State Visit from Russia to Spain: February 8-9, 2006

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the green necklace and green ear-rings certainly makes Letizia stunning! absolutely gorgeous!

i dun really like the bottom of her dress...but the top is nice.....
CP Letizia looks lovely of green evening dress with off shoulder and i would agree with posts but Letizia been good roles as motherhood and more beautiful Princess ever
CP Letizia looks fantastic! I especially love the top of the evening dress but find the skirt a bit too "puffy".

She does have that wonderful motherhood glow and it's so touching to see the tender gesturs between the prince and princess.
bigheadshirmp said:
the green necklace and green ear-rings certainly makes Letizia stunning! absolutely gorgeous!

i dun really like the bottom of her dress...but the top is nice.....
I was thinking the very same thing. I think that I would have liked the dress more if the skirt had been a little straighter. But the top and the color and absolutely devine on her. And the jewels really add a lot to the outfit.
Letizia's dress is way to big for someone as short as she is, Queen Sofía did it again (does that woman ever make a mistake? or just everything looks great on her whether is beautiful or not;) ) and Cristina's dress would look very nice if she removed the green jacket because burgundy suits her a lot.

It seems like Cristina and Letizia exchanged wedding tiaras to "change" a little and to be photographed with different ones
Princess Letizia looks "different" and unique.. but this time, i'm not sure i like it. :eek: but i like the puffy skirt... it somehow suit her.
Queen Sofia as always looks fabulous & elegant, but i'd like to see her in other colour :)
and Infanta Cristina looks beautiful but we've seen that dress way too often.. ;)

here's 1 more from DPA

Russian President Vladimir Putin C , his wife Lyudmila 3d-L , Spain s King Juan Carlos 4th-R , Queen Sofia 3nd-R , Crown Prince Felipe 2nd-R and Princess Letizia R , Inaki Urdangarin L and his wife Infanta Cristina , Federica de Borbon y Grecia 2nd-L poses for photographer behind official reception of Spain King in Palasio de-Oriente King s residence in Madrid , Wednesday 08 February 2006. Vladimir Putin arrived in Spain on a State visits by formal invitation of King Juan Carlos I.


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I think Letizis looks wonderful, she has now a new light in her eyes, I love it
lula said:
It gives me the impression of which Carlos álvarez the photographer of Getty has a small obsession with Letizia :p ... only he has done photos to her, from all the angles, every gesture ... and though very similar, they all are different...:confused:

Well, until Leonor grows up Letizia is the current best looking lady in the Borbon-Spain family :)

Now, when I first saw the above photos all that came to mind was she was like Rania of Jordan! Hola magazine sometime ago did a photo-by-photo spread to show how both ladies have similar tastes in colors, clothing styles etc. Seems what goes well with one also goes well with the other one, so is no surprise they have similar looks.

And then, we get to that awful skirt she is wearing. Did she parachute to the event on it? :p The top part of the gown looks great and regal, the skirt looks like a curtain she grabbed and rolled up around her waist, Scarlett Ohara Style in Gone with the Wind. I think, and that's just my opinion, that the bottom should have followed the top with the same fabric, like Queen Sofia's dress. Letizia has a great figure, why bother hidding it with a baggy skirt?

I was also surprised by Puttin's height, I thought he was taller. :confused:

I checked again the photos and noticed that my dislike for that emerald skirt is mainly on the way it falls. It just ballons up rather than getting a more flattering vertical lines. Reminds me those old dolls of the world toys with different folklore outfits and ballon skirts.
The cut on the exposed neck and shoulders looks great, the detail on the top looks very regal, almost like out of a Velazquez painting.

I was checking out the first pages of the thread and it came to my mind an interesting thought when I saw Puttin meeting Queen Sofia. Here is the Russian leader, former boss of the former KGB from the former Soviet Union happily greeting Queen Sofia, a descendant of the Romanov Czars of Russia.
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Toledo said:
I was checking out the first pages of the thread and it came to my mind an interesting thought when I saw Puttin meeting Queen Sofia. Here is the Russian leader, former boss of the former KGB from the former Soviet Union happily greeting Queen Sofia, a descendant of the Romanov Czars of Russia.

