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Not to much speculation
Copenhagen Cathedral is the place where Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark and his fiancee, Miss Mary Elizabeth Donaldson will exchange marriage vows on May 14, 2004.

If you have pictures and informations, you may post it. :)

Our Lady's Church - Copenhagen Cathedral
Vor Frue Kirke (Domkirken)

Our Lady's Church in Copenhagen - the city's cathedral - has been ravaged by fire to an exceptional degree, and the present building is at least the seventh in a row.

After each reconstruction the church reflected the style of the time - thus it was built in High Gothic style in 1316, after the fire of 1728 as a baroque church and finally after the English bombardment of Copenhagen in 1807 as a neoclassic temple, designed by the leading architect of the day, C. F. Hansen.

The Cathedral's organs have also been rebuilt and replaced many times - not always because they were destroyed or worn out, but often because musical tastes had changed. The present instrument, built in 1995 by Marcussen & Søn, accordingly superseded an organ which was only 30 years old.

Copenhagen Cathedral

If you are going to observe the picture, far right of the cathedral looks like Christiansborg Slot. Its the parliament building of Denmark.

Copenhagen Cathedral (Vor Frue Kirke [Our Lady's Church]) is rather simple as cathedrals go, but it is famous for its statues of Christ and the apostles by Thorvaldsen.

This Greek Renaissance-style church, built in the early 19th century near Copenhagen University, features Bertel Thorvaldsen's white marble neoclassical works including Christ and the Apostles. The funeral of Hans Christian Andersen took place here in 1875, and that of Søren Kierkegaard in 1855.

The cathedral inside is very nice especially the altar.


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Links to many photos of Copenhagen cathedral :
Royal Blue - Frederik forum - Photos - Topics :

Would Anyone Like To See Photos Of The Church?
Flash-presentation Of The Church!

Of course this cathedral is very much smaller than Madrid cathedral ^_^

Added : Perhaps some of those photos will be posted here too ?
Do you have any pictures of the inside of the church??

I really likes the outside of the Madrid one but I didn't think the inside was as good as the outside (it looked too much like my local one).

Very nice pictures, samitude. The church is beautiful but very plain looking; I mean lots of white, pale, washed out walls. I hope that whoever decorates the church for the wedding will add lots of colour to the church by way of bright flowers. Perhaps deep red roses or bright pink roses?
Northern European Protestant churches, even cathedrals, are almost always plain. Something of a reaction during the Reformation to the excesses of the Catholic Church - which is usually evident in their church's more exuberant architecture.
I adore the architecture of the cathedral inside and outside! It's simple yet I prefer it. It looks clean and very bright especially in the day. I am sure the cathedral would look grand during the wedding on May 2004. Especially with the kind of flowers they would put up. ;)
For the male royal guests to the wedding, will they wear uniforms (if that applies to them) to the wedding, or will all the men wear white tie?
WOW! What a fantastic cathedral. Much more beautiful than Felipe and Letizia's destination also the same week in may of La Almudena. What a beautiful church inside.....

A.C. C. This is a Crown Princely wedding, you better believe that there will be uniforms.....

I wonder if Letizia will be there and if she will wear a tiara like Maxima did when she was engaged?

I honestly am not a fan for Mary too much yet, but, really can't wait for this wedding, I am truley looking forward to a beautiful wedding.
Originally posted by King Christian@Sep 30th, 2003 - 11:34 am
Posted: Sep 30th, 2003 - 12:10 pm

I would love to see other royals take part of the ceremony as at the Crown Prince wedding In Norway

How do you mean, "take part"?
I would imagine all european royals will be invited (and have already been invited?).
My take on other European royals "taking part" in the ceremony as several of them did during the Norweigen wedding is that the "heirs presumptive" of two other monarchies were involved, if not more, however I remember that ~ CP Frederick of Denmark served as "best man" and CP Victoria of Sweden "read the lesson". It's akin "to the next generation of royals" type of thing. Anyone else have different views? Please let me know! :heart:

Loads of partying in May for the Royals. Especially the Norwegians, as I'm betting most of them will be invited to both Spain and Denmark, and have a National Day, May 17th, to celebrate inbetween as well.
Originally posted by Bubbette@Jan 6th, 2004 - 11:04 am
How is everyone going to swing this and the Spanish wedding?
:unsure: What are the dates for the weddings? I forgot.
The Danish wedding is on the 14th of May and the Spanish is the weekend after. And there's one in Jordan the week after there again, as I understand it.
Originally posted by Alexandria+Jan 6th, 2004 - 7:00 pm--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Alexandria @ Jan 6th, 2004 - 7:00 pm)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> <!--QuoteBegin-norwegianne@Jan 6th, 2004 - 4:31 pm
The Danish wedding is on the 14th of May and the Spanish is the weekend after. And there's one in Jordan the week after there again, as I understand it.
I think the Jordanian wedding is before both the Danish and Spanish weddings, on May 1. [/b][/quote]
I just read in the Spanish newspaper ABC that Prince felipe and Letizia will be attending the wedding in Denmark on the 14th, then they have their wedding on the 22nd and will be attending the wedding in Jordan on the 27th. WOW!

