The House of Orange-Nassau in the Past

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Actually.... Alexander Palace seems more correct, a freudian mistake as I am reading Doblins Berlin Alexanderplatz now :)

I am sure Lucien can provide you with the link (I forgot how I found it)
Marengo said:
princess olga said:
this is a hugely ignorant question I'm sure, but where on the planet did you find these incredible pictures?!

Well, thanks for the compliments :) Almost half of them were found on the Alexanderplatz forums, I forgot to give credits to the persons who posted them there but I am busy retrieving ther pictures & I will mail them to Jess, who was kind enough to offer to add them to the posts.

Lucien, you should know this as you probably posted some of them yourself ;)

Thanks for the wink,.....but no,I didn't my dear Marengo....,but ofcourse I can provide the link,;)

The other half I just googled, which took ages (but don't worry, I am a history student these days so I rather enjoyed myself & the stories I read about the royals)...

BTW, Alexanderpalace has the most wonderfull pictures of Dutch Royal Palaces as well.

Courtesy to all who posted:) Scroll down to Benelux Royalty,then to :Time for Historic Portraits,and for the Palaces,you will find them on the top of page 2 of the Benelux Royalty thread.
Marengo said:
His wife Princess Luise of Prussia:

here with her daughter Louise. Note the tiara, it is now worn by Queen Margrethe II


Of course Margarethe of Denmark has that tiara now! She's a descendant of these two women! The little princess Louise became a queen of Sweden, and her daughter Louise became a queen of Denmark!
Nice work everyone! The pictures are just amazing. How many people I never knew before today! Netherlands story is very interesting, Marengo.

Marengo said:
Actually.... Alexander Palace seems more correct, a freudian mistake as I am reading Doblins Berlin Alexanderplatz now :)
gosh, Marengo, how many hours are there in your day?! AND working through that frankly Joycean density of a Doblin book, AND providing us with a stellar thread AND living a life on top of that??:eek::confused:

Alexander Palace, huh..Thanks much, I'll have to look into it!
This amount of pictures is indeed amazing. It is wonderfull to look at it. I just read a book about princess Mariannne of the Netherlands and so I got interested in the history of Dutch royalty.
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