Small world isn't it? Yesterday you were their enemy, today you are their ally
several more photos before the luncheon at zarzuela
(from goff photos)

From newscom:


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From newscom 2


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Photos from AP via yahoo


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Hmmmm, Sofia was deffenantly the most elegant woman there last night, Cristinas dres is just so bad, its big and bulky and covers her tall and good figure. Letizia looked so beautiful from the waiste up, but what with the skirt:eek: I could make a better looking skirt, I would have expected more from caprile, well atleast she can wear the top with another skirt in the future. But I would really like to see her in a dress atleast for galas since she is ALWASY in skirts and suits for every day engagements

Here are some more from the arrival, Mrs Putins boots are:eek:


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I have to say that although I don't like very much the dress of Letizia, today she has a very beautiful hair and make up. I like it very much, and the jewels too.
Cristina is not very good with that dress, I don't like, and this tiara that she is wearing I don't like too.
The queen incredible, more beautiful than never.
From seegerpress


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I think all the Spanish Royal ladies looked wonderful last night.I thought Letizia looked very regal,loved the jewels and dress,she looked very happy.
I tried to find images of Infanta Cristina :(

From polfoto


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Queen Sofia and Wife of Putin visit Queen Sofia Museum, 9 of February

from terra


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The Queen was really lovely yesterday evening. She was simply gorgeous.

CP Letizia changed a lot ever since she's a mother, she looks very happy. The dress was so-so, I liked the top, which was wery original but the skirt was not a very good choice.

Infanta Cristina also looks great, as always (despite the dress, which is not very beautiful....)

What I found interesting and original were Cristina's and Letizia's hairdo. Don't you think so?? I liked that a lot, really.
Queen Sofia and Ludmila in front of "Guernica" of Picasso (1 and 2)

Images from getty and anp


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May be yesterday the Letizia's skirt was so so ( not the top, stunning) but i'm not sure, I think that we arn't accostumed to see the Princess so " royal ". She make me think to a XIXth century gala's ( Un bal à Vienne, non ? ) Be that as it may, there was a true perfum of love around the Princes of Asturias, wasn't? So romantic ; have a look on the 5th seegers pic above, when they are walking togther,what a dream, they seem to be on a cloud !
( I didn't succeed to put the shot )
Queen and Liudmila Putin visited Center of Art

Queen Sofía the Queen and the wife of the Russian president, Liudmila Putin, today crossed the facilities of the National Museum Center of Art Queen Sofía, accompanied by the director of the museum, Ana Martinez de Aguilar.
Doña Sofía and Liudmila Putin, which it accompanies to the Russian president in the visit of State that Spain makes from yesterday and see you tomorrow, arrived shortly after the 10:30 hours at the museum and they went directly to the second plant, where is the first part of the permanent collection, that corresponds to the first ' vanguards históricas' from end of century XIX to World War II.
Queen and the first Russian lady remained during minutes as opposed to the Guernica de Picasso and listened to the explanations of the director of the Center of Art Queen Sofía on the monumental work that the painter malagueño made on the horrors of the Spanish Civil War for the Pavilion of Spain in the Universal Exhibition of Paris of 1937.
purple_platinum said:
Princess Letizia looks "different" and unique.. (...). :eek: but i like the puffy skirt... it somehow suit her.
Queen Sofia as always looks fabulous & elegant, but i'd like to see her in other colour :)

My thoughts exactly purple_platinum. I really liked that puffy skirt for the same reason you did, it suits her. I can't exactly pin-point it, but for me it really does. The bodice of the dress is absolutely gorgeous, and the whole ensemble made Letizia look "fuller".

About Queen Sophia, I'm not so in love with her dress (it's beautiful, I won't deny it), but I really think that it is too blah! (maybe the colour makes me think like this). Of course that her Majesty could be wearing a towel and she would look regal and elegant.

What would happen to Blue if everyone preferred Yellow?
The women of the Royal Family, radiating in the supper in full dress in honor to Putin
Doña Letizia Ortiz, recently incorporated to her official activities after giving to light infant Leonor, radiated beauty and elegance with a set formed by a skirt until the feet in green bottle and body with incrustations of pedrería in same tones.
the gala from face to face, also a good view of the Infantas hair, some of theese might be the same as the itsy bitsy thumbnails from newscom....


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