Svenske kronprinsesse Victoria vil tage plads i Vor Frue Kirke den 14. maj sammen med sin smukke lillesøster. Det samme vil norske Mette-Marit og kronprins Haakon. Sæderne i kirken midt i København vil være så fyldt af kongelige og magtfulde statsoverhoveder fra hele verden, at der vil være navne nok den dag til at lave ugeblade i et helt år.

Der bliver virkelig noget at passe på. EU-topmødet bliver det rene barnemad i sammenligning, mener historiker og kongehusekspert Claus Bjørn. 

Samtlige kongehuse

»Der vil gå invitationer ud til samtlige kongehuse, som Danmark har kontakt med. Det vil sige alle de europæiske og Thailand. Vi får nok ikke dronning Elizabeth at se. Der er traditionen for, at hun ikke personligt kommer, men repræsenteres af en nærtstående person. Nok en af prinserne.

Næppe prins Charles

Det bliver dog næppe prins Charles med de konstant ubehagelige vibrationer, som omgiver ham. Det bliver nok en person, som ikke skaber diskussion om andre ting med sin tilstedeværelse,« siger Claus Bjørn, som mener, at vi til gengæld kan være meget sikre på at se de smukke søstre fra det svenske kongehus, ligesom det norske kronprinsepar også vil sige ja til invitationen.

I hans øjne er det heller ikke umuligt, at den spanske kronprins kommer til københavn med TV-journalisten Letizia - parret, som gik i Frederik og Marys fodspor, da de for nylig forlovede sig til hele Spaniens store overraskelse.

Der er ingen tvivl om, at Frederik og Marys bryllup vil være en af de begivenheder, som virkelig kan samle kongehusene. De vil være der alle sammen. Desuden vil begivenheden også få de allermest magtfulde politikere i verden til at tage til København for at være med.

»Der vil komme invitationer til samtlige statsoverhoveder. George Bush vil også blive inviteret. Han vil nok ikke komme, men den amerikanske præsident vil være repræsenteret på et eller andet fremtrædende niveau.

  Altså en person med høj status i USA. Der vil også gå en invitation til Putin i Rusland, og han vil også lade sige repræsentere med en fremtrædende person med en vis status udadtil,« siger Claus Bjørn.

rough translation:
Swedsh Crown Princess Victoria will take her place in Vor Frue church on May 14th, with her beautiful younger sister. As will Norwegian Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon. The seats in the church in the middle of Copenhagen will be so filled with royals and powerful heads of state from all over the world that it will be enough names that day to make magazines for a year.

It will be enough to watch. The top-meeting of EU will be as easy as making baby-food (?) in comparison, says historian and expert on the royal house, Claus Bjørn.

All the Royal houses
There will be sent out invitations to all the royal houses that Denmark is in touch with. This means all the European, and Thailand. We probably won't get to see Queen Elizabeth. It is a tradition that she doesn't show up, but is represented by a person close to her. Probably one of the princes.

Hardly Prince Charles

It doesn't seem like it will be Prince Charles, though, with the constant uncomfortable vibrations that surround him. It will probably be someone who won't create a discussion about something else by his presence, Claus Bjørn says who on the other hand think that it is certain that we will see the beautiful sisters from the Swedish royal house, just as the Norwegian Crown couple will accept the invitation.

In his eyes it's not impossible that the Spanish crown prince will come to Copenhagen with journalist Letizia, the couple who followed in Frederik and Mary's footsteps, when they recently became engaged, to the surprise of Spain.

There is no doubt that Frederik and Mary's wedding will be one of the events that really can gather the royal houses. They want to be there, all of them. The event will also get the most powerful politicians on the earth to go to Copenhagen to attend.

"There will probably be invites to all head-of states. George Bush will also be invited. He won't come, but the American President will be represented on some prominent level. A person with high status in the States. President Putin will also be invited, and he will also be represented with a prominent person with a high status," says Claus Bjørn.
Thank you for the article norwegianne.

