State Visit from Russia to The Netherlands: November 1-2, 2005

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I really like how Maxima looks. Are there more photos??
i have agree with posts about Maxima's hairs but she need full hair and she make more looks lovely of her hair i dont blame of her what she wanted it.

and im really like her outfits i think what kind maxima wores outfit? black or colors?

Sara Boyce
Máxima really looks great! Love the neckline, it's very unusual and that makes it interesting! A pity that she wasn't wearing a tiara though!

I don't care much for the Queen's and Margriet's dresses...
to me, maxima looked stunning. i i loved that black dress, black colour is definetely one of the most elegant ones and that neckline looks beautifully original. i really find her a fashion guru.
any ideas about who may have designed it? it doesn't look really natan this time... :)

it's always beautiful to see magriet's smile and the queen being, as always, a great hostess.
I totally agree! Maxima looks stunning, love the hair, love the dress, love everything!
Cheers! Picture from AD


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Thanks to everyone who has posted photos.

I really liked the Queen's hat at the airport, and I'm not a fan of hats. I can't say the same thing for her wrap. The fuzzy balls at the ends were a bit odd.

I'm also not a fan of the Queen's outfit at the banquet. It's rather frumpy looking and a bit too busy.

Maxima looks very elegant as usual. I liked her dress with the exception of the neckline. The dress would be beautiful if it didn't have such a high neckline. Her earrings and upswept hairdo were quite nice though.

It really is a shame that we didn't get to see any glitzy jewels. :(
I think Maxima looks lovely. I always like it when she has color close to her neck because it takes you right up to her face and I think she has such a pretty face -- even prettier IMHO when her hair is pulled completely off her face. I also love the look on the Queen's face as she is raising the toast to Pres. is kind of mischevious and makes me think she can probably be a very fun dinner partner!

Anyway, thanks to all for the photos. Ropura, as others have said, I also appreciate your own photos! Thank you for posting them.
Mr. Putin seemed in a very good mood, he smiled a lot and seemed to have a good time with the royals. His face changes a lot when he smiles, it becomes less scary and more human. A good thing they all talk german together, no translator needed.

It was a real pity that there were no tiara's at all, I believe it was the first incoming state visit without any tiara's. But considering Beatrix distaste for flashy jewels she must be secretly pleased. I wonder what we will get at the jordanian state visit, no tiaras at all or only small ones again, the queen with the eternal (and boring) small diamond floral tiara probably. Also the background of the group picture is not that nice, the palace has many walls which are much more interesting.

The dresses were all ok, but no stunners I think, I wish I could see a better picture of Maxima, to identify the brooch she is wearing (on such a strange place). Mrs Ludmilla Putina looks better then usual IMO.

On the royal message boards a poster noted that the Queens of Denmark and Great-Britain still have to make a state visit to The Netherlands, and the King of Sweden and the Grand Duke of Luxembourg as well. I hope it will happen within this reign, but probably not as we do not share to many evonomical intrests with them :(

And thanks to everybody who posted the pictures...


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Day 2, more from the luncheon at ridderzaal (from seegerpress) :


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Wow maxima looks fabulous, queen Beatrix also looks very nice. Both ladies adapt their clothes to this cold autumn.
by the way, Isn;t that princess Margriet in the chair with the blue scarf?
I liked the outfits from today. Very nice autumn colors on both Queen Beatrix and Princess Maxima! I've really liked Queen Beatrix's hats for this visit. Very elegant.
Polfoto 02-11-2005 Russian President Vladimir Putin, centre right, and Dutch Queen Beatrix, centre left, at the end of the official state visit at the palace Noordeinde in The Hague, the Netherlands, Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2005. Putin was invited by Dutch Queen Beatrix for a two-day official state visit to the Netherlands, the first state visit by a Russian leader since Czar Alexander II in 1874.


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3 more from ANP :


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poor pieter! he still has to have a bandage on his finger. its already been such a long time since the accident.
1 more from getty :

Den Haag, NETHERLANDS: Dutch Princess Maxima (C) and Russian President Vladimir Putin's wife Lyudmila (R) listen to the general manager of the Mauritshuis museum Frederik J. Duparc during their visit in The Hague, 02 November 2005. Putin called 02 November for a common European effort to combat international terrorism, which he blamed for the killing of a Dutch film-maker a year ago. "It is in our common interest to strengthen the stability and security of the whole European continent and to increase the effectiveness of the struggle against new threats, including of course international terrorism," Putin said


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Is there a picture of QB in her "Russian style" dress without that shiny shawl covering it up? You can tell from the bottom half of the dress that it has a very pretty red color to it and I would love to see the whole dress.
More pictures from the end of the official state visit at the palace Noordeinde in The Hague. Source Colourpress.


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2 pictures from Maximá from yesterday evening Royal Images


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More pictures from today without watermarks from Colourpress and AFP


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misshelen said:
More pictures from the end of the official state visit at the palace Noordeinde in The Hague. Source Colourpress.

I'd like to see the skirt or dress that's beneath the fur-trimmed wrap the Queen's got on. The red and gold pattern makes me think it's Russian-inspired -- very appropriate for the occasion and very trendy for fall 2005!
More pictures from today from royal images


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#1: THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS. NOVEMBER 2. Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, Lyudmuila Putina, the spouse of the Russian President, actress Marina Neyelova (from left), the spouse of the Dutch Ambassador to Russia, visit the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis.


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From Reuters today


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I wish I could see the red and gold dress Beatrix is wearing. It looks like sari borders rather than Russian inspired, IMO, but gorgeous in any case.

Also love her black embroidered suit, though I would have worn the jacket with solid color dress/skirt-top underneath.

Not loving Maxima's outfit. I think she needs to lose some more of her pregnancy pounds before she wears outfits like today's, with the high cut jacket and tight skirt. Loved the outfit, just not on her at this weight. Also, too much hat.
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