Swedish Royal Family, Current Events, Part 9

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Arms of the King of Sweden

Welcome to The Swedish Royal Family, Current Events, Part 9

Commencing October 5th,2022

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King Carl Gustaf and crown princess Victoria attend tomorrow The Change of Government Council. Ulf Kristersson was elected Sweden's new prime minister.
Because of the Council, Victoria's visit to Tiveden National Park tomorrow was cancelled.

The formal change of government takes place at 13.00 at a special council at the Royal Palace with H.M. The king as chairman. H.R.H. The Crown Princess, the Speaker and the new government are present. At the council, the Speaker hands over the appointment to be prime minister to Ulf Kristersson. The King then states that a change of government has taken place.
Hålltider för regeringsskiftet _ Kungahuset

The Change of Government Council at 13.00 live:
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The king and queen host the Riksdagssupé - Riksdag supper on 29th November.
Crown princess Victoria, prince Daniel, prince Carl Philip and princess Sofia attend.
At each new term of office, the King and Queen invite the members of the Riksdag to a supper at the Royal Palace. The supper starts with a concert – a so-called divertissement – in the Hall of State and is followed by a greeting ceremony.
Officiella program _ Kungahuset
The King and Queen host a lunch to archbishop emerita Antje Jackelén on 21st November. Daniel, Carl Philip and Sofia attend too (Victoria will be in Kenya).
Officiella program _ Kungahuset

Antje Jackelén laid down her bishop's staff during a church service at the Uppsala Cathedral on 30 October 2022. Martin Modéus will be received as the new archbishop on 4 December, the King and Queen attend the High Mass at the Uppsala Cathedral.
The King and Queen host the Riksdagssupé - Riksdag supper with divertissement this evening.
The royal court at its social media
"The Royal Palace makes itself ready to receive 480 guests this evening for the King and Queen's supper with divertissement for members of the Riksdag, the government and senior officials in the Government Offices and the Riksdag Administration.
"Riksdagsupé" is given after every Riksdag election. The event is the largest recurring one that takes place at the Royal Palace and for several days the Palace's halls have been prepared and decorated for tonight's dinner for the newly elected members of parliament."


Photos by SPA

Profimedia gallery

The royal court about the evening
Kungaparet gav riksdagssupé _ Kungahuset

Svensk Damtidning
Victorias paljettchock! Se bilderna från kungens fest i natt _*Svensk Dam
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A question. Was there first a Concert in the Hall of State followed by a Diner afterweards?
A question. Was there first a Concert in the Hall of State followed by a Diner afterweards?

Yes, that is told at the article about the evening at royal court's website, I posted the link to the article in my previous post.
First the divertissiment (concert) at the Hall of State
Then the greeting of the 480 guests at the Pillared Hall at the Bernadotte Apartments
Then dinner at the State Apartments (dinner was served at the Cabinet Room, Audience Chamber, King Gustav III's State Bedchamber, Sofia Magdalena's State Bedchamber, Don Quijote Salon and Karl XI's gallery).

Photos from the evening at court press room
Kungahuset Pressbilder _ Royal Court Press Photos - Latest images_ (20)

Legion-Media gallery

Här döljer Victoria sorgen – timmar efter dödsdagen _*Svensk Dam

Kungafamiljen välkomnade riksdagsledamöter i vackra klänningar _ Damernas Värld

The court updated its calendar today
King Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia, Victoria and Daniel attend the Swedish Academy's formal gathering on 20th December.
Officiella program _ Kungahuset


Photos from the riksdagssupé
Crown Princess Victoria Attends the Riksdag Dinne — Royal Portraits Gallery
The King and Queen of Sweden Host Riksdag Dinner — Royal Portraits Gallery
Princess Sofia Attends the Riksdag Dinner — Royal Portraits Gallery
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The King and Victoria have in addition to the Council of State also another work event today, they attend in the evening the Swedish Academy's formal gathering at Börshuset (The Stock Exchange) with queen Silvia and Daniel.
Profimedia gallery
ANP Gallery

Queen Silvia arrived separately, she was seen only in at Börshuset. Svensk Damtidning has contacted Margareta Thorgren to ask why.
Around 400 invitees are gathered as usual.
Drottningen saknades vid ankomst – nu på plats under festkvällen _*Svensk Dam

