA: Well, Princess Yoko is briefly mentioned as visiting Iwate in this article focused on Princess Mako.
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Princess Yoko visited Toyama and Ishikawa Prefectures October 12-13th. She attended the disability welfare charity "Prince Tomohito of Mikasa Memorial Cup 18th Hokuriku Welfare golf tournament", at the Golf Club Goldwin of Oyabe, Toyama.

Source: and Asahi's Imperial schedule

On October 12th, Princess Akiko attended the "14th National Self-Defense Forces" awards ceremony in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Source: fnn-news video and Twitter
On October 18th, Princess Nobuko attended the memorial service and "worship in the charnel house" at Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery.

Source: page 4 of Sankei Imperial Weekly #457

Prince and Princess Mikasa celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary on October 22nd. The Prince remains in the hospital.

Asahi reporter's tweet:
Are they the longest Royal Marriage in history?
Congratulations to them!
:previous: I think so. There was a thread on long marriages, will look for it.

Asahi reports the Mikasa couple celebrated their anniversary in the Prince’s hospital room with some family members. His condition is described as “calm.”

On October 21st, Princess Nobuko began her 3-day visit to Kagawa Prefecture for the Setouchi International Art Festival 2016.
Photo/video: NHK, Asahi

Upon arrival, the Princess toured the “Beyond the Borders - the Ocean” wooden structure at Takamatsu port. Later, she traveled to Shodoshima to see the Korean artwork “Gift of The Sun” near Tonosho Port, and Taiwanese piece “Beyond the Borders - Tide” where 196 sand figures symbolize children lost at sea. 196 is the number of countries Japan recognizes.
Photos: Yomiuri,

On October 22nd, Princess Nobuko met with patients at Oshima Seishoen Sanatorium (leprosy hospital)
Photo at

Video of Day 1:

More about the artwork:
Takamatsu | Setouchi Triennale 2016 Beyond the Borders - the Ocean

Shodoshima | Setouchi Triennale 2016 Gift of The Sun

Shodoshima | Setouchi Triennale 2016 Beyond the Borders - Tide
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Prince Mikasa has died. Condolences to the Imperial family and his friends. He has been at St. Luke's International Hospital since May.

Prince Mikasa, uncle of Emperor Akihito, died on Thursday, government sources said. He was 100.


He died at 8:34 a.m. on Thursday in a Tokyo hospital after his condition deteriorated, the sources said.


The prince was the oldest member of the Imperial family, living through the reign of three different Emperors, in the Taisho, Showa and Heisei eras. He was the only living royal family member to have served in the military during the Sino-Japanese war from 1937 and the Pacific Theater of World War II.

Prince Mikasa was born on Dec. 2, 1915, the fourth son of Emperor Taisho. His eldest brother was Emperor Hirohito, posthumously called Emperor Showa.

The prince served as an officer in the Imperial Japanese Army after graduating from the army’s college. He was posted to Nanjing, China, under a pseudonym for one year from 1943. In a book published after the end of the war, he expressed a sense of guilt over his failure to fully grasp the criminality of war.

With his wife, Princess Yuriko, Prince Mikasa had three sons and two daughters. Prince Takamado, Tomohito and Katsura all preceded him in death, in 2002, 2012 and 2014, respectively.

The prince was known as a scholar of ancient Oriental history and served as honorary president of the Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan and the Japan-Turkey Society.

Prince Mikasa, a China war veteran who spanned three reigns, dies at 100 | The Japan Times

Sankei photo gallery

ETA: Prince Mikasa's body was taken to Akasaka Estate around 11am. [Asahi]

IHA disclosed the Prince's condition began deteriorating around 7:40am and his wife, Princess Yuriko was by his side when he passed. [Sankei]

Yesterday, he received visits from his wife Yuriko, daughter-in-law Hisako, granddaughters Tsuguko and Akayo, and a grandson. [NHK]

Princess Nobuko has arrived at Akasaka Estate. [Jiji photo]

The autumn garden party on November 1st has been canceled.
  • The Imperial couple, Crown Prince, Akishino, and Hitachi families will be in official mourning for 7 days.
  • Princess Yuriko - 90 days
  • Princesses Nobuko, Akiko, Yoko, Hisako, Tsuguko, and Ayako - 30 days
[Sankei 2]

English articles:
Prince Mikasa, uncle of Emperor Akihito, dies at 100 years old : The Asahi Shimbun
Prince Mikasa, brother of Emperor Hirohito and a voice for peace, dies at 100 | The Japan Times
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My condolences.
  • The Imperial couple, Crown Prince, Akishino, and Hitachi families will be in official mourning for 7 days.
  • Princess Yuriko - 90 days
  • Princesses Nobuko, Akiko, Yoko, Hisako, Tsuguko, and Ayako - 30 days

Interesting, the different mourning periods for the imperial family (7 days), the dowager (90 days) and the grandchildren (30 days).
100 years - a long life he lived.

