The Family of Queen Máxima - The Zorreguietas

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The magazine "Caras" published an article in October about Queen Máxima's older sisters.

Jorge Zorreguieta's first marriage was to Marta López Gil, an Argentine philosopher. Together they became parents to María, Ángeles and Dolores. Some time later, Jorge Zorreguieta married María Del Carmen Cerruti, Máxima's mother.

Dolores Zorreguieta, who is 53 years old, is an artist and educator. She currently lives in New York, where she began to be known in the art world at just 27 years old. She studied at the Prilidiano Pueyrredón National School and then made the leap to Manhattan, where she enrolled at New York University.
In addition, the woman lives with her cat, Gregorio, and she is very active on Instagram, a social network in which she shares her love for art.

Ángeles Zorreguieta López is a doctor in Chemistry. She currently resides in Argentina and works for the Instituto Leloir Foundation, one of the best biochemistry and cell and molecular biology research centers in South America.
Until 2001 she worked at the John Innes Centre, an international laboratory expert in genetics and microbiology.

María Zorreguieta López is the most discreet of the clan. Hardly any details are known and there are no photos in the general press. According to various websites, she is married to Jorge Basualdo.

Photo of Máxima with all her siblings:
One of Máxima's halfsisters, Dr. Ángeles Zorreguieta, has received an award in Argentina. She received the Flor de Mujer award, which is handed out to women who stand out due to their professional behavior and their solidarity (?).

Angéles is a microbiologist and is heading the laboratory of the instituto Leloir.
Did anyone already read 'Máxima Zorreguieta - Moederland'. It sounds as if that might give a rather accurate insight in to her years until she met her prince. While the queen said that she would never read the book as she wasn't interested in/uncomfortable reading about herself as she already lived that life, she authorized (or at least 'allowed') people close to her to talk to the author.

The author, Marcia Luyten, is currently working on a second volume 'Vaderland' - about her years after she met her prince.

This might be interesting!
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