The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's Charities and Patronages

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The statement "all are saddened by their decision" suggests that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are considered by the Queen and Buckingham Palace to be highly desirable for the role of royal patron and that there were hopes for their return. There is nothing in the statement that implies they are disgraced in the eyes of the Queen, Buckingham Palace, or the public, or that the announcement was intended to disgrace them.
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As we have no insight into private relations between members of BRF, it's hard to say if he did - or he didn't. But between living on a different continent, a global pandemic and the way he left the family, I'd say they have every right to feel a little bit abandoned.

Well, I think Harry (and Meghan) are being judged pretty fairly here, actually. One could argue though that there haven't been a lot of "best days" for the Sussexes for quite a while... not entirely without the Sussexes' fault.

Adult children marry and typically move away from their families, are these families being abandoned? The standards they are being held to are not realistic or fair.

As far as being judged fairly it is one thing to say you know I think this Oprah interview is a huge mistake. Its another when ppl use that to bring up every past thing and pile on and have another go at them ...all day ppl have done nothing but rehash things clear back to their dating days forward.

Indeed. Help doesn't erase the past, it helps you to find healthy ways to deal with it.

Help didn't mean that it was going to make him better with the life he lived. It may, and it seems it did, help him realize he wasn't going to be healthy living like that. That he needed to find his own path and a life outside of what was causing him the stress and issues. And that is what he has found, or is on the road to finding now with his wife, son and the new baby on the way.

Harry understood he needed to find a balance. He is dedicated to his charity work like Sentebale and Invictus, but the royal role is not one he was fit for. He is finding a way to be able to do what he is passionate about, without drowing under the pressure he felt from his role. Simply because you are born to be a royal doesn't mean you are cut out for it either.

I have said it many times the British really need to embrace the way of other monarchies. The heir of the throne is the only other full time royal needed to the monarch. Other members can easily be part time royals, do patronages and the odd appearance, but have private lives. If Harry had been encouraged from day one to be like the Yorks, having a private life but with patronages, things may have turned out much different for him. Instead he chafed under the constant pressure and scrutinty of the 'full time royal' and he left.


But then unlike other monarchies, I heard that the British royal family on average have more royal patronages or even do more engagements. They would also have to consider the Commonwealth countries including tours (when COVID-19 eases). The direct heirs to the throne probably cannot juggle between both domestic engagements and international diplomatic tours by themselves, especially when Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are still young. And thank goodness for The Princess Royal, Earl & Countess of Wessex, Duke & Duchess of Gloucester, Duke & Duchess of Kent and Princess Alexandra for serving the country and supporting The Queen.

Since Harry & Meghan leaving the Royal Family as working royals, The Queen, Palace and most royal commentators have decided that part-time royal would not work, because it's almost like "having your cake and eat it" (having the privileges as royal in terms of greater opportunities, but not completely fulfilling responsibility and duties).

This is unless the Royal Family decides to cut down the number of engagement and involvement of patronages and causes. However, I would expect some backlash from critics suggesting that the royals are not fulfilling their duties, whilst being very wealthy. The Royal Family could theoretically massively decrease the percentage (initially started at 15%) of Crown Estate Revenue that goes into the Sovereign Grant and letting the rest of it go to The Treasury. Another possibility is to change the income distribution in Duchy of Lancaster and Duchy of Cornwall. However, given the number of staffs and cost of maintenance/renovation of Crown Estates, reducing the Sovereign Grant or other private income would not keep the checks & balance right.
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Times saying most of Harry’s patronages and honorary titles will not reassigned except Marines to Anne.

They think National Theater to Edward.
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... celebrities pushing charitable causes are a dime a dozen here in the states, so it’ll be interesting to see if their message resonates w/ the unbiased (for or against) among the audience.

Interesting commentary and speculation. Based on their words and actions, I have witnessed how M&H already resonate with a large global audience. The 'Inspired by the Sussexes' fundraising campaign last year independently raised $130,000 for CAMFED (an African educational charity for women and girls). In fact, a number of M&H charities have received a wellspring of donations from Sussex supporters. When they learned of the CAMFED donation, M&H promptly acknowledged that support by double-matching those funds with another $130,000 outright to CAMFED.

Meghan and Harry aren't your average 'celebrities pushing charitable causes.' The Sussexes have always been guided throughout their lives with the gene of compassion. Together, and via their Archewell Foundation collaborations, they are creating something wide-ranging and special from their hearts. Who they are and what they are doing in the world resonates with a lot of people. Stay tuned.

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Wonderful to read of Harry and Meghan's donation on Sunday to the women's shelter in Texas, damaged in the recent terrible storm. These women and their children are so vulnerable. I'm sure good use will be made of the donation given in the Archewell name. Archewell contributions like this one are sure to come up in the interview.

Thank you MaiaMia for posting the original link above.
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I wanted to say that the Archewell website has been changed. They have removed the I am my mother's son and pic of Diana. I saw the forum was closed.
I was just wondering if the newly released Sentebale Report and accounts for Sentebale (August 2020) could please be posted in the Sussex charities thread. It’s a very interesting and colourful report on the progress made in Malawi and Lesotho and I’m pleased it is still one of Harry’s charities.


Thanks for posting. The situation in Lesotho and Botswana is dire. The administrative costs are somewhat high, but that is not unusual for smaller NGOs and sometimes these organizations can fill gaps that larger charities can't.
The Duke of Sussex as Patron of Walking with the Wounded called and congratulated veterans who had participated in the Grenadier Walk of Oman today, October 22.

The Duke of Sussex is quoted saying:

Guys just remember, you have got to hold on to this moment, you have got to hold onto this feeling. Because it doesn’t matter where you walk, or what you are doing. When inevitably we all end up feeling down, a little bit dark, in the weeks months and years to come, you will remember back to this. Lean on this experience to pick yourselves up

** walkingwiththewounded: Reimagined’ Grenadier Walk of Oman expedition, reaches finish line in London **
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