Photos and video by SPA
The Swedish Academy has ended the working year with a formal gathering in the Stock Exchange Hall in Old Town in Stockholm. The program at the ceremony is the same from year to year and largely follows Gustaf III's instructions.
Högtidlig julavslutning för Svenska Akademin

The court at its website
Kungaparet och Kronprinsessparet vid Svenska Akademiens högtidssammankomst _ Kungahuset

This is a gorgeous photo of Victoria
Kronprinsessan i Camilla Thulin hos Svenska Akademien _ Damernas Värld

Legion-Media gallery
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The King, the Queen and crown princess Victoria attend the Folk och Försvar Annual National Conference (Society and Defence) in Sälen on 8-9 January, Victoria attends also on the third day 10 January.
Usually the King and Victoria attend, but this year also queen Silvia.
Officiella program _ Kungahuset
King Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia and crown princess Victoria arrived to Sälen, to attend Folk och Försvar (Society and Defence) Annual National Conference's first day.
This year, the conference is covered by more media than usual due to the war in Ukraine and Swedish NATO membership, Svensk Damtidning writes.
The King and Victoria greeting
Efter kritiserade uttalandet_ Kungen och Victoria syns tillsammans igen _*Svensk Dam
Frostiga relationen efter kungens kris – bilderna visar _*Svensk Dam

The royal family and top politicians arrive here for the national conference.
- It is good that everyone is gathered, says King Carl XVI Gustaf to the press corps on site.
Folk och försvar_ Kungen och statsministern i Sälen

Första bilderna på Victoria efter kungliga krisen - Allt om kungligt

The King was interviewed by TV4 on arrival
King Carl XVI Gustaf said that the conference is especially important this year, considering how the outside world looks, "The way the world looks now, we have to take this very seriously".
Kungen_ ”Som världen ser ut nu så måste vi ta det här på ... - tv4.se

Gallery by SPA, we see also lieutenant general Jan Salestrand, The Chief of H.M The King's Military Staff, sitting beside Victoria.

Photos from Folk och Försvar's press room.

Photos from the evening by SPA

SPA published today a video of the King, Queen and Victoria at the Folk och Försvar (Society and Defence) Annual National Conference.
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There is one of Skistar's ski resorts in Sälen and the King and Victoria go skiing usually every year when they attend the National Conference. The program starts only 12.30, so that the participants can go skiing in the morning if they want.
Victoria and the King were doing some alpine skiing in 2019
The King skiing in 2014

Nya bilderna på Victoria och kungen efter familjekrisen – gör det helt oväntade _*Svensk Dam

Kungen och Victorias härliga skidtur efter återföreningen - Allt om kungligt

Court website
Kunglig närvaro vid Folk och försvar _ Kungahuset

Photos by SPA

Svensk Damtidning asked PR expert Paul Ronge about his thoughts on the images of the King and Victoria at the conference.
It is a highly conscious move by Victoria, he believes:
- It shows that Victoria is the one who is the adult in the room. This is a great PR strategy. It strengthens her. It shows that whatever the king says, she has a good attitude about it.
Ronge says he is impressed by the crown princess. Then he criticizes the king:
- Because it was a very strange statement in relation to her. In principle, it could not be interpreted in any other way than that he would rather have seen history turn out differently than it did.
Victorias drag! Här blir kungen tillsagd _*Svensk Dam


Photos of the King, Queen and Victoria attending the second day of Folk och Försvar (Society and Defence) Annual National Conference.
ANP gallery

Victoria met Emma Wiesner, Member of the European Parliament for Centerpartiet, at the conference. Emma Wiesner at her Twitter with a photo
"Very gratifying that HRH the Crown Princess shows such great interest in EU issues and the Swedish presidency during #fofrk!"

Video from skiing

Victoria yesterday, discussing with Andrii Plathotniuk, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Sweden. Photo by Ulf Palm.
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Daniel, Carl Philip and Sofia attend the Sports Gala at Avicii Arena this evening.
Se nya bilderna från röda mattan_ Prinsessan Sofia visar upp nya frisyren! _*Svensk Dam

Profimedia gallery
Getty Images gallery

Photos by SPA - with a very good photo of Daniel. The woman beside him is SVT's CEO Hanna Stjärne. On Daniel's other side sits Magdalena Forsberg, the winner of The Swedish Sports Academy's Honorary Award.