Interesting, the different mourning periods for the imperial family (7 days), the dowager (90 days) and the grandchildren (30 days).

yes, indeed. i thought the same.

do we have any details on the funeral arrangements?
Long and fulfilled life, although also with a suffering (having to bury all his sons)
Rest in Peace.
His late Imperial Highness lived a long and eventful life, with happiness and sadness. May he rest in peace.

My thoughts and prayers are now with Princess Mikasa, their children, grandchildren and the rest of the Imperial Family. May they find comfort remembering the happy moments they spent with the late Prince Mikasa.

Lot's of old Royals are dying these days. The King of Thailand, the former Emir of Qatar, and now Prince Mikasa. Although expected, giving their advanced ages and health issues, it's also sad. I hope this sad trend will now stop for a while.
do we have any details on the funeral arrangements?
  • The funeral is scheduled for 10am on November 4th
  • Something about the coffin on October 28th
  • Groundbreaking ceremony of the planned tomb site on October 29th
  • Coffin will be enshrined in a room called the “positive sleeping (Sacred Heart)” with a vigil on November 2nd
  • Prince Mikasa will be cremated and buried in Toshima Oka cemetery
  • Princess Yuriko will be chief mourner but due to her advanced age, granddaughter Princess Akiko will act as proxy
  • CP Naruhito’s visit to Aichi Prefecture (October 28-29) has also been canceled
  • There’s something about the practice that the Imperial couple do not attend “the mourning ceremony” (funeral?), so a messenger will be sent instead.
  • Princess Yuriko returning to Akasaka estate [Asahi photo]
  • Members of the Imperial family visited the Mikasa household in the afternoon of the 27th
    [Asahi gallery]

Sources: Asahi, Mainichi, Yomiuri
Funeral of Prince Mikasa set for November 4 - News - NHK WORLD - English

More about Prince Mikasa’s life:
Prince Mikasa spent his last years peacefully at Tokyo residence | The Japan Times

After war ended, Prince Mikasa continued his hope for peace : The Asahi Shimbun

Dutiful, peace-loving prince widely mourned - The Japan News

Prince Mikasa's life - News - NHK WORLD - English

Prince Mikasa, Brother of Emperor Hirohito of Japan, Dies at 100 - The New York Times

Kennedy, Duterte offer condolences - News - NHK WORLD - English
King Abdullah added that on behalf of Jordanians, he expresses heartfelt condolences to Japan's Emperor, Imperial family, and people on the death of Prince Mikasa.
Japan pledges financial aid to Jordan - News - NHK WORLD - English
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Interesting, the different mourning periods for the imperial family (7 days), the dowager (90 days) and the grandchildren (30 days).

it was the usual thing in the 19th century
The length of mourning depended on your relationship to the deceased. The different periods of mourning dictated by society were expected to reflect your natural period of grief. Widows were expected to wear full mourning for two years. Everyone else presumably suffered less – for children mourning parents or vice versa the period of time was one year, for grandparents and siblings six months, for aunts and uncles two months, for great uncles and aunts six weeks, for first cousins four weeks.
Victorian mourning etiquette
Now we see shorter mourning periods.
Members of the Imperial family visited the Mikasa residence again on Friday for the ceremony where Prince Mikasa's body is laid in a coffin.
His funeral will be held at a cemetery in Tokyo on November 4th.
In accordance with Imperial tradition, the Emperor and Empress won't attend, but will visit the prince's residence 2 more times to pay their last respects.
Imperial family bids farewell to Prince Mikasa - News - NHK WORLD - English

Asahi photos of 10/28 arrivals

Condolences offered for prince - The Japan News
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:previous: A few more photos at Asahi.
  • At 2pm, Princess Yuriko, Prince Akishino, Princess Kiko, and Princess Mako attended the ritual of moving Prince Mikasa’s coffin to a room for “positive sleeping (Sacred Heart).”
  • White chrysanthemum flowers, fruit, and sweets surrounded the altar.
  • Emperor Ahikito and Empress Michiko paid a condolence visit around 3:30pm. They do not attend vigils and such rituals per tradition.
  • At 6pm, Princess Yuriko, CP Naruhito, and CP Masako began the vigil. Attendees interchanged every 30 minutes and the vigil will continue Nov. 3
Source: Sankei, Yomiuri
General worship for the public:
  • Twice on Nov 4: once in the morning before the coffin; once in the afternoon before a portrait as Prince Mikasa will be taken for cremation.
  • Nov 6-7 from 10am to 3pm
  • No special dress code. Flowers and offerings are not accepted.
  • Condolence book signing from 9am to 4pm on Nov 2-3
Sankei 2, Asahi 2

Funeral procession begins at 9am on Nov. 4th (Asahi 3)

On November 3rd, members of the Imperial family attended the "ceremony of spirit bill enshrined" at Prince Mikasa’s residence; the Imperial couple paid their last condolence visit before the ritual.

Photos/info: Asahi
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