In lieu of Prince Charles, I hope that it will be Prince Andrew who attends the wedding. He hardly attends many of the European royal events and I imagine that he would be lots of fun! But most likely I think it would be the Earl and Countess of Wessex who will attend the wedding as they seem to have attended a lot of European royal events in the past year or so, although I'm not certain of this since they've just had a little baby and may want to spend more time with her.

Interesting that Putin and Bush will be invited, however. Are foreign heads of state (non-royal) usually invited to such events? I know that the present government and past members of government of each country would be invited (in this case the Danish government past and present), and foreign figures whom the family is close to (in the case of Willem and Maxima it was Koffi Annan-sp? and his wife and Nelson Mandela and his wife).

Were foreign political figures invited to Haakon and Mette-Marit's Crown Princely wedding?
Originally posted by Alexandria@Sep 29th, 2003 - 6:33 pm
Not "news" but lots of speculation ...

Coppyright Imagien scandinavia / Henrik Hildebrandt / 10045 / Köpenhamn, Danmark. Holmens Kirke (church), where the wedding between Crown Prince frederik and Mary Donaldson might take place.
gorgeous.. but small???
Originally posted by Bubbette@Oct 8th, 2003 - 9:43 am
What do we think about her suit?
i think so .. i like her style.. seems like she has her own style.. i would wear that.. and i like her shoes.. .. she could start some trends here in the states.. one to watch .. just like Lady Di.
Originally posted by Josefine@Oct 10th, 2003 - 10:19 am
Københavns Domkirke
I saw this on royal blue forums about how mary when she was in australia last month for her sister's wedding she asked one of her freinds who she use to work with when she worked if she would be her bridesmaid for her wedding. You can find the article on royal blue forums under wedding?

I find it hard to belive that fred and mary are preparing to get married but it seems to me that there planning and preparation time is going at a snails pace since they always seem to be on holidays together and expecting sameone else to do the wedding for them.
If this is what denmark is getting for a future crown princess and a prince know
i see that these two are going to take it to a new level when there married and it called sitting on your ass and let sameone else do the work for you.

Boy and letzia has aready pick a person to make her dress i wonder why mary hasn't made this move yet. And she is running out of time as well. :unsure:
I am sure they have people planning the wedding for them! They are most likley involved, but they have a staff of wedding planners doing the difficult stuff. The same could be said about Felipe and Letizia. Even my friends had professional wedding planners. All they chose were the main things like the dress, flowers, music etc. and the professionals worked their magic. I am also sure that Mary's dress is being designed as I type this, but the details are being kept from the public until the big day. They hardly seem "lazy" to me. I would leave most of the work to the professionals as well. :flower:
We really have no idea how far ahead or behind they are in their wedding preparations so I can't really comment. Just because we don't hear about it doesn't mean it's not happening (yeah ok that's a comment! :p ). I also don't know if Mary just asked her friend to be a bridesmaid when she went to Australia. IMO it's more probable that she already knew, but of course the press only made the link when they saw that friend having dinner with them in Sydney. For example, just because the press found out in 2002 (or 01?) that Fred was going out with Mary didn't mean that they only met each other at that time; they were already going out before the press found out.
Here at LTR someone posted about the gold for Crown Prince Frederik and Mary's

wedding rings will be the first gold ever produced from the new goldmine on Greenland.

I simply could not not find that post again to quote it here - anyway;
tuesday 10.february that gold was delivered to the royal court's jeweler Fleming Hertz by member of the rule of Greenland, Johansen

Danmark: Det grønlandske guld til kronprins Frederik og Mary Donaldsons vielsesringe blev tirsdag aften bragt til København, hvor landsstyremedlem Jørgen Wæver Johansen overrakte det til kgl. hofjuveler Flemming Hertz. Foto: Scanpix Nordfoto

Photo of the gold
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Here is a useful place to find wedding info :)
The royal wedding media service

In addition to the planned official wedding arrangements
tuesday 11.may
wednesday 12.may
thursday 13.may
friday 14.may
there will be a huge concert with 40 000+ tickets for sale in profit of
Save the Children Rock 'n' Royal
friday 7.may

+ of course the official danish royal websites :

Frederik and Mary's website

The Danish Monarchy
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Why was it said that Prince Charles might not be Queen Elizabeth II's representative to the wedding? Prince Charles has attended all of the weddings of his fellow Crown Princes who have married (Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc.). I do expect that the Earl and Countess of Wessex will also be there.
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:p I'm interested in any and all royal weddings! There is no such thing as too much information on royal weddings for me :lol: !
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I wish they would release a new set of engagment photos; some casual, some formal, etc. ; but Netty said she got an e-mail saying that there are no plans to release another set of photos. :(
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