Daniel delivers Generation Pep's Årets Peppare Prize and Carl Philip delivers Jerring Prize.

Madeleine's friend Lovisa de Geer interviewed the guests arriving.
Lovisa with Carl Philip and Sofia

The Gala starts at 20.00
Idrottsgalan – Galan _ SVT Play

Daniel delivered the Årets Peppare Prize to Fuzed, a business that combines movement and healthy eating in combination with an interest in gaming. He held a great speech without notes.

Carl Philip delivered the Jerring Prize to speedskater Nils van der Poel. On 3 March 2022, Nils announced his retirement from elite ice speed skating following the 2021–22 season, where he won two Olympic gold medals and World Allround Championship.
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The King and Queen, crown princess Victoria, prince Carl Philip, princess Christina and Tord Magnuson arrive to the anniversary gala for invited guests in connection with the Royal Opera celebrating 250 years. Daniel is at the World Economic Forum in Davos and Sofia is ill.
Profimedia gallery

Kungliga galafesten i gång! Victorias oväntade drag _*Svensk Dam
Nya bilderna på Tord Magnuson efter olyckan _*Svensk Dam
Kungligt och kändistätt när Kungliga Operan firade 250 år. _ Damernas Värld

Legion-Media gallery

The Royal Court at its website
The Royal Family met also the cast.
Victoria met again Luiza Lopes, the dancer she and her family met at their visit to Royal Opera shown at their Christmas greeting.
Kungafamiljen besökte Kungliga Operan som firar 250 år _ Kungahuset

Photos at the Royal Opera's press release (scroll down)
Court singer Karl-Magnus Fredriksson, premier dancer Luiza Lópes and the Royal Opera's music director Alan Gilbert met King Carl XVI Gustav, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Carl Philip in connection with the Royal Opera celebrating 250 years with an anniversary gala on 18 January. The reception was held in the Royal Foyer, during the intermission of the gala performance.
Kungafamiljen mötte artister vid Kungliga Operans Jubileumsgala _ Kungliga Operan

Arrivals to the Royal Opera
Lots of photos here
Kungliga Operan 250 år CawaMedia
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Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria held today a diplomatic reception for ambassadors from Tunisia, Pakistan, Argentina, India, the Dominican Republic and Kazakhstan.
Diplomatmottagning på Kungl. Slottet _ Kungahuset

It was announced already yesterday that the King still has cold and can't attend the diplomatic reception. Today also Daniel became ill, he has a cold, Margareta Thorgren told to Svensk Damtidning.
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This evening, February 13, King Carl Gustaf, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Christina and Tord Magnusson attended the inauguration of Stockholm as European Capital of Gastronomy 2023 at Stockholm City Hall:

** instagram gallery **

Nice to see princess Christina attending with Tord Magnuson. Tord attends various events much more than Christina nowadays.
We see the King wearing ribbon "Tallrik 17" - he is a member of the Swedish Gastronomic Academy with number "Tallrik 17" (Plate 17), his predecessor was prince Bertil. The Academy has 17 members.
Ledamöter i Gastronomiska Akademien – Gastronomiska Akademien

Gallery from the evening
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Queen Silvia, crown princess Victoria, prince Daniel, prince Carl Philip and princess Sofia attend a Prayer for Peace at the Royal Chapel on Friday February 24.
Officiella program _ Kungahuset
The Prayer for Peace at the Royal Chapel. Queen Silvia, crown princess Victoria, prince Daniel, prince Carl Philip and princess Sofia attend.
Profimedia gallery
ANP gallery

Photos by SPA

Today, on the anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, patients and staff from the Rehab Station were invited to a Prayer for Peace in the Royal Chapel. The event was hosted by the Royal Family. We are happy to help and receive patients from Ukraine.

Sobert klädd kungafamilj på fredsbön utan kungen _ Damernas Värld

The Ukrainians greet the royalty
Selfie with Victoria
Group photo "find the royals"

The Prayer for Peace will soon begin in the Royal Chapel. Many Ukrainians in place and soon the royal family will arrive.
Slava Ukraina
Prayer for Ukraine
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The King and Victoria attended today a meeting of the Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs.
Utrikesnämnd på Kungl. Slottet _ Kungahuset


Tomorrow the King, Queen and Victoria host a lunch to HM Margareta, Custodian of the Crown of Romania.
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