The Family of Queen Máxima - The Zorreguietas

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Cover of the magazine

Martín also adds that they met when he was still married, six years ago. They have separate houses, but spend together all day.

More photos from ANP.

Maxima Brother MARTIN ZORREGUIETA (35) with his love partner ELIZABETH del RIO (32) who work and live with him in Villa La Angostura , Patagonia Argentina. Here both at the POLO TOURNAMENT "Copa Revolution de Mayo" in Salta, North west of Argentina. © RR / PikoPress

ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
ANP Beeldbank
Alexander and Máxima arrived in Buenes Aires this afternoon as Máxima's father is ill.He had an operation on his knee.
The RVD stated the visit is a private affair.
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Alexander and Máxima arrived in Buenes Aires this afternoon as Máxima's father is ill.He had an operation on his knee.
The RVD stated the visit is a private affair.

I hope that he recovers quickly. It was very nice of Maxima and WA to take the time out of their very busy schedules to visit with her father. I'm sure that the family is happy to be together during this time. In the past, whenever I was ill, I always wanted my family around me. Hopefully, this will help her father to feel better.
Martin Zorreguieta opened a new restaurant, 'Real', in Bariloche(South Argentina) Información General - Un restaurant "Real"- Diario El Día, La Plata, Argentina

The restaurant itself is located inside a five star hotel in Bariloche. As far as I understand, it is named Tinto Bistró as well (as the other one he owns).

The article also says that there is no certain date for the Princess to come visit it, but Martín says that she is "very pleased" with his new project.
Interesting work. I wonder if Maxima has any of her art in her home.
i belive she bought a copple of paitings for her home
Do you know which paintings? I wonder if they are on the website.
i really don't know but i wonder if having a famous sister and royal help her in her carrear as an artist?
i remember to see a photo of amalia in the house and you could see a big painting in the back, modern, i personally didn't like it!
well i suppose is a way to help he sister if she bought the paiting
Are Máxima's parents divorced?

no. maxima's father is divorced, and then married to maxima's mother. she has half-siblings.

ARGENTINE 06/10/08 Prince Philip of belgium is visiting Argentine, Uruguay and Brasil. Last monday Prince Philip met Maxima Zorreigueta s father (Jorge Zorreigueta). Brunopress has some pictures but I dont know how to post the link.

it's so sweet that phillip met maxima's parents. it's obvious there's a close relationship between the dutch and belgian crown princely couples. is jorge still at the hospital or was he released? where did they meet?
This is very nice to hear! I have never read about royals meeting with the non-royal families of royals from other countries before. I would love to know more about this visit. I wonder if photos will be released?
I've not heard of anything of the sort either. It is nice though.
obviusly she has a great relation with them!
I have no idea how to post a direct link to pictures of brunopress but here is the link to their website.
Than search for Jorge Zorreguieta and you will see the pics. I think it was during an event Prince Philip visited.
A second cousin of Princess Maxima, José Ignacio Fazio, featured on the front page of newpaper 'De Pers' . The Argentinian is an ice (speed) skater, which is practically the national sport of The Netherlands. This weekend he will participate in the World Championship speed skating in the Thialf Stadium in Heerenveen. Fazio is 23 y/o and hopes to be the 1st Argentinian who makes it to the Winter Olympics with ice/speed skating. He was discovered 3 years ago on a frozen gletsjer-lake in Patagonia by Dutch journalist Marnix Koolhaas, who invited him to come to the netherlands to skate in marathons.

He says that Maxima does follow his path to Vancouver and that esp. the Prince f Orange is enthausiastic, he even keeps a scratchbook (?) where he files articles about Fazio.

Complete article in Dutch here.
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Maxima's mother is very chic. She seems like she is a bit more petite than Maxima, but even with the sunglasses, I can see some resemblance between mother and daughter (the shape of the face, coloring).
Jorge Zorreguieta and all the other ex-ministers of the Videa regime between 1976 and 1983, will lose their allowance of 800 to 1000 euros a month that upto now they received (aditional to their normal pension).

Article in Dutch:

Nieuwsberichten Jorge Zorreguieta raakt toelage kwijt

In the mean time I think Jorge Zorreguieta congratulated the newspaper La Nacion for existing 139 years: And here something about Mr. Zorreguieta and the Basque-Argentinian foundation:
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Jorge Zorreguieta is the president of the Basque-Argentinian association. He discusses the mysterious origins of the Basque people, whose culture is more than 7000 years old. There are many people in Argentina who are of Basque heritage, himself and Maxima included. His association does many things, such as organizing trips to the Basque country, giving lectures on Basque history and culture, and lessons in the Basque language.

This is interesting to me. I studied the Basque culture during my undergraduate days, and found it fascinating. I had no idea that Maxima was part Basque. I wonder if she speaks the language? From what I know about the language, it is completely unrelated to Spanish or any of the Romance languages, and quite difficult to learn.
Brother Martin,nice man,as well as some wonderfull pictures of Mr & Mrs Zorreguieta:

PPE Agency

courtesy pPe:flowers:
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:previous: I would've never guessed that was her brother. They don't look anything alike.
Is the ski boutique a business that he or his wife are involved in? I noticed that he was standing in front of the sign in a few of the photos.
i belive is not his wife, he separate fromhis wife, for what i understand she was a waiter at one of his restaurant and they got together m this is the reason that he divorce or separate his wife, but if somebody knows better, please correct my imput1 thank you
I think Martin does look like Maxima. They look like they like to pose for the cameras more than Maxima!
I do see a very, very slight resemblance between Martin & Maxima in the eyes (his are darker) and the smile (both are very bright and catchy)- but it's a stretch to say the least.
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