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Nov 5, 2005
Welcome to The Earl and Countess of Snowdon and Family's
News, Part One

Commencing January 21, 2017

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I wish the New Earl and Countess the best in this next chapter of their lives.
Will there be a memorial service for the first Earl of Snowdon do you think? The funeral was a very private affair with only a handful of people there, presumably the Earl & Countess and their two children, and Lady Sarah Chatto her husband and her boys.

A memorial service would be an opportunity for his royal nephews and nieces to pay their respects (Prince of Wales, Princess Royal, Duke of York and Earl of Wessex).
"Architectural Digest" did an interview with the then Lord and Lady Linley in 2005, and published photos of their French Chateau.

(This is the house where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were unknowingly photographed on the terrace some years later.)

I'm not sure if these photos - there are thirteeen in this article - have been posted in an old thread previously, but I'm always curious to see behind closed doors when there have been exterior photos of buildings the Royals have been seen at, and maybe you are too.

Here is a link to the 2005 article, and the interview about the property -

The Country Life Photos | Architectural Digest
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The Countess of Snowdon at the Dior By Christian Dior book launch in London on February 22:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Yes but he shouldn't be putting it to use, he's a royal peer and he should abstain from publishing his opinions in such a way. If he does it, why can't the others? It's a slippery slope.
Will Lord Snowdon have his say on Brexit debate? * | Daily Mail Online

Nice to know Lord Snowdon want to put his peerage to some use.

The article seems to be sensationalism. The Earl of Snowdon is not doing anything illegal. He is not a member of the Royal family. Being a private citizen, he can express his political views on various matters and bid to become a member of parliament.

In my opinion, the DailyMail strongly dislikes the Late Princess Margaret's children.
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The Daily Mail is actually quite accurate in this article, should he publish his opinions or make them known it'll cause a stir, and a big one. People won't differentiate him from his Aunt and his connections to the RF.

I also don't think you can say the DM dislikes David and Serena, as they're never seen.
Totally out of line for someone as close to the BRF as is Lord Snowdon. His father should have been denied the life peerage or allowed to sit in the Lords after the reforms based on his connections to the Queen and BRF.

If David is successful then next time around it could be Andrew or Edward or even Harry - if he gets a peerage.

Where does it stop - Beatrice standing for a seat in the Commons.

It is the slippery slope to making known the political views of members of the BRF who are supposed to be apolitical (sure constitutionally it is only the monarch who isn't allowed to have a political opinion but the others are encouraged to say nothing so that it can't be argued that they are letting the monarch's views known).

David is the nephew of The Queen and as such should have more sense at how this action will be seen.

A few generations from now there would be no real problem e.g. when it is George who is the King or even William but not while he is the nephew and then first cousin of the monarch of the day.

He may not be royal himself (according to his mother he isn't royal) but he does have The Queen as 'Auntie Lilibet'.
Who requested the peerage in question? Who granted the request? It was not The 2nd Earl of Snowdon. It is not the current Earl's of Snowdon fault that the royal courtiers/ advisers were too obtuse to calculate possible issues.

One might assume that David is fully aware of negative consequences his decisions might entail.
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The Earl of Snowdon attended the launch of The Ned in London on April 26:

** Pic **

The Linley Spring Party took place in London yesterday, May 23. The Earl and Countess of Snowdon as well Lady Sarah were present:

** rex gallery **

The Earl of Snowdon attended the Royal Academy Of Arts Summer Exhibition preview party at Royal Academy of Arts on June 7:

** Pic **

The Earl and Countess of Snowdon attended the Serpentine Summer Party in London on June 28:

** Pic **

The Earl of Snowdon and son Charles attended the Cartier Style Et Luxe at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in Chichester yesterday, July 2:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
My goodness, he sure looks like his father!

The Earl of Snowdon attended the launch of Mistamina at Linley in London yesterday, September 7:

** Pic **

The Earl of Snowdon attended the launch of Mistamina at Linley in London yesterday, September 7:

** Pic **

Yes, Missy Percy's clothing launch. Here's a picture of Missy and her brother George -

and a fuller picture of David Mistamina - Launch Party Photos and Images | Getty Images

I'm a little surprised Chelsy wasn't there, maybe she was but she wouldn't pose for a photo.

The Earl of Snowdon attended the Frieze Art Fair 2017 VIP Preview in Regent's Park on October 4:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
I don't know if it has been mentioned before on the forums, but David's firm Linley's website is very appealing. His products are so sleek and crisp and elegant.

He's really carved out (get it? Woodworking? CARVED? LOL) a niche for himself.

I love the mice!
:previous: pricey, well designed, elegant things at David Linley. The Cambridges have that wonderful Linley desk in their home in KP. It's the Horse Guards Parade Desk.
I do think that he has demonstrated a genuine talent for design whereas his royal connections recede in importance to his business. He is certainly a Messel in spirit.
Beautiful family. Margarita has grown to such a pretty, young lady. How wonderful would it be if Princess Margaret were alive today to bond with her only granddaughter? One could imagine the fun they would have together. David is such a talented designer. I love the tiara he made for his wife.
I really like the Snowdons, thank you iceflower for sharing these photos. Margarita is indeed blossoming into a very pretty young lady, I think she will look a lot like her mother, with a small mixture of Princess Margaret. I like the photo of her and Serena from the Getty gallery in particular.
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